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Concerns Grow As Bali’s Sanur Beach Development Project Falls Off Target

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The development of improved infrastructure around Sanur Beach is reported to have been slower than initially planned. While the deadline has not been overrun, with less than one month to go before the project must be completed, project management teams have confessed that the project is only 65% finished.

The project deadline is the 22nd of September, the infrastructural developments around Sanur Beach are connected to the G20 Summit that will be held in November. While the majority of events will be held in Nusa Dua, there are plans to use Sanur for some breakout meetings and potentially photo calls for world leaders too. 

The Head of PUPR Denpasar, Anak Agung Bagus Airawata, told local reporters that his teams have been waiting for ‘manufactured goods’ to be installed but these resources have not yet been delivered. Construction teams were set to receive deliveries on the 25th of August and again on the 28th and 29th, though Airawata alluded that these deliveries may not make an appearance s according to the schedule.

He confirmed that the installation of andesite stone had been completed and that 84 lamp posts had been installed along the beach. He said that five new entryways to Sanur Beach had been constructed and that trees had been planted along the beach walk of Sanur Beach.

He said ‘We have requested that the work be done on time. If there is a need for additional workers or overtime, please do it’. Workers did not give comments about how they felt about being requested to work overtime for the project. 

The budget for the second phase of the Sanur Beach renovations is IDR 24 billion and work started on the 26th of April. The Chairman of Commission III Eko Supriadi told local reporters that he has asked all the development and construction partners to continue to work as efficiently and diligently as possible to help get the project completed on time.

He said that he has urged construction teams to keep the rapidly approaching deadline in mind as they work but to not compromise on quality. Supriadi said ‘Don’t let it be when the time is near, then work in a hurry and the results are not good. What we hope is good results, not just finished. Please pay attention to the quality’. 

The G20 Summit is rapidly approaching and preparations are in full swing across the island. This week Bali hosted a preliminary summit workshop in Nusa Dua. The G20 Ministerial Conference on Women’s Empowerment (MCWE) held a conference titled ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger to Close Gender Gap’ on the 24-26th of August. The event was attended by over 1600 guests and delegations from each of the G20 Nations. 

In light of the event and as part of preparations for the main summit on the 15-16th of November, Bali security forces have deployed over 2500 personnel onto the streets. In a joint operation between the police, the army, and the security services, more than 25 different operations have been rehearsed overtly and covertly in the last week. 

Tourists and locals in Bali can expect to see increased police and military presence on the streets as the G20 Summit approaches. The aim is to prepare for the event itself and to socialize with communities to increase the public’s sense of safety. 

Local leaders in Kuta are also working with police to increase patrols of the tourist hotspot at peak hours. After increasing reports of crime against tourists in the Kuta area, community leaders have partnered with local police to patrol the area. It is hoped that this presence will reduce incidences of crime and attempted crime and allow police and community leaders to socialize with tourists to help them understand basic steps they can take to keep themselves safe and what to do if they do become a victim of a crime.

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Monday 29th of August 2022

Quality? In Bali infrastructure?

Only thing made with quality are the temples around the island. Everything else in the government infrastructure is horrendous. Just look at the roads and other services.

Making potjomkin village for the G20 visitors. Will last for a week before it falls apart and gets abandoned. Too bad that these visitors don't do more unplanned excursions, to see the reality.