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British Citizen Detained By Officers In Bali For Causing Disturbance To Canggu Residents

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A British citizen was detained by officers from Bali’s Civil Service (Saptol PP) on Thursday, 19th January. The man, known by his initials AM, is 39-years-old age. Local residents in Pererenan Village in Canggu, contacted the authorities after observing erratic and distressing behaviour by the tourist.

It was later revealed by Bali Civil Service officials that AM was suffering an episode of ill mental health. He was taken into custody by officials from the civil service. After cooperating with questioning, he was taken to hospital by provincial officials to receive treatment for his mental health disorder.

Quiet Beach in Canggu

Little more is known about AM other than what is shown on his identity documents. He entered Bali on a British passport as a British citizen, though he was born outside of the UK. He also carries a Residence Permit Document for Turkey, which sources initially indicated to be a citizenship document, though this is strictly not the case; he is, in fact, a British citizen.


Speaking late last week, the Head of Badung Satpol PP, I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara, confirmed that the calls made by local residents regarding AM had been taken seriously and responded to. Officials have stated how locals reported hearing AM going ‘berserk’ in his accommodation close to Pererenan Beach. He was also seen in public not wearing any clothes and showing aggressive behaviour.

Suryanegara said, “Due to the public’s unrest, the team on Thursday afternoon took action. When secured, the foreigner was walking around without wearing [any clothes]. Thankfully, when he was persuaded, he didn’t put up a fight and was direct. When questioned, he was also quite cooperative. The team then took him to the hospital for further examination”.

Support for anyone experiencing or supporting someone experiencing, mental health issues in Bali can be found at the LISA Helpline. The website features a directory of resources, including hospitals, emergency services, and support and advice for the full spectrum of mental health issues. The website is available in English and Bahasa Indonesia. 

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Julie Gilbert

Friday 27th of January 2023

How did this person manage to organise himself to fly to Bali? He must have gone off his medication ? If he doesn't stay on his meds he needs to be deported back to his country where no doubt he has family and hospital support. He does not sound he is fit to travel. Bali people do not need to be made fearful of someone with aggressive behaviour. What Visa is he on ?


Wednesday 1st of February 2023

@Julie Gilbert, i think you underestimate the balinese / indonesians ability to empathize with understanding towards someone who is mentally ill.

John Jones

Wednesday 25th of January 2023

It's comforting to know that the Bali government are taking care of my fellow British citizens in a kind and supportive manner, I'm due to fly out to Bali in September and feel happy to know we are shown such respect. It's sad that he suffered a mental breakdown whilst there and I hope he gets back to health soon with help there and from the mental health service here in the UK. Thank you to all those involved