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Bali’s Waterbom Set To Become World’s Most Sustainable Waterpark 

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Bali’s most famous waterpark, Waterbom in Kuta, has pledged to become net zero by 2033.

This incredible climate pledge, they hope, will show the world that if a waterpark can achieve meaningful sustainability goals, then anyone and everyone can. 

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Waterbom is the most popular waterpark in Bali. Loved by locals, families, friends an even solo travelers, there is always a good time to be had at Waterbom.

The waterpark has undergone a series of impressive renovations over the years and is one of the most modern, sustainable, safe and enjoyable attractions in Bali. 

Waterbom’s CEO, Sayan Gulino, has been a driving force behind many of the recent upgrades to the waterpark and is really pushing for the park’s sustainability goals to become a reality.

During the big 30th anniversary celebrations at the park Gulino revealed “We will be upgrading our ambitions and targets, as Waterbom aims to be the first Asian tourism business and the first waterpark in the world to be net zero by 2033.”

He added, “Our energy sources will be 100% renewable, and our business will also be removing more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit. Throughout this process, we will keep ourselves accountable and provide data and reports to the public to show transparency.”

As a business, Waterbom has already achieved many of its sustainability goals. While achieving net zero by 2023 is not an easy mission, this is certainly a team of people who know how to make big changes happen and fast. 

Net zero emissions mean neutralizing the amount of carbon the business emits into the atmosphere, resulting in no additional carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. Waterbom’s mission to net zero by 2023 is not some arbitrary self-assessment.

The whole program and journey to net zero have been designed with a top environmental consultancy agency and insight with the Science Bases Targets Initiative (SBTI).

Waterbom is currently the only SBTi-approved tourism company in Indonesia, and since receiving the seal of approval, have shifted the target to 2033, from 2050, to really push what is possible. 

Waterbom has partnered with environmental consultant Eco-Mantra to implement the strategies needed to become net zero emissions by 2023.

Strategies include focusing on emissions reduction, substitution, and mitigation. Specific strategies that will be implemented include “enhancing water pump efficiency, adopting energy-efficient water heaters, transitioning from gas to electric kitchen appliances” and more.

In a press statement Maitri Fischer, CTO of Environmental Consultancy Agency Eco-Mantra, said “The energy reduction pathway, renewable energy strategies, and sustainable supply chain strategies we laid out are going to be a technically complicated and costly investment over the next 5 years.”

Fisher added “Waterbom Bali’s journey to net zero is of high integrity and a showcase for responsible corporate climate action and a leader in the tourism industry.”

Looking back at Waterbom’s eco-achievements in 2024 makes for impressive reading. The company achieved the target of a 95% recycling rate, reducing the waste that goes to landfill to just 6.7%.

With Bali’s landfills under increasing pressure, many companies and local communities in Bali will be inspired by the efforts and achievements of Waterbom. 


The Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana is paramount to everything Waterbom do. The philosophy outlines the need for balance, harmony and well-being between people, the Gods and the natural world. Tri Hita Karana is an OG personal and communal commitment to sustainbility!

Gulino’s mission to make Waterbom the world’s most sustainable waterpark has a deeply personal story behind it.

Having grown up in Bali, with nature as his playground, Gulino notes that he has developed a “protectiveness” for the island.

He says, “The time is now, if we don’t take this that aggressive step now when will we, when will anyone….So if a waterpark can do it, once again, we will be that standard that anyone can do it.”


Fisher explains that “this in itself is going to be incredibly challenging, it’s going to be relatively costly and I think very achievable but will require a lot of hard work from all of us.”

He adds, “Essentially, it is a journey to net zero, and every year, we will assess our progress and create strategies that will, in turn, help us meet that target by 2033. We simply can’t keep going on like this.”

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Sunday 21st of April 2024

For those who take any and every opportunity to exclusively and repetitively criticise Bali.

How about some plaudits for their achievements and future target? They're already acknowledged as the most sustainable waterpark in Asia.


Saturday 20th of April 2024

Not one chemical is allowed to enter. And there will no toilet available. And can’t buy food and drink inside. There will be a couple of small rooms incase you need to fart you only are allowed to fart in the farting rooms. Have a nice day


Friday 19th of April 2024

Ha, net zero CO2. How then? All the visitors emit CO2 how to prevent that??


Monday 22nd of April 2024


Engage your brain not your prejudices.

The UN definition of Net Zero is... net zero means cutting carbon emissions to a small amount of residual emissions that can be absorbed and durably stored by nature and other carbon dioxide removal measures, leaving zero in the atmosphere.

The International Energy Agency and others define it as neutrally offsetting carbon dioxide emission.

People congregating in area isn't a problem unless they all fart.

Wayan Bo

Friday 19th of April 2024

Escape from dirty green waters 🤣