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Bali’s Tanah Barak Beach Goes Viral Prompting Leaders To Plan For New Destination

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Social media is one of the biggest assets for tourism developers and local tourism leaders in Bali. This is particularly true for Pandawa Beach and the surrounding coastline in South Kuta. Thanks to TikTok and Instagram, interest in Pandawa Beach and neighboring Tanah Barak Beach is soaring. Tanah Barak Beach is something of a hidden gem, but not for much longer. Accessible through a cliff-lined gorge, Tanah Barak Beach is being touted as South Kuta’s next most popular destination.

Cliffs On the way to Tanah Barak Beach Next To Pandawa Beach in South Kuta Bal

Speaking to local reporters, Head of Planning and Development of DTW Pantai Pandawa, Wayan Duarta, said that interest in Tanah Barak Beach and Pandawa Beach has soared since December 2022. He said the towering cliffs that trail down to the ‘hidden’ beach are becoming ultra-popular online. The cliff-lined road is 300m long and 8m wide; the cliffs tower above 40m high at their peak.

Duarta noted that Tanah Barak Beach is managed as a part of Pandawa Beach. He explained, “Most tourists who visit do swimming and surfing activities. Because there is a beach spot called Tanah Barak, which is an integral part of the Pandawa Beach DTW.”

@destinasiwisatabali PANTAI BATU BARAK BALI Surga Baru tebing Aesthetic di Bali nih Sob 😍 . Belum banyak yang tau tempat ini, asli vibes nya bagus banget 😍 Kalian bisa menuju ke tempat ini, lokasinya masuk ke pantai pandawa dengan cuma bayar loket 8rb/org dan 2rb untuk kendaraan bermotor. Lokasi nya diatas tebing dan kalo bisa motoran ya krn untuk parkir bawa mobil diarea ini untuk spot berfoto agak sempit. Kalian searching ya nama lokasi nya Pantai Batu Barak Bali 📸 📍 Pantai Batu Barak Bali 🎥 @handinifujiati #Destinasiwisatabali #Bali #Explorebali #LiburanBali #Explorebali #fypシ ♬ NEED A BIG BOY – sam

The surge in interest in Pandawa Beach has got Duarta and his teams into a creative headspace. They are discussing how to make the most of the rising number of visitors in the longer term. He explained that he and his team are talking about blocking off the road that goes through the cliffs so that tourists can walk through and safely admire the geology and take photos. His teams are also discussing the possibility of glamping on Tanah Barak Beach.

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@noncuy Pantai baru Di Desa Kutuh, Kuta Selatan. Ticket masuk Pantai Tanah Barak 10K/orang #pantaitanahbarak#pantaipandawa#beachvibes#bali#balilife#baliliving#fyp#fypシ#SarimiIsi2LebihEnakBray ♬ As It Was – PREP

Duarta explained, “We have indeed conceptualized the road as one of the [tourism] objects. Because I see in other places, many photography activities take place on public roads. So when a car passes by, like it or not, the photo activity has to stop for a moment. Of course, it makes [them] uncomfortable. While here, we really made it specifically for that.”

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The Head of Kutuh Village, I Wayan Mudana, told reporters that he is aware that Tanah Barak Beach is going viral online. He said that the unique nature of the landscape is charming and will undoubtedly be of interest to visitors. He added, “With the new spot, it is hoped that it can attract more tourists. The location is indeed very exotic and beautiful because it is flanked by high cliffs.”


Pandawa Beach is fast becoming the destination of choice in South Kuta. As is the case with so many of Bali’s popular destinations, the area is currently more popular with domestic tourists, and the majority of social media content about the beach is made by Indonesian creators and holidaymakers.

Yet, the beach is just a stone’s throw away from some of Bali’s most luxurious and exclusive villas. The Pandawa Cliff Estate, Villa Tirta Kencana, and Shams Ocean Estate, to name but a few.


Pandawa Beach and neighboring Tanah Barak Beach caught the attention of social media users in December and were pinned as being a destination to watch in 2023. Just a little over a month into the year, and the area continues to gather momentum. The beach has long been overlooked, especially by international travelers.


Yet, the stretch of coastline has a lot to offer. The area offers a classic Bali beachside experience. Dozens of deckchairs and sun umbrellas are available to hire for the day or by the hour. Locally run cafes line the edge of the sand, and there are surfboards and kayaks available for hire for a reasonable price.

The question is now whether the cliff-lined gorge that leads to Tanah Barak Beach will become the next Kelingking Beach viewpoint or even Broken Beach lookout.

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Thursday 9th of February 2023

That "new" little beach can't access at high tide, it's too dangerous. There's not much sand, mostly rocks. If you live in desa Kutuh then access to Pandawa beach is free.

Peter wood

Thursday 9th of February 2023

Tanah barak beach is tiny and rock covered.. nonexistent at high tide dangerous on a large swell and high tide combination The road is fantastic to drive on and get a great view

John Thompson

Tuesday 7th of February 2023

When is Garuda going to fly from Perth?


Tuesday 7th of February 2023

Quote "...Duarta and his teams ... are discussing how to make the most of the rising number of visitors in the longer term."

Translate "They are discussing how much to charge tourists for: - parking, access to the beach, taking photos, flying drones, etc"

Another "monopolize and charge high fees" operation in progress. It is starting to be boring now. There is nothing tourists can enjoy in Bali without getting fleeced?

Pandawa beach as per google: - Unchecked developments - Charge 35k for parking only. - Charge 15k/person for "entrance". - Beach not really suitable for swimming or snorkeling - Aggressive dogs - Dirty - Taxi mafia - Low standard food - Summary: Not for western tourists!

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 7th of February 2023

Movie “Babylon” nominated for Oscar’s is a must see nice movie.