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Bali’s Famous Yoga Scene Shifts Focus To Broader Healing Offerings

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Bali, and Ubud specifically, is world famous for its yoga and wellness scene.

Home to some of the best yoga studios in the world and attracting some of the most highly regarded teachers and practitioners, it’s easy to see why wellness tourism is alive and well in Ubud.

Women in Circle at Wellness Event.

Once upon a time, Ubud was the most important destination for yogis and yoginis outside of the Himalayan regions. The cultural capital of Bali is now broadening its wellness offerings.

From Tai Chi and Qi Gong to breathwork, from traditional healing to ethical hiking, ecstatic dance, and pilates, there is so much more to Ubud’s health and wellness scene than yoga.

For travelers seeking new healing modalities or simply a new kind of mindful exercise, Ubud has something for everyone, now more than ever before.

People Do Yoga in Bali

Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Both practices that have their roots in ancient Chinese culture, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, are now widely available to learn in Bali.

Leading yoga center The Yoga Barn in central Ubud has an ever-changing schedule of wellness practices. Both Tai Chi and Qi Gong sessions regularly feature on the calendar.

Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as shadowboxing and has a heap of health benefits ranging from muscle strength to balance and flexibility.

Qi Gong, a practice that focuses on the body-posture and coordinated movement, breathing, and meditation, is known to not only promote a healthy physical body but support spiritual growth. Qi Gong sessions are also offered at Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio on a regular basis.

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Tourists in Bali Do Yoga Tai Chi Qi Gong Exercise

Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies are a beautiful way to open the heart and move through negative energy. There are many studios and cultural centers in Ubud that offer cacao ceremonies on important festivals and the new and full moon.

Although cacao ceremonies originated in Central and South America, a cacao ceremony in Bali is a wonderful way to give thanks to the Island of Bali and all it gives to the world.

Ubud Raw Chocolate and Cacao sell organic and ceremonial-grade cacao that is used in many of the ceremonies in Ubud.

The scared cacao beans are used as a potent plant medicine to help people open their hearts. Cacao ceremonies are hosted all over Ubud, and venues like the Pyramids of Chi, Akasha, and Zest often host special events.

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is one of the most popular wellness activities (or even ways of life!) in Ubud. Ecstatic Dance is a form of free and expressive dance where dancers simply let the music flow through their veins.

Ecstatic dances are sober events hosted with the intention of creating a safe space for all to express themselves.

Attendees dance in their own little world, and it’s a great way to get those endorphins running high.

Once again, the Yoga Barn hosts the most famous ecstatic dance in all of Bali on a Friday evening and a Sunday morning.


Pilates has been trending online recently as one of the best ways to shape and tone the body. Naturally, pilates as a health and wellness practice is on offer in Ubud.

Movement Matters Bali is one of the most popular pilates facilities in the area. They offer specialist training sessions in the Gyrotonic Technique at their studio on Jalan Nyuh Bulan.

Group reformer pilates classes are available weekly with Movement Matters Bali. Mat Pilates is generally offered at The Yoga Barn on a weekly basis, too, although the schedule changes from week to week.


Traditional Healing

For travelers seeking to experience traditional Balinese healing, look no further than Usada.

The cultural center and Ayurvedic restaurant is one of the most highly regarded experiential travel facilitators in Bali.

Through Usada, travelers can book a healing session with a Traditional Balian Healer, join a Melakut Water Purification Ceremony, or attend workshops with some of Bali’s leading spiritual practitioners to learn about meditation, spirituality, and Balinese culture.

Priest In Bali Completes Cleansing Ritual Ceremony at Temple.jpg

Mindful Hiking With Astungkara Way

In one form or another, pilgrimage is one of humanity’s most ancient methods of seeking healing.

The Astungkara Way offers visitors an incredible range of regenerative and mindful tourism experiences.

For travelers seeking to learn more about Balinese culture, connect with nature and simply slow down and learn to just ‘be’, hiking and cultural immersions with Astungkara Way are a must.

The regenerative hiking trail tours range from two days to ten days during the signature coast-to-coast Astungkara Way trial.

Whether on the lookout for a multi-day immersive experience or just a couple of hours of respite, Ubud’s healing offerings are simply going from strength to strength; this is really the tip of the iceberg!

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Sunday 19th of March 2023

Do the people who offer all there fancy spiritual commodities have work permits?

J West

Sunday 19th of March 2023

What happened to the old way of “mindfulness”….smoking your brains out and pretending to fly?

Wayan Bo

Sunday 19th of March 2023

Levitation & yogic flying❗️❓