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Bali Wants Even More Australian Tourists To Visit The Island

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The number of foreigners arriving in Bali in 2023 has reached over 5.2 million people.

Australian tourists are still topping the charts as the most frequent international holidaymakers to the island.

Leaders want to welcome yet more Aussies to the Island of the Gods in 2024.

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This week, the Acting Governor of Bali, Sang Made Mahendra Jaya, met with the Australian Consul General, HE Jo Stevens, at the Bali Governor’s Office in Denpasar.

Acting Governor Mahendra Jaya shared his hopes that the friendship and cooperation between Australia and Bali can continue to be improved and developed across sectors. 

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According to data from the data from the Bali Province Tourism Office, the five countries with the most amount of visitors to Bali are Australia with 1,201,652 people in 2023, followed by India with 394,428 people. In third is China with 253,255 tourists heading to Bali.

In fourth place 236,250 British tourists visited Bali and completing the top five are US tourists 229,606 arrivals in 2023. 

Acting Governor Mahendra Jaya told reporters, “In the future, we hope that the number of Australian foreign tourists visiting Bali will continue to increase along with the increasing cooperative relations between Bali and Australia.”

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The pair spoke at length about building new cooperative ventures between Bali and Australia, as well as the soon-to-be-introduced Bali tourism tax.

The Acting Governor said “We hope that the Australian Consul General can help us in conducting outreach to Australian citizens regarding the implementation of this levy, we have prepared the procedures and systems and we ask for assistance so that Australian citizens.

“Those who will travel to Bali understand the application of these levies.”

HE Jo Stevens replied, “Bali is like a ‘second home’ for our citizens, we are very grateful for all the hospitality of the Balinese people so that our citizens feel safe and comfortable traveling in Bali. In the future, we hope that our cooperation and friendship will become even closer.”

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The Bali Tourism Tax will be introduced on the 14th of February 2024, the same day as the Indonesian General Election.

The mandatory IDR 150,000 per person tax will be payable online or on arrival at Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Officials have confirmed that the payment will take just 23 seconds to pay by card. 


The tourism tax has been well socialized, with plenty of dialogue about the new fee circulating online.

Many tourists have shared their neutrality about the tax, not minding paying the extra fee, but for many Bali lovers, the additional fees are adding up and starting to make them look at vacation options elsewhere. 

Some regular Bali tourists, especially those from Australia, have noted that the new IDR 150,000 fee is yet another cost to consider when budgeting a trip.


At the moment, Australian tourists and travelers from 96 other nations must pay IDR 500,000 for a 30-day visa on arrival.

Before the pandemic, Australian tourists were eligible for visa-free travel, which enabled them to visit Indonesia for up to 30 days on without paying a visa fee.

With IDR 650,000 per person extra to factor into the budget, some tourists are exploring emerging travel destinations. 

Data from Expedia Group shared earlier this month revealed that although Australians are the top arrivals in Bali, Bali is no longer the number one destination for Australian tourists.

Tens of thousands of Australian travelers are visiting Japan. Enticed by cold winters, big metropolitan cities, unique culture, and affordability, Japan is soaring in popularity. 


Nevertheless, there is hope on the horizon for Australian tourists planning their next trips to Bali.

Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno has suggested that he will reintroduce visa-free travel for top tourist arrival nations in the near future.

The discussion is still on the table but this move would certainly help encourage more Australian tourists to Bali as Acting Governor Mahendra Jaya wishes to see. 

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Monday 1st of January 2024

Australians still have a lot of misconceptions about Indonesia. The followings are some of the misconceptions. Non-existent democracy isn't the only misconception Australians have about their northern neighbor. One of the most common misconceptions about Indonesia is that it is an Islamic state. "Officially [Indonesia is not] an Islamic country, there is no state religion.” Therefore Many Australians still think that Bali is an independent nation.

Could it be to circumvent their biased attitudes about Islam and Indonesia?? Ignorance is no excuse. Bali is a province of Indonesia and it will remain to be so like or or not. Learning more about Indonesia and to be more culturally sensitive could help bridge a more valuable relationship between Indonesia and Australia. Just saying...

Paul Morris

Friday 5th of January 2024

@Kumi, One of Randy supporters are you. The blokes a goose rambling on about Aussies all the time I supported 3 families during the pandemic sending money to them every month so they could survive because they had no jobs for nearly 3 years without Aussies support many Balinese people would have died. So don’t tell me to shut up.

Paul Morris

Friday 5th of January 2024

@Randy, Well guess what fool I voted YES for LGBTQ rights and I voted YES for an indigenous voice to parliament so there. Time for you to put your MAGA hat on so when Trump is returned to power he won’t deport you for being an illegal immigrant because he thinks your on of his supporters.


Thursday 4th of January 2024

@Paul Morris, why are you reading my boring stories then??? Nobody is asking you...Are you still in denial of the fact Australia is actually not the freakin center of the Universe in Southeast Asia. I may NOT be surprised if you could be one of those NO voters (Oct 2023) for the referendum of indigenous voice and the rejection to recognise Indigenous First Nation people in the constitution. Shame shame shame. A real setback...


Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

@Paul Morris, Shut up Paul

Paul Morris

Tuesday 2nd of January 2024

@Randy, Blah blah blah same old crap Randy , time for a new story you must be bored typing that same sht you’ve been peddling for the last 4 years.


Monday 1st of January 2024

Sorry, but it doesn't feel like Bali wants even more Australians to visit.

Japan - once expensive and out of reach for most Australians - is now cheap and the number one destination

Cheap, clean, and hospitable...

Meanwhile in Bali...


Monday 1st of January 2024

Don't forget about the extra fee for flying in with a surfboard, that's another 150k Rd / board, normal surfers take 2 or 3! Let's just say $1M Rp extra.....


Monday 1st of January 2024

Dont like crowds .hati hati ! . It must of been heaven during yhe pandemi.a cherished time.hard time but a very special time for balinese people..

Neil gill

Sunday 31st of December 2023

Cut out all the entrance fees and you will find an increase. As people are going elsewhere without the street pressures walking down the streets.