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Bali Voted Happiest Tourist Destination In The World

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Bali has been named the happiest tourist destination in the world. In a survey conducted by the French hotel operator Club Med, Bali came top as the best place in the world for a happy holiday. The news has been gratefully received by Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and Creative Industries Sandiaga Uno. 

Minister Uno, speaking at a press conference this week, shared that he too always has a happy time when he is in Bali. The survey ranked top tourism destinations on many factors. This included crime rate, level of security and overall safety, pollution levels, and the cost of food and drinks. Bali came out tops largely due to the low crime rate, friendly and hospitable local people, and the affordability of accommodation, food, and drinks.

Participants in the survey also noted how the health and wellness industry in Bali was a big draw for them, and that access to wellness experiences also made traveling in Bali an overall more happy experience. Of course, participants also expressed their delight at Bali’s natural wonders and unique culture. The culinary heritage of Bali was another big plus point for making Bali the happiest tourist destination in the world.

Minister Uno told the press during his panel at Kura-Kura in Serangan on Thursday afternoon, that this news makes sense to him, how Bali and happiness are synonymous for him. He said ‘Bali makes me very happy. I just landed and it’s only been three hours and I feel so happy. So, if you want to heal, fix your feelings, and refresh yourself that doesn’t make you dizzy, just come to Bali’. 

He echoed the survey’s sentiments that Bali is safe and comfortable and that he hoped that this would continue for tourists in the future. He explained ‘We make sure that issues that disturb the positive narrative and reputation of Bali, we will immediately address. My team and I continue to monitor every issue that comes out and relates to Bali. That is what makes us work even harder because Bali remains the choice for tourism. that makes us happy’. 

The Club Med survey ranked Bali as the happiest tourist destination in the world closely followed by Las Vegas in second place. New Orleans came in third with Barcelona and Amsterdam ranking fourth and fifth respectively. The top ten happiest tourist destinations were completed with Budapest, Vancouver, San Francisco, Dubai, and Rio de Janeiro. 

Bali is no stranger to featuring highly on lists of the best tourist destinations in the world. In July Ubud was voted the best city in Asia by Travel + Leisure magazine. The 2022 winners also listed the top five best hotel resorts in Indonesia, four of which are in Bali. Much like the Club Med survey, the Travel + Leisure winning destinations were ranked on their sights and landmarks, their cultural offerings, cuisine, openness, and friendliness, as well as shopping opportunities and overall value for money.

In early July Forbes magazine released their winners of the best travel destinations in the world. Ubud once again topped the charts and was ranked as one of the best destinations for solo travelers in 2022.

The cultural capital of Bali was hailed as being a safe and fun destination for solo travelers, especially female travelers. The large and growing community of digital nomads, long-term expats, and families who move to Bali for international schools were all cited as reasons why Ubud was great for meeting new people.

Regularly featuring on best destination lists does wonders for Bali’s public image. It is hoped that positive press, big international events, increased tourism, and efforts to diversify tourism experiences in Bali will ensure that the Island of the Gods remains one of the world’s leading tourism destination for many more years to come.

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Denise dogpoomba@hotmail

Saturday 27th of August 2022

Hard and expensive to get there now and to many rules 2019 was great but the covert has knocked the fun out of Bali

Sea of Salt

Tuesday 23rd of August 2022

Maybe it's the happiest because it's a joke.

Wayan Bo

Monday 22nd of August 2022

Sure, if people in Europe are asked to travel to Bali, they start to laugh.


Monday 22nd of August 2022

Meanwhile in the real southern Bali the happiness could be improved if dealing with: - Noise pollution (clubs, karaoke, bars, outdoor concerts all in or near residential area, motorbikes without mufflers, ...) - Air pollution (traffic, burning of trash including plastic, ...). - Traffic congestion (particularly south-east side). - Poor waste management. (If you sort all your trash at source those collecting throw everything in one big heap...) - Poor enforcement of single use plastic ban (enacted in 2018). - Decay from a lot of abandoned businesses. - Ugly building practices: Buildings using almost 100% of land area with tall ugly and windowless walls on 2 or 3 sides, like any shop-house area in Jakarta.

There is room for Authorities to refocus efforts.


Tuesday 23rd of August 2022


Air pollution where? you can stay in The Mountain if you hate city area.

Which buildings are you talking about? almost there is no building in Bali except some "ruko" if you call it building. There is no way Bali look like Jakarta.

You sound so unhappy and chosed to put your whining here for no reason. Grab some beer and sit on the beach for 2-3hours, and you will feel better:)

J West

Monday 22nd of August 2022

Sorry to burst anyones bubble, but, paying a publicist to rank a survey and create an award, is how publicity companies manufacture “noise” about a product. It’s called ‘Marketing’.