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Bali Tourism Will Target Digital Nomads And Those Who Work Online

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The Bali provincial government will focus on attracting digital nomads and those who work online to choose the island as their workplace when the island reopens for tourism. 

Deputy Governor of Bali Cok Ace stated that in the future, Bali will be a strategic place for tourists who want to work. 

“We will focus on a new pattern of how Bali is not just for leisure, but indeed to work in Bali as well,” said Cok Ace at the Bali Governor’s office on Friday (6/20/2020).

“Bali is very inspiring place to open such things” added Cok Ace who is also the Chairperson of the Bali Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association.

The Deputy Governor touched on the amount of digital nomad venues and the high quality of the facilities. 

He explained that as Bali has gotten used to the idea of working online and since the pandemic, the government sees this as a great avenue to attract even more visitors in the future.

“Bali is a very strategic place for this type of work and has a lot of high quality facilities to support it,” stated Ace.

The Deputy Governor did not elaborate on if tourists would need a work visa or how the new campaign would operate. 

Canggu, Bali is already regarded as the second best city in the world to work for digital nomads with cost of living estimated at US $1322/month and an average internet speed of 19 Mbps. 

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