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Bali To Reopen For Tourism To All Countries Starting February 4

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The Tourism Minister of Indonesia, Sandiaga Uno, has announced that Bali will reopen for international tourists by February 4, 2022.

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During the virtual weekly press briefing on Monday (31/1), Sandiaga confirmed that the central government has decided to reopen Bali borders to international visitors from all countries starting on Friday (4/2).

“We will try to implement this policy by February 4,” Sandiaga said on Monday. The visa and health insurance requirements will be addressed by a separate regulation, to be released in the following days.

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Sandiaga also announced that the direct-flight policy will no longer apply come February 4. Arriving visitors may then use either direct or connecting flights to enter the island.

Garuda Indonesia confirmed that it will resume direct flights between Narita (Japan) and Bali, while Singapore Airlines will resume daily flights to Bali by February 16. More airlines are expected to resume direct flights, especially as demand grows.

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Quarantine Will Still Apply

The Maritime and Investment Ministry Coordinator, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, stated that this decision was initiated to revive Bali tourism, but that visitors are still required to undergo quarantine per the current travel policy.

“Vaccinated visitors will still need to undergo five to seven days of quarantine. They have the option of staying in five different hotels and six live-on-board ships with Clean Health Safety Environment (CHSE) certifications from the Tourism Ministry.”

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Visa On Arrival Issues

The Indonesian government will soon decide the status of Bali’s other requirements, like which types of Visas will be available for incoming tourists. It’s been very challenging for travelers to enter Bali in recent months because of the suspension of visa on arrival program. 

If the government decides to reinstate the visa on arrival program, tourists may be willing to undergo the 5-day quarantine plan in order to finally have access once again to Bali, but without the visa on arrival program, entry will still be too difficult for most.

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Saturday 26th of February 2022

Bali Leaders, this is what you are up against; you need to remove ALL mandates so the good people of Bali can rebuild their lives.


Costa Rica, who has been ahead of the curve throughout this “plandemic” is becoming even more attractive to world travelers.

Starting March 7th The countrywide driving restrictions (from midnight to 5:00 a.m.) will be eliminated. Businesses also can operate during their normal hours.

Starting April 1st 1) The health pass (online form) will no longer be required for entry into the country. That means the regular entry requirements will go into effect (proof of leaving the country within 90 days, valid passport, etc.). A negative Covid test is already not required to enter.

2) Travel insurance will not be required for unvaccinated visitors. (This is a big deal!)

3) The QR Code program - businesses will not be required to ask customers for proof of vaccination to enter and can all operate at full capacity. Currently (until March 31), nonessential businesses can only operate at 50% capacity if they don't require vaccination or 100% if they do. Again, this requirement will be eliminated April 1st.

Please listen to the world as we recover from this man made catastrophe.

Alex K

Saturday 5th of February 2022

Great posts but yeah 5 days Q is not going to be good enough for 95% of tourists and for me and even bigger worry is if you test positive, you don't get to stay in your hotel room. You're herded into a government facility even if you're mild of asymptomatic. That completely kills it for me and I'm there for business. I can't imagine a tourist going through that. With Omicron it is not so unlikely to test positive.

Maria Schober

Friday 4th of February 2022

Aneh, mana ada yg tertarik datang selama masih ada quarantine, krna hampir semua orang sdh di booster yg dri Luar negeri, Terus masalah visa di persulit. Tetap aja mana ada turis asing tertarik.

Dr. F.Stein

Thursday 3rd of February 2022

The covid travel restrictions will not protect Indonesia from omicron it is here and will spread like wildfire as in Europe. The protection is vaccine and boosters!

Travellers who have double vaccine and possibly booster, plus negative pcr before departure are the safest. With the Bali boosterizing programme the Balinese will be equally protected so really time to re-instate visa on arrival and no quarantine for protected arrivals. Even then it will take some time for sufficient bookings to motivate airlines to provide convenient service.

If we are not prepared to live with omnicron, as Europe is, and counter it with vaccination then the crisis is once again extended. If Bali is extensively bolstered it can be deemed to be a safe haven and should be treated accordingly

Ahmad Ali Al Harasis

Thursday 3rd of February 2022

If they cancel quarantine I will book my ticket tomorrow