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Bali Reports 43 Confirmed Cases As Indonesia Rises to 2491

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According to Bali authorities, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on the island has increased to 43.  2 people have died and 18 have recovered.

The Health Ministry announced 218 new confirmed COVID-19 cases total on Monday, bringing the total number of infections nationwide to 2,491.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, the ministry’s disease control and prevention director general, Achmad Yurianto, added that 11 more people had died of the disease, bringing the death toll to 209 in Indonesia.

dead in indonesia
covid 19 indonesia

The total number of recovered patients has also increased to 192.

The capital city recorded 101 new confirmed cases, bringing the total tally to 1,232. Meanwhile, South Sulawesi reported 30 new cases, Central Java 12, and West Java 11.

The virus has spread to 32 of the country’s 34 provinces.

Indonesia's latest COVID-19 figures

To help flatten the COVID-19 curve, the government is now urging people to wear face masks whenever they are out in public.

The new recommendation is an update from the previous guidelines and is in line with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest recommendation. Previously, Indonesia complied with the WHO’s recommendations that face masks only be worn by medical professionals and sick people in order to prevent a supply shortage. 

face mask bali and indonesia coronavirus

“The President has asked us to make guidelines on face masks in accordance with the World Health Organization’s advice,” head of Indonesia’s COVID-19 rapid response task force, Doni Monardo, told an online press conference on Monday. 

“Previously, the WHO advised that only sick people should wear face masks but now it recommends that everyone wear face masks, especially in public places,” he added.

coronavirus bali must wear masks

However, Doni explained that only healthcare providers and other medical professionals working on the front line needed to wear medical-grade masks, such as surgical masks and N95 masks.  

“The public can wear cloth masks, or masks made from other materials, as long as they can prevent the spread of saliva droplets when speaking,” he added.

face masks

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said the government was preparing face masks for future public distribution.

“I’ve ordered [my administration] to prepare for the distribution of face masks to the public because we’re planning to require everyone who leaves their homes to wear a mask, in accordance with the WHO recommendations,” he said on Monday. 

president closes indonesia

“For the public, the President has asked regional leaders to ramp up production of cloth masks through small and medium enterprises. This will help to fulfill [the regions’] need for masks, so they won’t depend on the central government,” Doni said.

According to, asymptomatic people can still spread COVID-19, with the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finding that up to 25 percent of people who contract the virus may not show symptoms.

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