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Bali Police Will Increase Blue Light Patrols This High Season 

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Police in Bali have confirmed that they are opening increased blue light patrols in top tourism resort areas this high season.

The news comes after a British tourist became the victim of a violent robbery in Canggu last week. 

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The North Kuta Sector Police will continue to hold Blue Light Patrol activities to keep the North Kuta District safe; the main tourism resort in the North Kuta area is Canggu.

On Saturday 29th June from 21.00 WITA, the Blue Light Patrol was carried out with a specific focus on tourist hotspots. 

The Head of North Kuta Police Intelligence and Security, AKP I Wayan Wijaya Darmayasa, directly led the patrol, which started from the police station on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong in Canggu Village.

Speaking to the press, the North Kuta Police Chief AKP Muhammad Disky Fernandez, explained that every Saturday night into Sunday morning, he and his teams routinely carry out patrols in crime-prone spots.

This Blue Light Patrol patrol aims to provide security guarantees to the public and night entertainment visitors from street crimes such as aggravated theft known as curat, violent theft referred to as curas, motor vehicle theft known as curanmor, and other crimes.

AKP Fernandez said, “We are anticipating disruption to public security and order by increasing the implementation of Blue Light Patrols until the early hours of the morning.”

He added, “We want to ensure that there are no criminal acts that could disturb the comfort of the community in the jurisdiction of the North Kuta Police.”

Officers issued an appeal to the public and visitors to entertainment venues along Jalan Batu Bolong, Jalan Nelayan, and Jalan Berawa to obey the law and report any suspicious or criminal activity.

This kind of community security message is shared so that the community collectively pays attention to the security threats around them. 

AKP Fernandez explained that apart from providing a sense of security and comfort to visitors, the North Kuta Police team is appealing to night entertainment managers and security officers to help maintain public order and order in their respective work environments.

He said, “With good cooperation between the police, night entertainment managers, and the community, we can create a safe and comfortable environment for all.”

It is hoped that these kinds of blue light patrols can help create a sense of peace and harmony in tourism hotspots, especially lively nightlife area like Canggu.

The presence of police is hoped to help encourage tourists to behave in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner and to deter thieves and violent criminals who may enter the area. 


The patrols come as two British tourists were assaulted and robbed at Kayu Putih Beach in Canggu on Wednesday evening.

Police reports show that a 25-year-old British tourist with the initials EMT was hit over the head with a wooden block and had her camera stolen from her.

She is reported to have been attacked from behind. Aside from her head injuries, the EMT also incurred losses of IDR 31,000,000, the value of her camera. 


In a written statement published on Friday, 28th June, the Head of the Public Relations Section of the Badung Police, Ipda I Putu Sukarma, said that his party was still investigating and hunting down the perpetrator.

“The modus operandi of the perpetrator was to hit the victim with a wooden block, then take the victim’s belongings. The item lost was a black Canon G7X camera with a loss of approximately IDR 31,000,000.”


EMT and her travel buddy, a fellow traveler with the initials SAB, immediately reported the incident to North Nusa Police, who are continuing an investigation.

Sukarma confirmed, “The team in the field is still carrying out investigations to uncover this case. As a result of this incident, apart from the victim suffering from illness, he also lost a camera of around IDR 31 million.”

At present, North Kuta Police have not been able to identify the attacker or track his whereabouts. 

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Thursday 4th of July 2024

While it's obvious everyone should be safe from random crime, it is important to remember that stupid criminals will always take the opportunity to commit robbery especially when you walk around with expensive things at night, in any country. The polisi cannot be everywhere even when they pretend to try.


Wednesday 3rd of July 2024

Is this some kind of a joke when it gets dark the police go to sleep. Noise pollution won't wake them up and unless you pay nothing much will happen.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 3rd of July 2024

In EU such Camera around € 600,-

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 3rd of July 2024

Hopefully additional import tax will not appear.

Steve b

Tuesday 2nd of July 2024

You've done this story before .