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Increased Security Patrols Ordered In Bali’s Busiest Tourism Resorts

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As the high season steps into full flow in Bali, security officials in the island’s biggest tourism hotspots have been ordered to increase patrols to help keep the public safe.

The increased patrols are focused in the Canggu area, though they will be conducted throughout tourism resorts in Badung Regency. 

Ariel View of Cagnggu Area in BAli.jpg

The first of the increased patrols was carried out on Saturday, 22nd June, from 10 pm onwards. The North Kuta Police were led by Inspector General Nyoman Sugita, who carried out a Blue Light Patrol together in the North Kuta Police jurisdiction.

The patrol was conducted in the tourism hotspots in and around Jalan Batu Bolong through to the central Canggu area and other locations prone to public security and order disturbances.

Speaking to the press the North Kuta Police Chief AKP Muhammad Risky Fernandez, explained that the Blue Light Patrol activity aims to prevent public security and order disturbances at night and provide a sense of security for tourists, both foreign tourists, domestic tourists and local residents, who visit the North Kuta District area. 

AKP Fernandez said, “The routes frequently used by tourists and visitors are of particular concern to us in preventing criminal acts such as muggings or motor vehicle theft.” 

He added, “By turning on the blue rotator lights at night, we hope that criminals will stop their evil intentions when they realize that there are police on patrol.”

With more officers on the beat, there are more staff available to respond to emergencies and carry out community support work such as traffic controls in areas prone to congestion.

Canggu is known for its traffic congestion problems, and these issues do not go away when the sun goes down.

When the big beach clubs, nightlife venues, and restaurants close their doors, there is always another round of late-night, rush-hour traffic as tourists leave entertainment venues to return to their accommodations.

AKP Fernandez said that just carrying out patrols, the North Kuta Police UKL personnel also go directly to reduce traffic congestion at night, ensure smooth activities for road users, and prevent traffic jams and accidents.

He said “We continue to be present to provide a sense of security and comfort among the community and visitors, creating a security and social security situation in the North Kuta Police jurisdiction that is safe and conducive.”

Traffic Congestion in Canggu

It is not only in Canggu where officers have been increasing security efforts for tourists and locals. Kediri Police in Tabanan Regency have confirmed that they are continuing to intensify security through Blue Light Patrol activities too.

They are focusing patrols in residential and retail areas. Speaking to reporters, Kediri Police Chief Commissioner I Nyoman Sukadana emphasized that patrol activities are carried out to prevent crime.

Patrols were especially focused on ‘curas’, which is violent thief theft and street crime in the Kediri area. “We patrol around from Banjar Anyar south to Beraban, then west to the Denpasar-Gilimanuk route.”


He confirmed that during the patrols conducted in the last week no criminal activity was detected in the Kediri area and surrounds. 

As these increased security patrols by police get underway, Traditional Village Leaders across Bali’s leading tourism destinations are being called to collaborate with the authorities to help keep a close eye on tourists visiting the area.

The calls for collaboration come as ordered by the Ministry of law and Human Rights in Bali who want to see a crack down on the recent rise in poor behaviour by tourists in top resorts. 


In a press statement issued last week, Head of the Bali Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Pramella Y Pasaribu, said, “This program aims to increase supervision of the presence and activities of foreigners in the Bali region.”

“Traditional village leaders must know foreigners in their area of duty. In this way, they can help Immigration carry out supervision and create a sense of security in Bali.”

“We hope that this program can be implemented throughout Bali and provide real benefits in maintaining security and order.”

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Peter Scott

Friday 28th of June 2024

I arrived in Bali in March 2023. In that time I have only seen 6 police cars🤔

One year and three months. On Jln Legian after 1.00, I have had 2 phones stolen. Don't get me wrong as I love living here, but the lack of police presence is alarming. It was so different before covid


Monday 1st of July 2024

@Peter Scott, Jalan legian is a dump I don't go anywhere near it. Try living in a nicer part of bali


Friday 28th of June 2024

Can you please make regulation to banned bikes with loud sounds and loud Musics that people play at any time of the day or night as per their crazy mental wish.

My neighborhood everyday and night bring bike with loud sounds (they have 3-4such bikes) which manytimes disturb our sleep and other activities at unusual hours sometimes.

Other neighbor put loud music on his rooftop early morning everday sometimes in evenings too..... we already complain which is useless

Hope their is some hard action taken against all this activities in all parts of Bali not focus on just few areas.


Saturday 29th of June 2024

@Ral, Spot on observations. This antisocial behavior is spreading like wildfire in southern Bali. Many locals show no respect for others and many foreigners pickup on the same bad behaviour as it seems "acceptable" as no police around. Critics basically risk their lives if reporting these issues. I have been warned by local authorities after reporting motorbike noise and trash burning.

J West

Friday 28th of June 2024

I'm more concerned about getting double charged at a restaurant for food I didn't eat and drinks I didn't drink.Short changing at every convenience store has to stop. Taxi gouging...always a problem. Start with the basics.


Thursday 27th of June 2024

this is rid off the small problems while the big ones will still hide behind the corruption of the p*** o***

Sam perera

Thursday 27th of June 2024

@arthur, all the time touists are blame for the visiting bali,which is a dirty place to visit.dogs are everywhere and usingnthe payments as their bites are very common tragedies.toutists are taxed for visiting this un clean island.

Mr Bear Snr

Thursday 27th of June 2024

There are gangs whose identities are known, running around assaulting and robbing tourists and stealing motor vehicles, yet the police are more interested in clamping down on a few unruly tourists. Situation normal


Friday 28th of June 2024

@Mr Bear Snr, Reread the article.


Friday 28th of June 2024

@Mr Bear Snr, Same excuse, It's OUR COUNTRY!