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Bali Police Launch Road Safety Campaign For Tourists

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Road safety is something to take seriously wherever you are in the world. But in Bali, prioritizing road safety is ultra important.

Every year dozens of tourists end up in the ER, even the ICU, as a result of collisions on the roads. To help improve tourist awareness of the rules of the road and how to stay safe while driving in Bali, local police have launched a special campaign.

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The Indonesian Police Traffic Corps, along with Jasa Raharja, have launched a road safety campaign in the most popular tourist resorts in Bali.

Brigadier General Era Nursatari told reporters, “We are holding a safety campaign. Bali is a tourist island, and after the pandemic, Bali is a fair crowded destination. Even though it is a tourist area, we will prioritize safety.”

Nursatari explained that the safety campaign is necessary due to the rising number of traffic violations committed by foreigners on the island.

From January to the end of July 2023, a total of 1,608 foreign tourists were caught violating traffic laws in Bali. This included offenses such as not wearing a helmet and not having a driving license. 

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Over 1,600 recorded traffic violated by foreigners in Bali is shocking, but perhaps what is more serious is the huge number of collisions that were reported to the police. During the same period, 51 foreigners were involved in traffic collisions that were reported to Bali police. 

Nursatari told reporters, “Every year, up to 27,000 people die [on the roads], so in every one hour, three people die. This is not something we take lightly.”

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The Director of Public Relations at Jasa Raharja, which is a state-owned social insurance company, outlined the objectives of the educational campaign.

Munadi Herlambang told reporters that the awareness campaign for tourists had been designed to establish more community discipline when it comes to obeying traffic laws, reducing the number of collisions and incidents on the roads, reducing traffic congestion, and promoting more safe and orderly conditions on the road. 

Herlambang explained, “This year, Jasa Raharja is committed to moving the safety campaign to preventative measures so that the culture and habits of the people are more orderly and concerned about safety.”

The company is also working with the Ministry of Education and Culture to teach road safety in schools across the country. 

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According to data from PT Jasa Raharja, the company has paid out IDR 39 billion in compensation to drivers in Bali so far this year.

Compensation has been awarded to both local drivers and foreigners, yet, naturally everyone wants to see traffic collisions reduced. 

Police and representatives from PT Jasa Raharja conducted traffic stops and chatted with tourists about road safety. They even gave out sponsored t-shirts for those who were driving well. 


There has been plenty of discussion in Bali this year about whether to ban all friends from hiring vehicles in Bali.

As it stands, foreigners are permitted to hire and drive motorcycles and cars in Bali, though there are a series of conditions that must be met first.

Foreigners must only hire a vehicle from a company registered with the relevant trade agencies and is licensed to rent vehicles.

Tourists must also be insured and have the correct driving licenses before heading out on the road.

Of course, all traffic laws must be adhered to, including wearing a helmet if driving a motorcycle and wearing a seatbelt in cars. 


The road safety campaign comes as news hits the headlines in Australia of a tourist in Bali who has been left to foot an AUD 370,000 medical bill after an awful traffic collision.

Blake Gibbs was on vacation in Bali and rented a scooter to explore Nusa Lembongan.

Tragically, Gibbs lost control of the moped and crashed into a wall, resulting in injuries that required him to be taken to a specialist hospital.

Although Gibbs had travel insurance, he did not tick the box on the form for added motorcycle cover.


Gibbs’ story is just one of many such strategies to have happened in Bali in recent weeks that must be taken as reminders to get insurance and priorities safe while on vacation.

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Wayan Bo

Thursday 10th of August 2023

Anyway. plenty pseudo “Hell’s Angels” and “Bandidos” on our roads.


Saturday 12th of August 2023

@Wayan Bo, Yes, civil servants driving USD 50,000 motorbikes. You start to wonder. No shame.

Peter Müller

Thursday 10th of August 2023

And the Balinese driver are all Angel????


Thursday 10th of August 2023

@Peter Müller, Many yes as they leave this planet way too soon. Out on my bicycle here in my local area (a hazard in itself) I have with my own eyes seen a couple who did not make it only last few months. Typically truck vs motorbike or car vs motorbike. Outcome is given as they usually do not bother wearing a helmet.


Thursday 10th of August 2023

Me and my local friend were driving the other week in Mengwi after dark. I've driven here for years and I know how crazy local drivers are. No different than "bule". Never had an accident though.

But the other night, an all-black truck with NO TAILLIGHTS backed out suddenly onto the road and we could not see it in time and crashed into it. We went flying off the bike and had to go to the hospital. We needed 6 total X-Rays and about 10-20 stitches.

On the bed next to us in the ER was a local elderly lady with her face a bloodied mess also from a bike crash. They had to put a tarp over her while they worked on her.

The guy who caused our crash gave us NO MONEY and NO HELP. The locals around the crash were all threateningly telling me not to go to the police.

This island is a dangerous hellhole where ALL rules and laws are arbitrary in nature, and the same can be said for ALL fees and prices which are similarly arbitrary and fraudulent. So one big SCAM.

And it is NOT just me, a foreigner, who takes issue with all of this. It is many locals too who see the hypocrisy and feel similarly helpless because the corrupt buffoons in charge don't give a d*** about anything, will scan anyone and everyone, and always fall back to blaming bule even though bule are their primary source of income and without bule they'd probably go back to cannibalism within a month.

Finalizing my Thailand travel plans currently. Not hearing much bad about Thailand other than Russians (similarly) causing problems there the same they are in Bali.

Actually, wow! That sparks a brilliant idea in me. How about we have actual functioning societies and countries (NOT Indonesia or Russia) come in and show these people how to have a society. Maybe America should invade this place because it would obviously do EVERYONE a favor, locals and foreigners alike.

They could teach them BASIC F****** ROAD SAFETY like USE YOUR F****** TAILLIGHTS AT NIGHT.

Peter Bez

Thursday 10th of August 2023

All I'm going to say is the police in Bali have done absolutely nothing to stop unsafe riding in Bali even after all the publicity. I was on my bike cope next to me 4 locals no helmets and one westerner no helmet. I looked at the cop and pointed to the offenders he just looked at me and rode off passing them all. Yep there onto it


Friday 11th of August 2023

@Peter Bez, He will stop for no crime nn his way to rumah makan


Thursday 10th of August 2023

Even if that guy ticked the bike box, unless he had an International bike licence, he would not be covered. If you dont have a bike licence at home, then insurance wont cover you.2