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Bali Police Ban Beach Access For New Year’s Eve

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Klungkung Police Department has decided to block access to all beaches in the Klungkung area this upcoming new year’s eve to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

Regulations also prohibit fireworks, any form of large gathering, and entry into certain local attractions. 

Bali beach event

The Head of Klungkung Police Department, AKBP Bima Aria Viyasa, ordered the closure of access points to avoid new year’s celebrations at the beach.

“We decided to close down Lepang Beach, Tegalbesar Beach, Watu Klotok Beach, Kusamba Beach and every other beach within Nusa Penida District. We will cooperate with village security guards (pecalang) to enforce this rule” said Viyasa on Monday (28/12).

police car in Bali

This policy was instituted to prevent a surge in cases during the holiday season.

He urges residents to attentively abide by the provincial government rules and refrain from large gatherings and celebrations.

“We continue to inspect every corner of the city, just in case anybody is out there selling fireworks.” Viyasa added.

The Governor has banned fireworks as they attract crowds to form in one concentrated area.

In additional safety measures, the Klungkung regional government will close local attractions, Klungkung Puputan Monument and Puputan Field, from Dec 30th 2020 to January 2nd 2021.

The rules will be monitored as The Bali Sun previously mentioned government plans to reopen international travel corridor if Covid-19 cases in Bali reduce by the year-end holiday. 

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