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Bali Is Home To The Most In-Demand Airbnbs In The World This Summer

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Summer 2023 is going to be a huge season for travel. As holidaymakers from around the world are starting to plan their next vacation as a destination, Bali continues to be amongst the most in-demand and dreams about. 

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Airbnb has released its rundown of travel highlights for summer 2023. The results are unsurprising to anyone who has stepped foot on the Island of the Gods; interest in travel in Bali continues to grow.

In fact, as the pandemic has been formally recognized as over by the World Health Organization, Airbnb has shared that they are anticipating over 300 million guests making bookings across the platform by the end of the year. 

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The platform has released details of where travelers dream of visiting. The site’s wishlist feature has been available for users for over a decade, and over one billion wishlists have been created since the feature went live. Wild!

Airbnb has also shared that 30% more wishlists have been created this year so far than in 2021. It appears that travelers have big dreams of traveling to Bali. 

According to Airbnb, wishlisting works. Anyone manifesting their dream trip to Bali best gets browsing. The platform’s data shows that “almost a third of all bookings last year involved a listing that was previously wishlisted.”

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Airbnb has revealed that ten of the top wishlisted stays of all time come from a broad spectrum of locations, including Europe, the USA, and, of course, Bali. In fact, two Bali Airbnb listings feature in the platform’s ten top wishlist stays of all time. 

The first is the Balian Treehouse; the second is the 180* View Villa. Interestingly, these two listings may be the most wish-listed, but they are not the most famous.

It seems that the most iconic and in-demand Airbnbs in Bali come with a premium price tag and are booked out months, even years, in advance.

The difference between Balian Treehouse and 180* View Villa that puts them in the most highly wished listed category is their reasonable pricing, decent availability, and, of course, the stunning location, gorgeous hospitality, and next-level comfort. 

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Balian Treehouse is a super host stay in Balian Beach in the southwest of the island. This laidback surfing town sits on the shoreline of Bali’s beautiful black sand beaches.

Balian Treehouse is one of the finest examples of bamboo architecture in a home setting in Bali, and it makes for a dreamy stay in one of Bali’s most underrated locations. 

Heading further north, Bali travelers may stumble across the 180* View Villa. Completed in 2015, this Airbnb listing sits in the heart of one of the few remaining untouched landscapes in Bali.

Boasting uninterrupted jungle and ocean views, as well as the epitome of luxurious coziness, the 180* View Villa is a real treat for all who stay. 


Bamboo Houses in Bali, like the Balian Treehouse, continue to be in high demand on the island.

Thanks to social media, the dreamy treehouses and bamboo shalas of Bali have become picture postcard features of travel in Bali.

There are an increasing amount of bamboo homes to explore across Bali, and each is as stunning in real life as they appear online. 


Airbnb’s newly released travel data not only shows how stays in Bali are regularly on wishlists but that there is growing international interest in travel to Bali overall.

Kuta Utara (North Kuta) is one of the most regularly searched destinations for travel anywhere in the world on the Airbnb platform.

There have been more searches for stays in the Kuta area than for Rome in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, and London in the UK.


According to Airbnb’s data for the first financial quarter of 2023, Kuta Utara was the most trending summer travel destination worldwide.

Slightly confusingly, Kuta Utara, as a travel destination, doesn’t include Kuta Beach. Kuta Utara is the stretch of coastline that runs from Seminyak’s Petitenget Beach to Canggu’s Berawa Beach and spans inland as far as Abianbase. 

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