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Bali Hotel Association To Launch A Sustainable Food Festival

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Bali Hotel Association (BHA) has officially launched the first BHA Sustainable Food Festival with 30 participating member hotels across Bali.

The festival that started on the same day as World Tourism Day on September 27th and ends on October 16th 2021 will showcase the innovative work of BHA’s member hotels to shift to a more sustainable way of operating while a single use plastic reduction program was already implemented. During the event, the participating hotels have prepared a two-course lunch menu with maximum price of USD 14 (IDR 200,000) per person and a three-course dinner menu with a maximum price of USD 24 (IDR 350,000) per person.

(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

During a virtual press conference on Tuesday (21/9), BHA stated that the festival aims to reduce waste output to as close to zero as possible by encouraging the waste reduction programs such as composting and waste separation for easier recycling process. BHA also set some criteria for the participating member hotels before joining this festival such as :
– Ingredients used must be 100% sourced from Indonesia
– Encourage a minimum of 75% organically grown items
– Respect fair trade principles, i.e. Fully female run enterprises

Participants are also encouraged to contribute and support the local communities by organizing special events and workshops around the sustainability theme and assuring that the local farmers and other suppliers receive a fair price in return. This event also focused on delivering organically grown produce to protect the biodiversity of both plants and animals on the island.

Bali Officials Buy Left Over Food From Vendors And Distribute To Locals In Need
(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

“It’s truly encouraging to see our member hotels signing up to share the best practices they have had in place in the past. Our sector is going to recover and restart in a new, more sustainable manner and we are hopeful that these types of initiatives will help raise public awareness and showcase what actions have been taken to adapt and progress during these challenging times.” Chairman of BHA, Jean Heliere said.

The festival will end by the 16th of October 2021 in conjunction with World Food Day, marking the collective efforts taken to reduce hunger and ensure healthy fare for all. BHA invites everyone apart from their guests, to join the festival and recommend an advance reservation to confirm space availability as well as ensuring sufficient food production to avoid food wastage and utilize the PeduliLindungi tracing app before entering the facility.

Check out their website to learn more.

(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

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Wayan Bo

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Beluga Caviar made in Indonesia❓

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Compliment to the humanity, all hungry mouths have to be feed, nobody have to remain hungry.


Wednesday 29th of September 2021

It’s good ideas to reopen did someone fix infrastructures in bali for this past year like waist water flooding footpath at Legian and Kuta Cover up drainage to reduce bad small To be free off any viruses 🦠? Think about it not just take money u need to spend some to make world class off facilities!

Bule Lengar

Thursday 30th of September 2021

@Wayan Bo,

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

@Mark, just come well insured, viruses are there to manage that funds tile into public health system.

Mike A

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Awesome indeed! The only bad things…is I will miss it this year. 😭 See you in early 2022 Bali!