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Bali Green Zones Nusa Dua And Ubud Prepare To Welcome Tourists

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As the Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno recently designated Nusa Dua and Ubud as green zones, areas safe for international tourists, the two regions have begun preparations. “We are setting up COVID-free green zones, there are two regions proposed by all relevant institutions including the Regional Government, which are Ubud and Nusa Dua.” Minister Sandiaga said.

tourist surfing beach
(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yaika)

Government officials believe these two areas are ready for tourism as they have effectively reduced COVID-19 active cases in the past couple of weeks.

Sandiaga claimed that the plan is underway as the vaccine distribution program will be targeting 120,000 tourism workers.

He further noted that several areas in Indonesia, including Bali, have shown a good result from the community-based partial lockdown that is currently being implemented.

tourists in Nusa Dua

This was conveyed in a virtual meeting with the Secretary-General of International Affairs Ministry, Yohanes Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo on Wednesday (3/3).

The meeting also involved several ambassadors from different countries around Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asia. Minister Sandiaga hopes to collaborate with more countries to agree on a safe travel corridor in the future. 

Ngurah Rai International Airport

The Minister further stated that Bali would only reopen if it has low COVID-19 active case count and disciplinary protocols in practice.

He noted that traveling may not be the same as it would pre-COVID, but all protocols will be strictly enforced. Conclusively, the Japanese ambassador said that they will start allowing their citizens to travel in 2021, once the vaccination process is finished.

Checking Points At Bali Airport Inspected For Readiness To Resume International Flights
(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yaika)

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Wayan Bo

Sunday 7th of March 2021

If for example any tourist will fly from Europe to Bali and back, he would be treated as he fly to Indonesia that is in the red zone because of most COVID infections in southeast Asia, it mean for them at least quarntene. - It seems also that it's now only possible to fly from oversea to Bali over Jakarta by changing many airplanes and carier, not very comfortable and additional risk of infection is possible. - With privat long whoul airplane it's better, Mexican president is trying to sell his B787 Dreamliner for two hundert million US $.


Monday 8th of March 2021

@Wayan Bo, I'm fine with that if that's the rule. But anyway people from abroad won't not be allowed to fly to Indonesia without vaccine proof or PCR for what I've heard,which is a good thing. People already vaccinated shouldn't face any quarantine on boths ways. Vaccine is the new passport and it's fine. as long as vaccine stay free of charges (Hopefully it will be the case for all indonesian citizens) no reason why they should pay for it.

Afterall, the goas is for everybody to feel safe,locals first. And yeah so far, it's wise to avoid Jakarta area if possible or any other airport locatd in a red zone, no matter if it's in Indonesia or another country. The best would be direct flights to DPS.

(to this day,we,Europeans are still not allowed to leave Europe)


Sunday 7th of March 2021

Hopefully bintan island (tanjung pinang) will reopening soon.


Monday 8th of March 2021

@Wildan Sungkar,(another Ben responding)

Waiting until 2024 is quite difficult to think of, I'm convinced that when vaccination will be over for tourism workers (and foreign people from abroad) this will ease the way for everyone. Until then, we must keep positive thinking. Of course even with vaccination, we will have to keep the "new normal" rules for a while,and that's fine, but at least tourism will be resumed safely, and that's what matters imo. Balinese can't wait until 2024, their economic situation is catastrophic. let alone Java and other island where Covid numbers are higher.

I'm very pleased by the way Bali handled the situation,even if it could have been done much better (for locals).. the help expected from Gov is? well, we don't know, most of my friends did see nothing so far. Still outcomes but no incomes. which is unfair.

To be honnest I would feel MUCH safer in Bali than here in Brussels. Bali kept the same regulation since almost the beginning, here we open/close/open/close every 3 weeks, it's stupdid, and now Belgian authorities pressurized want to ease things as if all was fine! but it's NOT SMH.. Meaning we will most likely lockdown again just before summer, what's the point!??? Belgian gov is dumb. I'am tired by the way this country manages the situation.

let's see how the situation evolves between now and june. but I'm optimistic.

Wildan Sungkar

Sunday 7th of March 2021

@Ben, don’t go travel till 2024 still not safe just travel local they desperately need tourists because their local already suffered from lock down