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Bali Government Says Travel Corridor Will Open By June Or July

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The Bali Tourism Ministry has explained that it is taking into account several considerations in preparation of reopening the travel corridor with select countries, The travel corridor is expect to be finalized and open by June-July 2021.

The Deputy Chief of Tourism Minister, Angela Tanoesoedibjo said that central government needs to consider these points before opening the corridor.

-If the countries where the visitors are coming from have properly handled the Covid-19 pandemic as the Indonesian government doesn’t want to increase the risk of transmission from tourists.

-Direct flight services need to be available between the two countries so the tracing and tracking will be easier.

The Indonesian government will be more focused on quality over quantity in their tourism sector, where they expect to receive visitors in a better financial situation hoping that they spend more and stay longer during their vacation on the island.

Apart from that, the Covid vaccine distribution is still the main focus of the central government for Bali. The Maritime and Investment Coordinator Minister, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan plans to increase the supply of the Covid vaccine in Bali. “I’ve already told the Bali governor that 1.5 million doses of the vaccine from AstraZeneca are expected to arrive in Bali this month.” said Luhut during a virtual press conference on Friday (26/3).

Meanwhile the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster confirmed that he aims to distribute the Covid vaccine to at least 3 million Bali residents (70%) before June or July this year. “We have a plan to distribute the vaccine to 70% of our 4.3 million residents across the island to achieve herd immunity by July this year in order to support the president’s plans to reopen the travel corridor this summer.” Koster concluded.

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Wednesday 31st of March 2021

I have to say I am really impressed the way the Balinese and Indonesians are abiding by the rules of wearing of masks. I really believe a majority are trying hard to get Bali back on its feet. However, I am really “pissed off” that some of the foreigners (especially Eastern Europeans) are still refusing to abide by the rules of mandatory mask wearing, distancing etc. They are the “Bule (European) Supremacy”. They think they are above the law of Indonesia and Indonesians, and they do not need to wear masks or practice hand sanitizing and distancing. No different to the US “Black Lives Matter” movement (“Indonesian Lives and Livelihoods matter”). This Virus is unselective of who it infects. With the roll out of the Covid Vaccine in Bali and Indonesia, I am delighted to see the progress. This is free for the Balinese, and Indonesian people. I believe foreigners on KTP, Kitas, Kitap etc (and other contributing Visas) will also be given the Vaccine free of charge. I think the Government should make it mandatory that all other foreigners on extended Tourist, Social and so-called “Business” Visas should be charged for the vaccine (at least 3 million per shot) and that the Vaccine should be made compulsory. If they refuse to have it then their Visas should be revoked and un-extendable. They should go back to their own countries where they belong. Thumbs up if you agree.


Tuesday 30th of March 2021

Wow...that is fantastic news. Finely the goverment allow to have 5 years visa to stay in Bali. So excited to stay in Bali with my family. I think is very important to build-up the economy and will creates more job for the community. Specially some people wants to retired in Bali, they might need some one to assist or a house keeper to help. I can't wait. I hope Bali will get a better soon. Is hearth breaking for all the Balinese. Good on you Mr Costa💖 Love to go back soon💔😭🙏

J West

Sunday 28th of March 2021

The numbers are hard to take. The 4.3 million Balinese must be 100% vaccinated and immune from infection using a vaccine reporting 97% efficacy? That's an expected death toll of 129,000 ++ dead. Without a full 21 day quarantine many Covid positive but asymptomatic tourists will arrive from countries where the case load is rising due to increasing numbers of deadlier variants. The quarantine schedule was never arbitrary, nor is the latest vaccine any guarantee. Do the hotel barons really know when the best science is unsure?

Paul Morris

Sunday 28th of March 2021

So Wayan Koster your going to give the vaccine to 3 million people by June - July and that is both yes both doses that are needed to protect people and that are 3-4 weeks apart somehow I don’t think so. Pull the other leg not going to happen once again trying to look good, if you want to look good why don’t you feed your people now that’s a better look.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 28th of March 2021

there will be in near future flights between Tel Aviv and Bali.