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Bali Authorities Launch Investigation Into Canggu Beach Club Just Days After Grand Opening

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After a blasphemy scandal and the last-minute rebrand, the much anticipated grand opening of the Atlas Beach Club in Canggu went ahead on Monday 18th July. The venue, which claims to already be the number one destination in Bali, is already under investigation by local authorities on the grounds that they may have insufficient permits and business licenses. 

Atlas Beach Club is a part of the Indonesian-based company Holywings. In June the company experienced a major backlash against a drinks promotion that was widely received as religious blasphemy. Since then twelve Holywings bars in Jakarta have been closed down and six employees arrested.

Authorities have also since closed down all of their venues in Surabaya too. The drinks promotion offered a free bottle of gin for men named Mohammad and any women named Maria, every Thursday. Indonesia is the world’s; largest majority Muslim population and the drinks promotion sparks protests on the streets of Jakarta.

Local newspaper The Bali Tribune has reported that Commission I of the Bali Provincial DPRD will be investigating the licenses of the new venue. Atlas Beach Club is also home to a department store and street food market providing spaces and stalls for over 52 outlets. These outlets must also have sufficient permits to be operating and Atlas Bali must have the right papers to be sub-letting their spaces. 

Dewa Nyoman Rai, who is the Secretary of Bali DPRD told local reporters that ‘”Not only Atlas Beach Fest, including other large and small business places, before completing a permit, you should not open a business first. So that it doesn’t become a problem in the future when there is a permit inspection or sudden inspection’

During the press launch for the Atlas Beach Club, major stakeholders and popular Indonesian TV star Hotman Paris answered questions from the invited media. When asked about permits, licensing, and business operations in light of the parent company’s recent sandals, Hotman Paris said that everything was above board.

He told reporters ‘There are no problems with all the permits because all of them have met the requirements as a beach club…I don’t think there is a problem with the permit, everything is smooth and has met the requirements for the beach club, just like the beach club next door’.

Rai confirmed to newspaper reporters that from the information he had received that it was clear that Atlas Beach Club had started its business operations without complete permits. He explained how there are 26 different permits that the club is required to have in order to legally carry out its full range of activities, including serving food, and alcohol, hosting events, employing staff, hosting sub-letted business, and more.

These 26 permit types used to be controlled by the district government but are not controlled by the provincial government. Though this change is not thought to be the reason why Atlas Beach Club’s permits are not up to scratch. 

Despite the news of the investigation, the club remains open and operational. On Tuesday night the club hosted international DJ Danny Avila for a live set. A post was shared on the club’s Instagram page today, showing a reel of the live event with the caption ‘when it comes to music and entertainment, we’re just getting started’.

The Atlas Beach Club is being marketed at Bali’s Largest One Stop Lifestyle Centre. The venue now employs over 1,000 local people and is able to host over 10,000 visitors a day. The Beach Club is said to have the longest bar in Asia and the longest poolside in South East Asia. Atlas Beach Club is catering to both international and domestic visitors and hopes to become the world’s biggest beach club venue.

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Tuesday 26th of July 2022

There isn't any doubt that more influencers will be making statements on social media after visiting the beach club. What else young people do these days, everything is made public. It's probably better than ending up in hot water for posting nude in front of sacred places in Bali.


Tuesday 26th of July 2022

26 Permits? Rediculus, just another excuse to rip off businesses, nickel & dime them to death. Why would anybody even consider opening a business in Bali? Called Government Graft,corrupt as usual.

Wayan Bo

Monday 25th of July 2022

Stupidity and lack of knowledge should be forgiven because of generosity that religions have to offer.

Kade Lasiadi

Monday 25th of July 2022

this normally happens on the island due to precedented culture, build first, permit later since no sanction is duly given. such an occurrence I surely will repeat in the future. Money is more powerful than the legitimate power itself😁🙏


Monday 25th of July 2022

Number one destination in Bali? Wait, what?