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Bali Authorires Claim The Majority Of Customers Dining On The Island Neglect Wearing A Mask

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An official from the central government has claimed that prevention protocol compliance at most Bali restaurants and tourist attractions is still low.

The Spokesperson of the National Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Reisa Brotoasmoro confirmed that the compliance rate of prevention protocols in most Bali cafes and restaurants is still below 50%. “According to our inspection in many Bali restaurants within the last 7 days, the compliance rate of prevention protocol is still 20.6%,” Reisa said during a virtual press conference on Wednesday (27/10).

Reisa admitted that the majority of restaurants and cafes’ customers neglected the mandatory mask-wearing policy. Apart from those businesses, violators were also found at many tourist attraction sites as the compliance rate has dropped to only 9.9 %. She also reminds people to stay aware of Covid-19 transmissions during their vacation, as the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t come to an end.

(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

Reisa also urged senior citizens to join the Covid-19 vaccination program as most of them are still reluctant to receive the vaccine. Meanwhile, the Head of Covid-19 Handling Task Force in behavior changes, Sonny Harry B. Harmadi said that the decrease in prevention protocol compliance rate started in October 2021.

“According to our monitoring program, people started to neglect the mask-wearing policy beginning in October 2021, and this is quite worrying. I hope people can learn from other countries that experienced third or even fourth waves of Covid-19 transmissions due to their negligence.” Harmadi concluded.

(Image: ©The Bali Sun – I Wayan Yatika)

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Monday 1st of November 2021

since I've only ever eaten with a mask on, I've already lost 23 kg

Paul Speirs

Sunday 31st of October 2021

When they mandate for using the mask inside of temple's and other religious places then it's will be fine but the authority will not monitor it as it upsets the locals


Sunday 31st of October 2021

Another example of Indonesian government doing something for the sake of to be seen doing something... considering IF.. and that is a BIG IF what they claimed about low number of cases in Bali itself is true... plus, a lot of restaurants in Bali are in the open air... by most international standard, that is acceptable to not wear mask while eating, Sure.. Mask must be worn when you're moving around the restaurants is more understandable. This just sounds like another rort... Let's setup a rule that makes very little sense to follow and now let's blame it on the people for complacency and penalised those that broke it..... If you're so fearful of Covid-19 spreading within restaurants... then shut them all down until the population fully vaccinated or the population has the herd immunity. You just can't have it all function at the same time, and blame it all on the patrons and the government takes no responsibility of knowing that there are certain mandate and rules that have low complacency hit rate. That's why most countries shut them all down or shifts to take-out only until it's safe to have patrons not to wear mask while eating.


Sunday 31st of October 2021

Bali Authorires not the sharpest tools in the shed.

James R.

Sunday 31st of October 2021

Bali Authorires really need to rethink their policies when it comes how to deal with the Covid19 pandemie. It was a very difficult time regarding the surge of Covid19 cases in Bali from June till September where people living in Bali and businesses, most depend on tourism, suffered hugely from those restrictions. I believe it is now time to be reasonable and stop continuing with rules and restrictions, which make absolutely no sense.

If restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, etc. can't proof that guests are not infected, surely you can ask them to wear a mask. Indoors that is and defintely not when eating! Researchers say infections can happen outdoors, but the chances are massively reduced. Fresh air disperses and dilutes the virus. It also helps to evaporate the liquid droplets in which it is carried. On top of that, ultraviolet light from the Sun should kill any virus that's out in the open. So why the prevention protocol in Indonesia can ask people to wear a mask outdoors. Even when driving a motorbike. Seriously! reports that of today, October 30th. Bali has still 4333 active cases. Not sure about the vaccination rate, but from what I heard it is pretty good in Bali. So if people can proof to be fully vaccinated and willing to wear a mask indoors (although not while eating!), where is the problem?

As Mike A. pointed out, what is the reason for those very questionable mandates and quarantine requirements? To travel to Bali, you need to show a negative PCR test at Check-in when flying. At arrival you are asked to follow a lengthy prodedure before you are able to leave the airport. Now they asking you to quarantine for 5 days in a selected hotel (not your selcetion!) on your own cost, having two more PCR tests. One at arrival, since the one you took before departure is suddenly not valid or interesting anymore, because you could have infected yourself during the flight or perhaps while going through that lengthy procedure at arrival. Who knows, right?! And so on and on.

Oh yes. The alaso very questionable list of 19 countries. I would be interested about the selcetion process.

Is it not possible to live with that little risk and open up with some reasonable requirements in place to save the Economy in Bali and Indonesia?

Here in Europe they starting now again with scare tactics. Because of cold weather, Covid19 numbers are rising again. Not much and nobody talks about real numbers, just pushing for more vaccination, while the real numbers of vaccinated people are unknown. And today I read, that vaccination might not even worked as hoped. Suddenly it is possible you can get infected again despite being fully vaccinated. So they pish for a third vaccination. Oh yes, and children also are now in danger. They didn't say so a couple of month ago. It seems to me that governments come up with all kind of ideas to scare the people and find a reason to keep the restrictions in place.

I have enough of that BS! You?


Monday 1st of November 2021

@James R., this is just a response purely to your last paragraph. It has been quite reasonably known at least here in Australia, that despite being fully vaccinated, you can still get the virus itself at a much reduced probability than without the vaccination; and this can be researched that backdated all the way back to 2020. So, to say "suddenly it is possible you can get infected again despite being fully vaccinated" , it is not true, it is known for quite sometime now.

The main point of the vaccination was, is and has always been all along to curb down people from getting very sick to a point where they get hospitalised or even resulting in death; and secondary point is to prevent people from actually getting the virus. That's what the "efficacy" rate referring to which I'm sure you've read it at some point. it is preventing symptoms from developing IF you were to get the virus. that is not to say it's not "effective" against the virus infections, it is still "effective", albeit at a slight lower % rate.

As time goes by, and the virus spreading around more in the unvaccinated population; naturally, it will keep mutating... and if luck is on our side, it will mutate into a weaker form and become non-threatening. Unfortunately one of the mutations is what we currently known as Delta variant.. it has been shown and proven all around the world that it is much more aggressive than the origin Alpha variant. While yes there's an impact on the efficacy rate, the drop is not that significant. Similarly to Influenza vaccines shots that you get once a year, these things do wane off over time... that's why this "Booster" / third vaccine is necessary.

That's why the vaccination is important, it's not ONLY to protect you and your family and friends from getting aggressively sick... it is also very useful to slowwww down these mutations from developing and spreading, and to buy us time so medicines can progress and doctors can better treat the illness where it will no longer be a threat... I can understand people make their own choice, but hey, for me personally, the benefits outweigh the risk in the long run. I'm a firm believer of do your own research in appropriate channels, and all of the above can be easily researched if you're willing. Hope we all can travel again without the need of Quarantine and unnecessary restrictions.