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Bali Airport Received Over Half A Million Domestic Passengers In January

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An official from the Bali Ngurah Rai Airport has confirmed that the domestic terminal received over half a million passengers throughout January 2022.

domestic terminal bali airport

The General Manager of Angkasa Pura Ltd for Bali Ngurah Rai Airport, Herry AY Sikado, confirmed that the number of total passengers throughout January 2022 was higher than January 2021.

“We had a 182 percent increase in our number of passengers in January this year, as compared to the data from the same period in 2021,” Sikado said on Tuesday (8/2).

local visitors bali

Sikado explained that Bali Ngurah Rai Airport received 598,971 passengers in January. The air traffic authority also recorded 4,840 domestic flights. This was a 35 percent increase compared to the numbers from January 2021.

Garuda, Citilink and Lion Air dominated the air transportation services as they transported thousands of passengers every day.

Lion air planes

“The Jakarta flight route recorded 328,939 passengers, the Surabaya route had 85,433 passengers, and the Ujung Pandang route saw 42,717 passengers,” Sikado added.

Despite the busy traffic at the airport, Sikado ensured that the airport facility has been implementing proper procedures in handling the influx of domestic visitors. They deployed officials to inspect the negative Covid-19 test and vaccination status of all passengers.

departure gate

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Tuesday 15th of February 2022

Regardless of whether restrictions are lifted or not, positive cases will continue to rise. With a less deadly variant and probably the highest vaccination rate in Indonesia. It makes sense to fully open up and kickstart the local economy. As other asian countries and many western countries have done, its time to live with the virus and try to return to normal. Quarantine facilities are filling up, but deaths, ICU and hospital admittances have not seen a stark rise so far. Maintaining cleanliness protocols, mask mandates along with protection of the vulnerable is the common sense approach.


Thursday 17th of February 2022

@Steven, spot on


Friday 11th of February 2022

How many European,and Australian, Arrived??? To Boost Bali's Economy up,?????? How come Bali has more Covid Infections Now in Early February than it had before Domestic Tourists Arrived in December??????

Dr. F.Stein

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

@Ricky, It seems the experts do not understand their tourism market. Not renewing the visa on arrival is a very big restriction. It should not be relevant to covid, that is what the testing and quarantine is for; protecting and restricting. When the covid restrictions are eased we still have a really awkward restriction still in place.

It is not only about the cost, it is the inconvenience and hassle. You want to sell something you don’t make red tape and bureaucracy. In this case selling Bali as a destination. The only conclusion I can imagine is that the Gov. is not confident in the vaccine documents and pcr result so want them checked at source. I hope not because the only way back to normal is for an standardised international recognition of documents.

Bali does a great job in vaccination and could now easily relax all restrictions for triple vaccinated and at the same time bring back Visa On Arrival. The only way currently to bring back tourism with minimal risk.


Saturday 12th of February 2022

@Agung, Yes ,gung Balinese like youself need to be in Government, people who can think more than where they are going for lunch next or making statements that nobody believes .Last October an "official"stated that on the 15th the airport will reopen for tourism and he knew of 21,000 bookings. How many tourists arrived ? None.

J West

Friday 11th of February 2022

Hmmmmmm … and the case numbers spike while ‘tourist class’ bookings plummet? Interesting statistics.

Paul Morris

Friday 11th of February 2022

Fantastic for Bali tourism however that’s why you have seen such a massive spike in Covid cases on the island and quarantine facilities are nearing capacity this omicron variant is so contagious and unfortunately for the locals they are the ones who are going to suffer. Already many of the children including our grandchildren who go to school in Denpasar are very sick and the school has been closed for deep cleaning , basic medicines like Panadol to help reduce fever are out of the reach of many Balinese having no income for nearly 2 years. Unless the government steps in to help the Balinese people a humanitarian disaster is unfolding on the island of the gods which if left unchecked will never recover.


Saturday 12th of February 2022

@Paul Morris, what's your point? Indonesia is seeing a 68% covid rise among local transmission. It is inevitable that breakthrough infections will happen with mild symptoms or none at all. Bottom line Omicron will not send all vaccinated people to the hospitals or end up dead. Many who have been vaccinated with Sinovac is a real concern even boosted with Pfizer or Moderna.

Each country is seeing a rise whether the border is closed or opened. Australia is seeing a 38% rise of infection. Australia will be open soon with mixed reactions. There are already bad sentiments brewing on both sides of the aisle. Western Australia with Perth as the home city is reluctant to open to international tourists.

If you say you have grandchildren in Bali how come you are not able to stay or enter Indonesia? Beats me.

Wayan Bo

Thursday 10th of February 2022

Domestic island’s jumps.