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Are Ubud’s Traffic Issues Resolved? Bali Officials Have Just Made Huge Changes

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Officials in Bali’s arts and cultural capital of Ubud have taken firm and decisive action against illegal parking in the town center.

The effort has created huge changes overnight, reducing traffic congestion to a minimum and making it easier for tourists to explore the town center on foot. 

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Last week officials in Ubud told reporters that they are taking important action on illegal and ‘wild’ parking in the town center.

They outlined a clear plan to crack down on drivers abandoning vehicles in no parking zone, which had been leading to huge amounts of traffic congestion in the busy tourism hotspot.

Officials have now opened up one new designated parking area and are directing both car and moped drivers to use the new, temporary parking area at Astina Field and central parking close to the Sacred Monkey Forest.

This concerted effort by traffic police and community leaders led to overnight changes, with traffic flowing freely along Jalan Hanoman and Jalan Raya Ubud.

@humaspolsekubud Hari ke-dua Operasi Penertiban Parkir menyasar Jalan Sweta – jalan Hanoman dan jalan Monkey Forest Ubud oleh petugas gabungan dengan melibatkan Prejuru Adat dan pecalang. Selasa (16/5/2023) Beberapa kendaraan R2 diangkut dan ditilang, sementara kendaraan R4 yang parkir menggunakan Badan Jalan di Derek dan dipindahkan ke Lapangan parkir Astina Ubud. Diharapkan kepada masyarakat yang akan berkunjung ke Ubud untuk tetap mentaati peraturan lalu lintas. "Dados Bhayangkara Semeton Ubud" #polsekubud ♬ Dj Trompet Liar Maryo Raja – Ryan A WDF

Kadek Ari, a local tourist taxi driver, said that he and his colleagues were happy with the actions of the traffic offers and supported the new parking system. He said, “If it’s like this, you’ll be relieved; you won’t be bothered by the chaotic traffic.”

It is such great news for tourists heading to Ubud. It is now easier and safer to walk along the sidewalks in and around the town center without having to dodge randomly parked mopeds.

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It’s also going to be much quicker to drive through central Ubud to get to the town’s popular cafes, restaurants, and attractions, as both cars and mopeds can use the full width of the road since they, too, no longer have to dodge randomly parked motorcycles. 

Ari did share, however, that he noticed some illegally parked scooters in the late evening. He noted, “Maybe the officers can’t supervise 24 hours yet, so some are still misbehaving after the officers are no longer in place.”

@travelwithtommy Ubud is known for being the cultural capital of Bali. Ubud city center is the busiest place in Ubud where the Ubud Royal Palace is located #ubud #ubudbali #ubudroyalpalace #puriubud #puriubudbali #indonesia #fyp #balitiktok #traveltiktok #travelwithme #travellife ♬ Merry-Go-Round – Joe Hisaishi

The Acting Head of the Gianyar Transportation Agency, I Wayan Suamba, said that he could not yet reveal how long the new traffic controls and patrols would last.

The Gianyar Transportation Agency has prepared an option for this enforcement to continue without end or notification of extension. 

This week’s hard crackdown on illegal parking in central Ubud even resulted in some vehicles being towed.

Both tourists, tourist drivers, and locals are being urged to obey the newly enforced parking rules, or else their vehicles will be towed. 


On Monday afternoon, a joint team of elements from the Gianyar Police Traffic Unit, Ubud Police, Ubud Koramil, Gianyar Transportation Service, Satpol PP, and Ubud District officers towed four cars and eleven motorcycles. Officials say they’ll do the same again if needed. 

Suamba shared that towing “will continue to be carried out periodically without notification.”

He formally confirmed that parking at Monkey Forest, in the basement level of the Ubud market, and on the Astina field is the most appropriate place for both motorcycle and car drivers to park while visiting Ubud. 


This new crackdown comes as a part of a bigger plan to reimagine traffic management in central Ubud to ensure that tourists can access the town center with ease and that local people can use their public resources quickly and efficiently. 

Last week officials in Ubud announced a trial for a new shuttle service that is set to further reduce traffic flowing in and out of the town.

Starting from 15th May until the end of December, a new electric vehicle shuttle bus will be on offer for tourists as a park-and-ride style facility. 


The free service will operate from 6 am until 11 pm daily, with pick up at Ubud Monkey Forest and drop-offs throughout central Ubud.

Speaking to reporters last week, Gianyar Police Chief, AKBP Ketut Widiada, told reporters, “There will be changes in traffic flow on several sections…we appeal to the public, especially those working in Ubud and also tourists, to obey the rules for mutual convenience.”

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Friday 19th of May 2023

we are talking about a 3rd world country, of course the traffic is not good..... it's only one of the problems to face.


Friday 19th of May 2023

Enforcing simple parking rules.. is huge crackdown and decisive action?? Wow. Can you imagine.. if you could go even bigger... and enforce other traffic rules to local drivers, not only foreigners? ..Mind blowing.. Maybe next century will be ready for such big boy decisions..


Thursday 18th of May 2023

Great! Job done. Take a well deserved break dear gov. people. Oh wait...


Thursday 18th of May 2023

Good, keep it up.


Friday 19th of May 2023

@Raymond, sure, for a few weeks.... ahahahah


Thursday 18th of May 2023

One extreme to the other. No bike parking will kill all local businesses.


Friday 19th of May 2023

@Firechef, i agree, messy people mind can only create messy material life. they will never change. clean from this and it will be filled up by that.


Friday 19th of May 2023

@SurfG, They're talking about ILLEGAL bike and other vehicle parking. Unfortunately,those illegals have spoiled it for the legals and now the store owners have taken the spaces over and created another mess. It's a NO WIN situation.