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American Tourist Dies After Falling From Bali Infinity Pool

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An American tourist has died while on vacation in Bali after falling from the edge of an infinity pool. The woman, known by her initials CML, was 35 years old and believed to be on holiday with her friend, also known by her initials KLH. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening and was confirmed by Ubud Police on Wednesday, 9th November. 

Ariel View Of Bali Infinity Swimming Pool

According to Police Reports, CML fell from the side of the infinity pool while trying to walk around one side of the pool that was not designed to be climbed on. Eyewitnesses have reported that CML tried to enter the pool from the outer edge of the poolside that was blocked off by statues.

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that they asked CML and KLH not to play with the statues or stand on the infinity edge of the pool after they broke one of the statues. The witness has told local reporters that they did not reprimand them for the broken statue but warned them not to stand on the edge of the swimming pool.

Eye witness account hearing laughter and joking and a sudden silence, followed by screams as CML fell from the infinity poolside. She fell a height of 15m, landing in a pond below. Staff and eyewitnesses at The Sankara Suites and Villa immediately rushed to her aid. It has been reported that she was still breathing but unresponsive as she was moved into the ambulance. She stopped breathing on the way to the hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival despite best efforts. 

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The Ubud Police Chief, Kompol Yudistira, confirmed the incident to reporters on Wednesday, 9th November. Kompol Yudistira replayed the eyewitness accounts and concluded that ‘the victim’s life could not be saved and was declared dead.

He confirmed that CML had died from her injuries before she reached the hospital, having “suffered lacerations on the right leg, lacerations on the left leg, lacerations on the chest, abrasions on the right and left thighs, and abrasions on the face”.

Ambulance Drives Down Quiet Road In Bali

Police are investigating whether The Sankara Suites and Villa are liable for the incident. Though the initial eyewitness accounts infer that it was CML’s choice to walk around the poolside despite warnings from staff and that she slipped because the pool edge was wet, police are concerned that the hotel could have done more to prevent the incident.

According to Kompol Yudistira the hotel may hold some liability as there is no safety fence on the western and eastern edges of the swimming pool that are technically accessible as there is no barrier to block people walking down the pool edge. He told reporters, “But the matter will still be investigated, including the testimony of witnesses”. 


The case remains in the hand of Ubud Police with input from the US Consulate and CML’s family. Kompol Yudistira said, ‘the victim and his partner checked in at the villa on Monday (7/11), and the plan was to check out on Sunday (13/11)’.


The tragedy comes just a week after a Russian tourist died in an accident in South Bali. A 31-year-old man, known by his initials KR, was fatally electrocuted on Tuesday, 1st November. He died at Warung Suzuke on Balangan Beach in South Bali. Despite extensive efforts to resuscitate him, police confirmed his death shortly after they arrived on the scene.

KR was electrocuted as he went to retrieve his backpack that he had left for safekeeping at the warring while he went surfing. Reports suggest that KR had dried off and changed clothes and was electrocuted as he went to pick up his backpack that was tucked to the side of a chest fridge in the warung. Although eyewitnesses immediately rushed to his aid, it took 3-minutes to turn the power off so he could be safely approached. 


The police did not suggest that any further investigation would be carried out at Warung Suzuke, nor whether any legal action would be taken against the restaurant owners. 

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Monday 9th of January 2023

Thank you to those defending my family. Note, not all what is said from these witnesses are true. We lost a loved one and there should've been better safety precautions for the area to prevent this. Also, this is not the first infinity pool accidental death. If you were to read up on past articles, you'll find others have died due to the same incidents. My family has suffered this loss and will never see our beloved. Have a heart, and a conscience as you shouldn't judge others by this. If this was one of your own, I know you would be in the same shoes we are in, trying to understand how, why, etc. Also, if it wasn't for her friend being there with her, we never would've known the outcome, or what truly happened as she was the main witness.

May God bring her into paradise with loving arms. Always loved, never forgotten.


Sunday 26th of March 2023

@SMLB, what a very beautiful reply. So sorry for your loss 💕 but feeling proud to be human right now. Take care friend you have a kind heart 💜 Peace ☮️ be with you & your family 🥰


Sunday 13th of November 2022

"According to Police Reports, CML fell from the side of the infinity pool while trying to walk around one side of the pool that was not designed to be climbed on. Eyewitnesses have reported that CML tried to enter the pool from the outer edge of the poolside that was blocked off by statues".

Tragic accident indeed, but it seems she knew the risks and proceeded anyway. Maybe she was intoxicated... Americans always do stupid things wherever they go

Wayan Bo

Sunday 13th of November 2022

Each tourist coming to Indonesia should have certificate issued by psychiatrist that he is normal.


Friday 11th of November 2022


15 meter drop and no safety net below??

Safety net is required as children obviously could come over the edge during play.

Any elevated helicopter landing deck have safety nets around to prevent people falling over the edges.


Friday 11th of November 2022

Typically stupid American, thinks they are smarter than everyone else and never listen to anyone else until it is too late. They were warned, what else could the hotel do except physically restrain. Stupidity is the Americans fault, not the hotel's.


Sunday 13th of November 2022

@Firechef, bet you're Australian.

Bali regular

Saturday 12th of November 2022

@Erm, her family should of gave them a better education on risk taking… probably they just as low iq tho

Carole C

Saturday 12th of November 2022

@Firechef, I don’t know why you’re so rude and disrespectful about this…The woman accidentally lost her life 🤷‍♀️☹️ Yes, we humans do stupid things sometimes without thinking, you’re no different. If it was your daughter and you read comments like this…. Think about it.


Saturday 12th of November 2022

@Bali regular, That was awful 😖 what you said. This type of thing could happen to anyone and anywhere.

Would you be saying this is if it was one of your loves who was visiting America and fell off an edge. I don't think you would.

I think your comment should be Deleted so the Americans family and her loves ones don't see what you said.


To her family and loved ones my heart goes out to you in this time. May hod help you though this time.

Halo Bule

Saturday 12th of November 2022

@Višnja Bobić, Do you always agree with idiots?