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Tourist Fatally Electrocuted In Local Bali Beach Restaurant

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A Russian tourist in Bali was fatally electrocuted on Tuesday, 1st November. The man, known by his initials KR, was 31 years old. He died at Warung Suzuke on Balangan Beach in South Bali. Despite extensive efforts to resuscitate him, police confirmed his death shortly after they arrived on the scene.

Balangan Beach in South Bali White Sandy Beach Under Blue Sky

KR was believed to be electrocuted when he returned to Warung Suzuke to pick up his backpack and other belongings that he was storing there while he was surfing off Balangan Beach. The Head of Public Relations for Denpasar Police, Iptu Keut Sukadi, confirmed the incident to reporters. He said, ‘The victim is known to have died on Tuesday (1/11) at around 16:30 WITA’.

People surfing off Balangan Beach on Bali.

According to Sukadi, a witness, Ni Kadek Novi, explained that she heard screams while cooking in the kitchen of Warung Suzuke. Sukadi told reporters, ‘But when he took his bag, it was suspected that the victim was electrocuted while located in the kitchen. The witness then tried to run out of the kitchen to seek help’. 

Calling the restaurant and shop owners, I Ketut Surata, a group, gathered to help with no success. KR had been out for the day with a fellow Russian tourist, MM. His friend told the police that they had met at Warung Suzuke at around 12.30 pm. At around 1 pm, the duo left for the beach, leaving their bags at the warung for safekeeping. At 2.30 pm, they returned to Warung Suzuke to pick up their bags.

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Balangan Beach In South Bali With Warungs Beach Shacks And Bars And Cafes

MM recalled to the police that once they had finished surfing, they headed back to the warung. When they arrived, MM headed to the bathroom to wash the sand off while KR went to the kitchen to fetch their bags. It is believed that as KR bent down to pick up the bags that were tucked behind the chest freezer, he made contact with an exposed electrical element and was electrocuted. 

It is unclear whether KR was wet and the combination of an exposed electrical component and water caused the incident or whether there was a fault with the chest fridge or the electrical circuits within Warung Suzuke.

Ariel View Of Beach Shacks On Bali Beach

MM and Ni Kadek Novi heard the screams and came running. Local reports suggest that KR was electrocuted for 2-3 minutes as witnesses tried to disconnect the power so they could safely help him. Sukadi told reporters ‘After being pulled out, the victim was helped to give artificial respiration by another surfing partner, but it didn’t work. About 40 minutes later, the medical personnel came because another witness called, but the victim was not saved’. 


KR has now been taken to Sanglah Hospital, awaiting repatriation. The police have not suggested that any further investigation will be carried out at Warung Suzuke, nor whether any legal action will be taken against the restaurant owners. 

beach club bali

Sadly KR is not the only Russian tourist to have passed away in Bali in recent weeks. In late September, police in Ubud confirmed the death of a Russian man in Mas Village. The man, known only by his initials AB, was 34 years old. Police did not conduct any further investigation into his death, despite some online speculation.


Police Chief Yudistira told reporters at the time, ‘Rusli [guesthouse staff] had time to call the victim, but there was no response and also saw bruises on the back of the head, seeing this the witness contacted the Ubud Police’. He described how AB was discovered ‘he was found in a prone position sitting in a chair, his head was on the table facing downwards, without wearing any clothes.

Since the police were not treating the death as suspicious, no further action was taken on the case. 

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Friday 4th of November 2022

Blunt trauma injury to the back of the head....naked facing forward in a chair....but police don't suspect foul's obvious suicide....or natural causes ... sure.


Saturday 5th of November 2022

@JWest, Tragic but I had to fight back a laugh imagining the investigation process and conclusions made to close out this case asap.


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

A very sad tale, Indeed.

I'm not sure what happen in this case but I can say that lack of electrical grounding is very common here even in new and expensive buildings. I the last newly built house I rented the refrigerator was not grounded (dangerous!) and a ground wire had to be added.

A warung is just a temporary shed so you must 100% assume the electrical wiring is not grounded, hence dangerous!

Suzie Arcadipane

Friday 4th of November 2022

Tourism will suffer, people are talking g about these incidents.


Friday 4th of November 2022

@Exp, added to that hardly any places have ground fault interrupters. I've had a few zaps, no serious consequence, but i know they would have triggered a GFIC.


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Poor young soul. It's strange that his backpack did not go up in flame should an electrical cable was actually exposed. This Russian died in Bali and not on the battle field in Ukraine. Apparently he did not get drafted for the senseless war with no end in sight. RIP.


Friday 4th of November 2022

@Randy, shocking !!


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Took 40 minutes for the medical team to arrive? Where did they come from? Jakarta? Hey Visitors, bring your own medical team with you just in case 😉😀

Wayan Bo

Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Remembering the times before electrification when only petrol lamps was used.