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Amazing Video Shows Bali’s Most Famous Cliff Walk In New Light

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Bali’s Diamond Beach, located on Nusa Penida, is one of the most famous landmarks in the province.

The picture-perfect cove, backed by sheer cliffs, is high on the bucket list of almost every tourist on the island.

Diamond Beach Trail Nusa Penida.jpg

The hike from the top of the cliffs at Diamond Beach down to the shoreline below is intense.

Tourists must clamber down incredible steep steps carved into the cliff itself.

Incredible drone footage shared online this week shows the famous coastal hiking trail in a whole new light, 

When hiking down the trail, the view is majestic enough, but drone footage shows how the stairway has been carved into the cliffside and how tourists are walking almost inside the rock to reach the beach.

Tourists are welcome to take photos to their heart’s content at Diamond Beach, but like all areas of Bali, permission must be sought before flying a drone, and there are strict rules to be adhered to, too. 

Diamond Beach is easily one of the most photogenic landscapes in Bali. With consistently crystal clear, azure blue waters, It is the definition of an idyllic tropical beach.

What makes Diamond Beach so special is that it looks incredible all year round.

Unlike some beaches in Bali, which get smashed by tidal waves of trash at this time of year, as has happened on Dreamland Beach and Kedonganan Beach this week, Diamond Beach is always clean and clear. 

There is an entry fee for Diamond Beach, which is just IDR 10,000 per person, and IDR 5,000 for the car park.

This is the same car park to visit Atuh Beach, which is right next to Diamond Beach, in the next cove, and is certainly worth a visit too.

Atuh Beach attracts far less crowds than Diamond Beach and is a great place to chill after ticking off the iconic bucket list beachscape next door. 

Tourists are advised not to swim or even paddle at Diamond Beach. The same advice applies at Nusa Penida’s other iconic viewpoint and bay, Kelingking Beach.

Both beaches appear calm and dreamy, but in reality, the height and strength of the waves can change in a heartbeat, and both beaches are home to strong, persistent, and unpredictable undercurrents that have swept all too many unsuspecting tourists out to sea.

Over the years, Search and Rescue teams from Nusa Penida have been called out dozens of times to save tourists who have been pulled out of the open ocean from these two beaches.

While many people have been lucky to be pulled from the water, dozens of tourists have lost their lives to the sea. 

At Diamond Beach, in particular, the waves wash in heaps of broken coral, pebbles, and rocks; it makes for painful splashing around, and no one wants to be grazed by coral.


Hiking down to Diamond Beach takes around 20 minutes, though leave longer to admire the views and catch your breath. Hiking back up is a proper workout.

It is highly advisable to bring plenty of water and avoid taking the trail in the heat of the day. Wearing decent shoes is essential; it is not recommended to undertake the hike at Diamond Beach in flip-flops or fashion sandals. 


While the hiking trail to Diamond Beach is rough, it is well-maintained, and the steps are steep but solid. It’s another story entirely over at Kelingking Beach.

The walkway down to Kelingking Beach has been described as treacherous and is not as well maintained as the Diamond Beach trail.


There are steep steps, drops, very uneven sections, very narrow sections, and limited handrails for grip.

Tourists hiking down to Kelingking Beach are also advised to wear proper shoes, to really take their time, and to be mindful of other hikers. 

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Monday 25th of March 2024

Diamond beach is beautiful but not free of plastic waste. A small bottle of water is provided with the entrance fee and these plastic bottles are dropped all over the landscape and also down on the beach. it would be much better to provide a water station in the reception area with paper cups.


Monday 25th of March 2024

Quote "There is an entry fee for Diamond Beach, which is just IDR 10,000 per person, and IDR 5,000 for the car park."

According to google reviews 4 days ago it is 35k for access and for 5k parking.

Quote "the hiking trail to Diamond Beach is rough, it is well-maintained, and the steps are steep but solid"

Yes, but the last part has no steps, need to climb ropes.

As usual the Balinese charge a lot of money for beach access but do not offer anything in return like; 1. Safe access 2. Cleaning the beach 3. Lifeguard and rescue equipment

Joshua Crawford

Monday 25th of March 2024

Interesting video, but that is NOT the (current) way down to Diamond Beach, that's a brand new, unfinished path that I believe will serve a high end resort that's being built up on top of that cliff. Maybe there will be public access as well, but I don't know (I kind of doubt it). I was there in December and saw the resort under construction and this new path too, though they've made significant progress since then. That last straight bottom section is all new since I was there. Definitely looks cool and dramatic. The public path down to the Beach is a couple hundred feet to the right of this new stairway...