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Chased Down By Locals After Car Accident

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An alleged intoxicated tourist slammed his car into other motorists before being chased down and detained by locals until police arrived. 

The alleged incident was caught on video showing a bloody tourist being chased by locals and then arrested.

The man was driving a white Mitsubushi Expander when he allegedly collided with other vehicles on the road. This lead to a pursuit by Jimbaran locals to try and stop him before he hurt or killed someone. The chase finally ended in the village of Pecatu where the man appears to be assaulted.

Warning Graphic Video

Credit: Ryehan Dermawan

The intoxicated man was violently attacked by the angry mob of locals who injured the tourist. The video shows him being punched before bleeding heavily from the head area. 

Warning Graphic Video

Credit: Ryehan Dermawan

Once police arrived, the man was arrested and thrown into the back of a pickup track to be escorted to jail. The angry mob of Jimbaran locals continued to laugh and yell at the intoxicated tourist who was visually upset and injured in the incident. 

The identity of the man has not been released at this time. 

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