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African National Arrested For Crashing His Car Into A Group Of Students In Bali

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A 30-year-old man named Chidi Ezonu from Africa has been arrested for crashing his car into a group of motorbikes ridden by high school students.

motorbikes bali

The Head of the Public Relations Office of the Denpasar Police Department, Iptu I Ketut Sukadi, confirmed that the suspect was arrested for the incident that occurred in Jalan Kunti, Seminyak on Wednesday afternoon (16/2).  

“The suspect’s luxury car crashed into four students. Two of them suffered from bone fractures, one suffered some minor injuries, and the other one came out of the accident unscathed. Meanwhile, their motorbikes were completely wrecked,” Iptu Sukadi said during a press conference on Thursday (17/2).   

lexus drive

According to witnesses, the suspect drove his Lexus with registration plate B 1199 LK from the east side.

As he entered a bend in a road, Chidi drove a little too far to the right and collided with the moving motorbikes from the other side.

car crash into motorcycle

After receiving a report of the incident, officers from the Denpasar police department immediately came to the scene and rushed the victims to Siloam Hospital.

“The suspect has been detained along with his car. He didn’t acquire any injuries from the incident and will potentially face five years of imprisonment,” Sukadi concluded.

bali ambulance

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Monday 25th of July 2022

I have lived in Indonesia for over 20 years and I am South African. I also happen to be a motorcyclist. When it comes to bike and car accidents. The car is at fault (local perception). Now if there are two bikes involved and one is a bigger cc. Then the bigger cc is at fault. add in a foreigner and you will always be at fault. I am a permanent resident, speak the language, and I don't have many foreign friends, but I am still a bule. So I will be at fault 100% of the time.

The biggest problem (issue) is police enforcement and kids starting from an early age on motorcycles without protective gear.

Wear your gear, it protected me once in a road rage incident and a pole (stick) was involved. I took a good beating and all I did was protect myself. If at any point a landed a punch, I would have been the aggressor. So I covered up and waited for the locals to step in and calm the situation down. The helmet and leather jacket saved me from serious injury.

Stay safe out there. If you ride, ride with the locals and gear up.

Paul Speirs

Monday 21st of February 2022

Totally agree how old was the people involved in the crash had they been drinking and do they have a license and was it a race meeting for them yet again one rule for them and another for the rest


Monday 21st of February 2022

And why should he be imprisoned exactly? Doesn't seem he did it on purpose, no mention of him being drunk, just an accident with some non-fatal injuries.

If he was at fault, in the sense of not giving way when required to driving on the wrong side of the road he should pay for the damages, but why be punished?

This kind of stuff is why i never drive on Bali, even in places I easily could: perhaps you get crazy things like you have in China where people run/bike/motorcycle into cars that are standing still to claim money. That's also why most cars in China now have camera's all over them.


Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

@Ben, start reading the English local sources on line that will give you a better perspective. Comparing to China won't solve your mystery surrounding the accident in Bali.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 20th of February 2022

From where in Africa 🦒❓


Monday 21st of February 2022

@Wayan Bo, a local news source mentioned South Africa as his nationality. He is a tourist and was driving at high speed around the corner and striked the motorcycles.


Sunday 20th of February 2022

Every day children and teenagers are riding scooters without helmets everywhere. Breaking many road rules and laws in the process. No care for traffic lights, drive lanes, crossings, you name it.. But of course a foreigner will face 5 years in prison because laws only apply to them in this country. The amount of disgrace, discrimination and corruption Bali has is astonishing.


Monday 21st of February 2022

@Pidin, You are quick to blow your horn on corruption because you bring in your own reasoning into another country or culture for that matter. If a local caused an major accident he or she will face the same music.

He was driving at 3AM at high speed around the corner and hit the motorcycle riders. Local sources said so.

The legal age to drive a motorcycle in Indonesia is 17 years old. A car is 18 years old. Look it up.