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Actress Makes Peace After Bali Nightclub Assault

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Indonesian-Dutch actress Jennifer Coppen has reached a restorative justice agreement after being hit in the face while trying to defend a tourist during a night out in Kuta. 

On Friday 27th May Coppen and KJ, the man who allegedly hit her during the altercation at Shishi Nightclub, went to North Kuta Police and signed a peace agreement. This agreement nullifies the accusations lodged against KJ and draws the police investigation to a close.

The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit at North Kuta Police, Iptu Mohammad Amir, confirmed that the pair arrived at the police station of their own free will and chose to deal with the situation amicably.

Reports suggest that Coppen and KJ held a meeting before heading to the police station. It was there that they agreed that restorative justice would be a suitable and symbolic gesture of dropping charges. This bypassed the need for any further involvement with the police.

Credit: Radar Bali

If two or more people who have been involved in an incident that had required police mediation decide that they will resolve the issue with restorative justice, the police cannot take any further action. 

Police Commissioner Amir said ‘”This case is stopped and the police are implementing restorative justice as mandated by the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo’. 

The case was opened following an alleged assault to Jennifer Coppen on a night out in early May 2022. Around 3 am on the 11th of May, Coppen and her friends were said to be leaving Shishi Bar on Jalan Petitenget in North Kuta.

Reports from the time suggest that Coppen spotted a young woman who was drunk and being harassed by a group of men. Coppen is said to have come to the aid of the woman, who is thought to be a tourist, when the men began harassing her too. 

As the situation and level of harassment escalated, reports suggest that nightclub security did not intervene. The men allegedly switched from verbally abusing the drunk woman and Coppen, to poking, groping, and slapping them. It is said that Coppen was hit across the face during the incident and made a swift exit from the venue.

In the days that followed Police Commissioner Amir told the press that Jennifer Coppen had lodged an assault charge against KJ. 

It was then confirmed that police were working with Shishi Bar and Nightclub to review CCTV footage from the night to better establish a timeline of events. They also spoke with Shishi’s staff and other eyewitnesses who saw the situation unfold.

Neither KJ nor Coppen have released a public statement regarding their restorative justice agreement. They did both pose for a photo, each holding a copy of the agreement, which was shared by local newspapers. This can be taken as a positive sign that both parties have made peace and are putting the events of the 11th of May behind them. 

Jennifer Coppen is a celebrated young Indonesian actress who has starred in many of Indonesia’s most popular soap operas. She played a leading role in the sinetron Story for Geri, and in the top-ranking film Mecca, I’m Coming. She stars in a romantic drama that will be hitting cinema screens in 2022 called Akad.

This news of resolution comes in the same week that a Balinese mother has filed an assault charge on behalf of her 17-year-old son who claims to have been beaten by a tourist and security staff at a club in Seminyak on the 29th of May. In light of both events nightclubs will be working hard to ensure venues are safe for everyone as they reopen.

Bali’s world-famous nightlife scene was badly hit by the pandemic and while there are still some capacity restrictions in place, there is light at the end of the tunnel for venue owners who want to see their clubs filled with people partying and enjoying a night out without restrictions.

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J West

Monday 6th of June 2022

Disgraceful. This “peace” does nothing to highlight and inform the danger young foreign women are in from the vicious thugs who organize to prey on them . Where is the ‘peace’ won in court from the victims serious assault charges described as of a graphic ugly sexual nature. The message here is “ Bali nightclubs are too notoriously dangerous for foreign women and gangs of evil scum await any who attend such sewage outlets.” I’d like to know what the peace agreement was worth and why police aren’t arresting the criminals? Whether or not corruption is involved to cover up a financial benefit and to sweep the sex attack under a rock to get the booze flowing at the nightclub..but it stinks…. a real black eye for Bali.

J West

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

@Genghiz, And sorry for not editing after the auto fill took over.

J West

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

@Genghiz, Right you are. In Thai they also have this ‘ Justice for pay off’ system that leaves behind the victims of such crimes. It’s disgraceful that payment should be considered at all. That’s called “ justice for the rich”. Just because your daddy’s a head man , politician or police officer and he financed your nightclub because you were too stupid and lazy to get a real job through education, it doesn’t mean justice should be forgotten with a backhander and photo op . Let’s not forget that the issue started with the pictures cowardly gig sexually assaulting a helpless female for which the thug lowlife has not apologized or offered compensation for. The crime is still outstanding.


Tuesday 7th of June 2022

@J West, exactly.

So not only did she "forgive" that band of thugs that verbally abused the girl and then her when she tried to defend, they also started groping and poking bitch if then and then slepped her in the face.

So not only did the take no charges against this disgusting criminal scum but she also made sure to prevent police from investigating then AND posed a smiley picture with this criminal.

What is wrong with this girl...? It's just incomprehensible. Did police or organize crime threaten her or is she just out of her mind and lost any sense.


Tuesday 7th of June 2022

@J West, the Western point of view may not always work here. Resolving an issue amicably and having a written statement from both sides here is to bring peace and reconciliation. It could usually set an example to others to forgive and not to be repeated again. It takes both sides to agree outside of court though. Why is that you people always think that corruption or there is money involved in settling a dispute. Such a biased thinking.

Guess what that Estonian woman who gained attention for mocking the Bali cops on social media has been disqualified from Miss global 2022 for her behavior. Whether she may broken the traffic local law no one is entitled to something regardless of beauty, or skin color. By the way she fled Indonesia in a hurry.


Monday 6th of June 2022

Quote from the article "The men allegedly switched from verbally abusing the drunk woman and Coppen, to poking, groping, and slapping them."

What progress has been made investigating harassment of the "young drunk tourist"?

The article refers to, quote "Bali’s world-famous nightlife scene". From information online, the advise is to be very careful:


Monday 6th of June 2022

Public intoxication and disorderly conduct in Bali seem to become a copy cat behavior from the outside world of Bali and Indonesia for that matter. If you can’t hold your liquor and taking prescription drugs (for health reasons) then don’t drink at all. As the borders reopen, foreign tourists flocking in bringing drinking habits resulting in bad attitudes; then it is only a matter of time to bring in more security and CCTV at the bars. Sighs…

Wayan Bo

Monday 6th of June 2022

International audiences have taken a notice about her heroic act. - In Portugal is BA.5 which seems to be more infective than omicron already causing problems, scientists in Europe warn because of possibility of new Covid wave. It’s to early for public gatherings because pandemic isn’t over yet.