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100 Foreign Nationals Arrive At International Terminal Of Bali Airport

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Bali officials have confirmed that Bali Airport has received the first batch of international arrivals from Singapore Airlines on February 16.

singapore airlines

The Head of the Bali Tourism Board, IB Agus Agung Partha Adnyana, confirmed that 100 foreign nationals would be arriving at the international terminal of Bali Ngurah Rai Airport on Wednesday (16/2).

“Bali airport will receive 100 foreign nationals on the Singapore Airlines international flight on Wednesday,” Adnyana said on Tuesday (15/2). All arriving visitors will be directly transported to the select hotels verified as quarantine facilities by the government.

private transportation

Adnyana also hopes that this will inspire other international airlines to resume flights to Bali soon. “I hope other international airlines like Jetstar Airways will resume their flights to Bali by March,” Adnyana added.

Meanwhile, the Stakeholder Relation Manager of Angkasa Pura I for Bali Airport, Taufan Yudhistira, stated that the airport is more than ready to operate the international terminal. “After evaluating the international arrival and departure from Japan on February 3 and February 10, we’re quite confident to provide services for incoming international arrivals at Bali Airport,” Taufan said.

Bali airport porters

He explained that airport officials had improved the airport to handle the influx of foreign tourists better.

“We removed a holding area where visitors had to wait for their PCR test results. Now, they can go to the hotel registration area and be transported to the select hotels straight away. The entire process will only take 30 minutes,” Taufan concluded.  

Bali airport waiting area

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Martin Breen

Friday 18th of February 2022

It is pretty clear that when the quarantine is lifted, and the pre-departure visa reverts to visa on arrival, people will come. I did consider going through all this, but next week I will go to the Philippines instead where I am not subject to restrictions. I pose very little risk having been triple vaccinated and have been through getting Omicron. So I guess when Indonesia works out these risks, they will follow their neighbors like Australia/Timor-Leste and most other SE Asian countries and open the gates. Timor-Leste lifted their restrictions in October last year and there was no impact, well one passenger on the direct from Portugal.


Friday 18th of February 2022

Was planning a Bali trip to visit friends but cancelled and we are now going to Philippines with free visa on arrival good for 30 days no hotel quarantine, sorry Bali but we won't accept your condition of entry


Thursday 17th of February 2022

TOO LATE! We have just spent 5 days quarantine in Jakarta and just arrived in Bali. EVEN AFTER being triple vaccinated And passing 2 PCR tests were still forced to undergo this undignified and humiliating process.It's stupid and killing Bali tourism. And when you get to UBUD very few people are wearing masks or taking the appropriate precautions. So WTF?


Friday 18th of February 2022

@Nestor, some of us have done it to travel to Indonesia. What's so humiliating and undignified ? You landed finally in Bali. Enjoy it for what's worth. Why come all the way to Bali and complain about it. Isn't it about helping the Balinese tourism in the first place?


Thursday 17th of February 2022

I am indian. I have import export business. this time I at Thailand came 4th January 2022.I am staying in Thailand now. I visited more time in Indonesia 2013 to until before COVID-19.can I will come Indonesia visa on arrival ? Direct from Thailand. Please reply me as soon as possible. Best regards ONKAR SINGH

Wayan Bo

Friday 18th of February 2022

@ONKAR SINGH, You need to be a US $ billionaire in first place to be welcome.

Suzanne Larsen

Thursday 17th of February 2022

I cancelled my trip to Bali. yesterday. The Vida process was onerous and expensive and I don't get it as we didn't have to obtain visas before arriving in Bali before. It doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or not the chance of spreading Covid is the same except unvaccinated come off worse but we all have to have insurance. So I don't get the quarantine rules, and all the other hoops tourists have to jump through including trying to book a flight direct from Sydney Too much for me and I have cancelled Bali and will go somewhere else as much as I wanted to help the Balinese businesses out. Unfortunately their Govt are bedwetters. A holiday is supposed to be fun. I believe a holiday in Bali would be a nightmare. Imagine wearing masks inside and out even on the beach in that heat. I may be out of date on the mask mandates but a few days ago I saw a lady laying on the beach in Bali with a mask on. NO THANKS! I can spend my tourist money elsewhere without such grief inflicted by the Indonesian govt. Enjoy your 1oo overseas tourist arrivals because the numbers will stay that low and not assist the Balinese if you keep this nonsense up!

Wayan Bo

Saturday 19th of February 2022

@Suzanne Larsen, You really want to help Balinese people’s, great, than sent to each Balinese at least hounded bucks and don’t need to come.