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10 Amazing Hostels in Bali under $10 a Night!

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Bali is the only place on EARTH where you can stay in clean, cool, trendy hostels for under $10 a night! 

We’ve gathered all the TOP-rated hostels on the island under $10 that you’d actually want to stay in, and did we mention, they ALL have breakfast and taxes included!

Of course, like any seasoned budget traveler knows, it IS possible to get a hostel even cheaper than $10 a night, but honestly WHY would you risk it when these ones are so amazing? Don’t worry about dirty sheets and non-existent wifi, all of the following Bali hostels have been vetted for you so you know exactly where to stay for less. 

Top 10 Hostels in Bali under $10 a Night

Where did we find these prices? All hostel deals were found using, October 2020 as travel dates, breakfast included, and taxes included. 

Soni Backpacker

Soni backpacker hostel in bali

9.1 out of 10
$10 AUD / $7 USD

The Soni Backpacker hostel in Ubud really has it all. Cute terraces with hammocks, an unreal central location, great wif-fi, and the owner Wayan making you fresh banana pancakes in the morning. 

Check out the hostel’s rooms

d’Gobers Hostel  

d'Gobers is a cheap hostel in seminyak under $10 a night

9.1 out of 10
$8 AUD / $5 USD

People looking for a party vibe will love d’Gobers weekly pool parties with cocktails, rooftop lounge area, and on-site bar with cheap drinks! The bunks are capsule style with your own light, shelf and charging plugs, so you’ll feel comfortable and connected during your stay.

Check out d’Gobers dorm rooms

Beach Hut Hostel

Beach hut hostel - hostels under $10 a night in kuta

9.4 out of 10
$10 AUD / $7 USD

The Beach Hut Hostel is only 300m from the ocean and super popular Kuta Mall. It’s also very near the airport, making this an easy place to get to right off the plane. A nice bonus for the price is the property even has a pool! This is the place for water lovers and beach bums on a budget. 

Check out Beach Hut’s dorm rooms

Dharma Yoga Hostel

Dharma Yoga hostel in Amed under $10 a night

9 out of 10
$10 AUD / $7 USD

Minutes away from incredible dive and snorkeling sites, the Dharma Yoga hostel in Amed is perfect for explorers. Plus the hostel is pretty comfy too. Huge lockers, concrete-framed beds (less noise!) and breakfast served on an ocean-view rooftop. 

Check out Dharma’s dorm rooms

WW Backpackers

WW backpackers hostel in ubud, best jungle views

9.4 out of 10
$10 AUD / $7 USD

Your Insta feed needs this jungle breakfast shot in it! The WW Backpackers hostel in Ubud is rated crazy high, likely to do with the fact they have super clean rooms, nature-loving atmosphere, and staff that make you feel like family. This hostel is a repeat favorite for even the most seasoned Bali traveler. 

Check out WW Backpacks’s dorm rooms

Volcano Hostel

Volcano hostel in bali

9.5 out of 10
$10 AUD / $7 USD

Located in the small town of Kubupenlokan, 3.7 km from Mount Batur, the Volcano hostel is a great budget stay off the beaten path! If you are looking to climb Batur, staying here is your best bet. 

Check out WW Volcano’s dorm rooms

Jero di Bisma Hostel

Jero di Bisma hostel in Ubud under $10 a night

9.3 out of 10
$9 AUD / $6 USD

This tiny quaint hostel is tucked away near the main hustle and bustle of downtown Ubud, so it’s super easy to get around. Past guests rave about the super-friendly owner and her kids, the great breakfast she makes, and her awesome cleanliness standards.

Check out Jero di Bisma’s dorm rooms

Cozy Bobo Hostel

Cheap hostel in Bali - Cozy Bobo

8.5 out of 10
$9 AUD / $6 USD

Seminyak is known for it’s high accomodation prices, which is why budget travelers love Cozy BoBo. It has a big social area with sofas, TV, fooseball and a jacuzzi and it’s only a 5 minute walk to shops and restaurants, 15 mins to the beach.

Check out Cozy BoBo’s dorm rooms


NamaStay in Bali is a hostel under $10 a night

9 out of 10
$9 AUD / $6 USD

The Namastay is a great pick just out of central Ubud enough for some peace and quiet. There is coffee and water, Netflix on the TV, and trendy decor all around. Tip: Order the Indonesian breakfast if you want to be full all morning. 

Check out Namastay’s dorm rooms

M Boutique Hostel

cheap hostels under $10 a night in bali - M boutique

8.5 out of 10
$10 AUD / $7 USD

Any hostel under $10 a night with a pool is a major WIN! This hostel also has capsule style pods with a hanger, 2 pillows and warm blanket, plus a full equipped kitchen if you like to cook. 

Check out M Boutique’s dorm rooms

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