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World’s Most Decadent And Expensive Nasi Goreng On Bali Beach Club Menu

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Bali is a paradise for foodies.

From classic Indonesian fare to local Balinese favorites, to international fine dining to superfood smoothies and dirty burgers, Bali has a menu for every craving, every budget, and every occasion.

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Nasi goreng, Indonesian fried rice, is one of the most popular Indonesian dishes with tourists visiting Bali.

Closely followed by mie goreng, fried noodles, it’s hard to resist the flavorsome, nourishing, and filling nasi goreng.

For many returning Bali lovers, making a pit stop on their way from the airport to the hotel at their favorite local warung for a small mountain of nasi goreng is something of a vacation tradition. 

One of the reasons why nasi goreng is so popular with Indonesian folks and tourists is that it is so affordable. Nasi goreng is made with white rice (often left over white rice), and a combination of Indonesian spices that come together for a real pop of flavour.

The nasi goreng spice mix usually includes ground red chilli, garlic, shallot, caraway seeds, anise, coriander, turmeric, ginger, galangal, black pepper. Nasi goreng can be served vegan, vegetarian, or with meat.

Often chicken, shrimp, and/or egg is thrown in there too. The famous kecap manis, or sweet ketchup, is often store-bought but can be made with soy sauce and palm sugar.

In most local warungs, a plate of nasi goreng ranges from IDR 20-30,000, with nasi bonkus – a small takeaway package – will range between IDR 5-15,000.

In popular tourist hotspots, the average nasi goreng goes for IDR 50-75,000, and in fine dining establishments, with a little extra flair or higher quality meat added into the mix, a nasi goreng can be priced between IDR 120-180,000.

Tourists can image the surprise when the world’s most decadent and expensive nasi goring appeared on a menu in Bali. But what won’t be so surprising is where this menu you can found.

Of course the world’s most decadent and expensive nasi goreng is on the menu at the world’s biggest beach club; Atlas Beach Fest in Canggu. 

The Nasi Goreng Jutawan, which translates to Millionaire’s Fried Rice, is on the menu at Atlas Beach Fest for a whopping IDR 2,625,000! What could be making the humble fried rice need to be priced at USD 165?! Well, it’s not the rice! 

Atlas’ Nasi Goreng Jutawan features all the classic spices and nasi goreng elements and is topped with a 1.2KG Wagyu MB5 Tomahawk steak; there is also another 200g of smoked beef brisket mixed in the rice.

The Nasi Goreng Jutawan is serviced with classic sambas and chili sauces, including sambal merah, sambal matah, and colo-colo.


The decadent platter got the seal of approval from British cooking influencer Laurence Benson who specialises in Indonesian food. Benson and his friends, in partnership with Atlas, tried the Nasi Goreng Jutawan and had mixed feelings.

They noted that the food was tasty and enough to share but had mixed feelings about the price tag. They didn’t begrudge the quality of the steak, noting it was one of the best steaks they’d had in Bali.


Atlas Bech Fest guests don’t need to fork out USD 165 for the Nasi Goreng Jutawan if they fancy a quick fried rice lunch on a poolside sun lounger.

The extensive menu at Atlas Beach Fest features Indonesian classics, pizzas, burgers, seafood, BBQ grill, and a whole Japanese food menu with masses of sushi, salads, snacks, and healthy bowls. 


The standard nasi or mie goreng selection starts at a reasonable IDR 120,000, given the location. Guests can choose from fried rice or fried noodles served with a fried egg, dabu-dabu chili, colo-colo sauce, and classic melinjo crackers.

Meat can be added as per the diner’s choice, with chicken skewers, whole curried lamb shank, grilled garlic lobster, smoked beef brisket, and grilled garlic prawns, which are all available. 

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Sunday 21st of April 2024

The Wagyu used in this nasi goreng is BM-5 which is lower grade Wagyu. Scale goes from 1-12, 1=no marble, 12=max marble.

1.2 kg Wagyu BM-5 + 0.2 smoked beef brisket for 2.65 Juta?

Enough to share for 5 persons; 280g meat/person at cost 530k/person. No big deal for "influencers".


Monday 22nd of April 2024


So #5 Waygu is about halfway up the scale. Even at your designated 'lower level' it far exceeds the quality of most local or imported beef. Whether you or I appreciate or would pay the price is immaterial.

Your breakdown per head for 5 persons and your link to influencers.

You wildly overestimate their numbers. Yes many people post selfies on social media. So do many of us yet we're not influencers. I'll lay odds you and other critics have posted selfies and other pics to social media.

You miss or choose to ignore the point. Beach Clubs are desired, well patronised venues. Any successful business is continually seeking ways to promote.

In this case they're picking up on a couple of things that are currently 'hot' in many countries.

Eating challenges and tomahawk steaks.

Some people will accept the challenge, others will realise it's a great, inexpensive shared meal.

No one is being forced to go to Atlas and order Nasi Goreng Jutawan.

As a general observation. The majority of people criticising, complaining and posting seem to believe 'I don't like it' means it's wrong or bad.


Thursday 18th of April 2024

This is the perfect excuse for all the narcissists in Canggu to post another "look at me" picture on Instagram. Just take a look at the two donks shown in the article. The world truly is a sad place.


Monday 22nd of April 2024

@Shorty, NEVER. No smartphone.


Saturday 20th of April 2024


So you've never taken selfies at places or occasions?

Wayan Bo

Thursday 18th of April 2024

By such food prices starvation is guaranteed. - Already hear people screaming: “Need money for food at Atlas, no money for eat”. - I am in worry that persons who order such nasi goreng and can’t pay, will end up as rendang 🤣


Wednesday 17th of April 2024

Nothing special at all - I have eaten much more lavish versions in average warungs. These beach clubs are overrated moneyholes that rely on shallow egos and hyped marketing.


Saturday 20th of April 2024


What does the target audience. price and your/our opinion have to do with those who try it?

It's immaterial whether you would go there or give it a try, as has Hotman's CV.


Friday 19th of April 2024

@Josh, Look at one of the Atlas owners (search google image for "hotman paris lambo rusak") and see them "at work". The target audience for US$ 200 nasi goreng is probably the "salt Bae" crowd.


Thursday 18th of April 2024


There are times when people want more than just good, cheap food. Location, fit-out, ambience, variation, popularity, the experience…..and are prepared to pay for it. Atlas is cashing in on 3 things that have become popular. Beach clubs and all that entails. With the Nasi Goreng Jatuwan, an eating challenge and a tomahawk steak. Considering everything included the price is reasonable. In Australia price for grade 5 Waygu tomahawk would be A$100+ per kilo. It's immaterial whether you or I regard it as special. Others do. An negative opinion on the places and the patrons just means you don't like it. Others do.


Wednesday 17th of April 2024

Rain, Rabies, Dengue,Bagsnatchers ,bad money changers ,Tourist tax,stupid fried rice gimmicks.What next ?