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Two Men Have Gone Missing At Sea Near Tanah Lot In Bali

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The Bali Search and Rescue Team are still searching for 2 fishermen that reportedly went missing on Sunday afternoon Oct 4th, 2020 near Tanah Lot Temple in Bali. 

Head of Denpasar Search and Rescue Team, Gede Darmada said that he has received a report from Kedonganan Coastal Officer, Mr Nyoman on Monday Oct 5th 2020 at 05.00pm that 2 fishermen didn’t return on Sunday afternoon.

“Fishermen in that area have attempted to look for them on Monday, but they had no result” Darmada said.

missing fisherman

The 2 fishermen have been identified as a 38-year-old, Heri Widodo and 21-year-old Diki, both of them are residents of Jalan Kecubung Kuta, Badung District.

According to the information from the boat owner, Nyoman Sudiarta said that the boat that is missing along with the fishermen has very specific characteristics, such as a sticker that says “ARMADA” with white font.

“The boat is 11 meters in length and 120cm wide, it has 2 engines on the back” Sudiarta said.

“Our team has sent 1 Rigid Inflatable Boat on Tuesday morning Oct 6th 2020 at 09.00 am (LT), we’re focusing the search on the south side of Tanah Lot area again with parallel search methods” Darmada added.

Bali Coastal Officer, Badung Marine Force, local fishermen and their family members have been involved in the search.

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“The Meteorological and Geophysical Office issued a warning on the 3rd of October 2020 that the weather on the seas would be rough due to heavy rains,” Darmada concluded.

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