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Troops Step Up Security As Bali Welcomes World Leaders For Global Summit

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From the 23-28th May 2022, Bali will be hosting the 7th Global Platform For Disaster Risk Reduction. The five-day conference will be held across multiple venues in Bali and sees the island welcome government officials, non-government delegates, and industry leaders. The conference is an opportunity for countries to come together, under the guidance of the United Nations, to discuss disaster response and prevention strategies. Bali has deployed thousands of military troops for extra security.

Representatives from all 198 recognized countries will be present at the Global Platform For Disaster Risk Reduction and this conference is an important warm-up operation for police and military authorities ahead of the G20 Summit in November 2022.

Though the Global Platform For Disaster Risk Reduction is running online sessions, the majority of delegates will be attending in person at Bali’s biggest conference centre. This is another key sign that the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic in Bali is well underway. It also acts as important proof that governments and tourism companies have faith in Indonesia’s exit strategy for the pandemic. 

Despite the arrival of over 4,000 visitors especially for the event, the authorities have not made any statements regarding potential disruptions for locals or non-conference travelers. Traffic levels have remained normal but may change over the course of the week. Security has been stepped up around the event venues and key transport routes.

The Head of Udayana IX Bali Military Department confirmed that he has prepared counter-sniper personnel to be stationed around event venues. The police and Indonesian armed forced (referred to as TNI – Tentara Nasional Indonesia) have coordinated security operations across the island, and in partnership with international delegations.

Indonesia has deployed an additional 2,800 military personnel to Bali throughout the event, this is mostly for security and also for ceremonial purposes. The Global Platform For Disaster Risk Reduction will be attended by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Security for the President whose security is always coordinated by the TNI first and foremost with the support of the local police.

The presence of the additional security has been felt in the run up to the event and will be felt in the days after the event closes too. On Saturday the 21st of May the TNI held a deployment ceremony at Citi Mandala Renon Field, close to the Monument to the Struggle of the People of Bali. The deployment ceremony was attended by the Deputy Governor of Bali and involved inspection of the troop and marching drills. 

Although the police and military have not released statements to announce potential road closures due to the Presential visit, locals and visitors to Bali are reminded that the authorities retain the right to close roads at a moment’s notice which may result in traffic delays or the need to reroute a journey. 

The majority of sessions for the Global Platform For Disaster Risk Reduction are being held at the Bali International Convention Centre in the south of Bali. Delegates will be using accommodation throughout the island and there are a number of site visits planned across Bali. Field trips will be running for delegates and their families on the 28th of May.

According to the brochure on the conference website, trips will be running to key heritage sites and places of cultural importance such as Kintamani and Penglipuran Village. There is another field trip to Uluwatu and Nusa Dua. Visitors to Bali are reminded that delegates may get priority access to these sites on Friday 28th May.

The influx of international visitors, especially those on formal visits will be welcomed by the Bali Tourism sector who last week were able to celebrate another Covid-19 reopening milestone as the Indonesian government scrapped pre-arrival PCR tests.

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