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Tourists Warned About Thieves Targeting Rental Motorcycles In Bali

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There are many different ways to travel around Bali, but one of the most popular ways for tourists to explore the island is to hire a moped.

This gives tourists the freedom to explore everything that Bali has to offer at a pace that suits them and makes it even easier to get off the beaten track.

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However, following a series of incidents this week, tourists are being advised to keep a close eye on their rental vehicles. 

Two big incidents have happened this week in the popular resort of Uluwatu. The first incident involved damage to a tourist’s rental motorcycle, and the other invoice was the theft of parts from a rented scooter.

Both incidents have been taken up by local police but vehicle rental owners are concerned that both incidents could have been avoided if tourists paid a little more attention to where they were parking.

Both rental owners have acknowledged that despite this, both incidents were ultimately caused by unjustifiable actions by the criminals in question. 

The first incident happened on Monday 4th September. After the investigation was concluded, the head of Pecatu Village in Uluwatu, I Made Sumerta, confirmed the details to reporters. He revealed that two Honda Vario scooters have been left in need of millions of rupiah worth of repairs. 

Sumerta said, “It happened on Monday afternoon, It is suspected that the motorbike was hit until the headlight broke. Apart from businessmen, guests also complained and complained about this.”

“This is because they are afraid that they will be asked for compensation even though it was not their fault. But on the other hand, rental entrepreneurs will also suffer losses.”

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@infobalineviral Telah terjadi aksi pencurian ban velg di kawasan Uluwatu, Rabu (6/9) siang Harap selalu waspada dimanapun berada ya Informasi dari gunabawa_kynts denpasarnow #infobalineviral #beritabali #bali #fyp #kemalingan ♬ suara asli – info baline viral

He has suggested that the tourists had parked the scooters in a ‘haphazard’ way along Jalan Uluwatu close to Padang Padang Beach, perhaps to avoid paying the small parking fees.

He has called on both rental owners and tourists to take more care in the future. He wants to see rental owners properly briefing tourists about caring for the vehicles and checking their understanding of traffic regulations.

Additionally, he wants to see tourists pay more respect to the vehicles they rent and be honest if damages have been caused (by them or anyone else) during the rental period. 

@isaacelams It’s the tripod in the road for me 😅 #bali #road #uluwatu #photospot ♬ Hurts Me (Alone At Prom) – Tory Lanez

In the second incident, which happened on Wednesday 6th September, a rented Honda Vario was also damaged outside a holiday villa.

The tourist who was renting the moped came out of the villa in the morning to discover that the rims and tires of the moped had been stolen.

The tourist immediately reported the incident to the police and local security teams, who investigated the scene. 


South Kuta Police told reporters, “The joint team went down to the location to carry out an inspection there. The initial suspicion was that the theft occurred at night. Because the conditions around the location were relatively quiet, the perpetrator was free to carry out his action by dismantling the two wheels of the motorbike.”


Speaking later in the day, the Head of the South Kuta District Security and Order Section, Kadek Agus Alit Juwita, echoed statements made by the local police.

Juwita said, “The incident occurred in front of the villa. This is also the first incident in Pecatu that specifically targets wheels. Yes, the motorbike owner is grateful that only the wheels were stolen. They had already taken them to a repair shop for repairs.”


While the tourist who rented the vehicle is also a victim of this crime, the incident serves as a reminder to tourists to ensure that they are parking their rental vehicles in safe spaces at night. If in doubt, tourists should check with their villa owner or accommodation hosts to establish a safe place to park at night. 

Tourists are also reminded to bring their helmets inside whenever possible, as police are experiencing increasing reports of helmets being stolen across the island. 

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Sunday 10th of September 2023

They saw that the wheels were gone in the morning, and deduced that it must have happened at night. Brilliant.


Saturday 9th of September 2023

" [the head of Pecatu Village in Uluwatu] wants to see rental owners properly briefing tourists about caring for the vehicles and checking their understanding of traffic regulations." I always get a smile on my face when officials refer to "understanding" or adhering to "traffic regulations". The question arises: who will enforce those regulations, fairly and equally for all road users?

Wayan Bo

Saturday 9th of September 2023

Preman‘s, laksar‘s ❓❗️


Saturday 9th of September 2023

Only about a month ago - the news was that motorbike rentals for tourists were going to end!! Guess it was all just media hype - again.


Wednesday 13th of September 2023

@Josh, Governance hype. Out of touch with reality. Totally illogical initiative and no one listened or cared anyway.


Saturday 9th of September 2023

Paying the "illegal" parking fees everywhere and then assume the motorbike/helmets are safe? In Sanur you pay parking fee and there are big posters warning about helmet theft. The "fee" for parking along a public road or next to a public beach has nothing to do with security; nobody looks after your stuff. it is just income for the local big wigs. A "pay for nothing" scheme.