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Tourists Urged To Reconsider Driving In Bali After Recent Tragedy 

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Tourists in Bali and those who are planning their trips to the island are being implored to reconsider how and when they travel around the province.

Bali’s roads are becoming increasingly dangerous, and as yet, more tourists have lost their lives on the roads; tourists must take the warnings seriously. 

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A magical vacation in Bali’s Nusa Penida has ended in devastation for a Polish couple. The pair were driving a motorcycle along Jalan Raya Tulad on the evening of Monday, 22nd January.

The couple, known by their initials DP and AB, are both 26 years old. DP is believed to have been the driver of the vehicle at the time of the incident. 

Police have suggested that DP lost control of the motorcycle at a junction along Jalan Raya Tulad in Batu Kandik Village in Nusa Penida. Reports suggest that his girlfriend, AB, and he were both flung from the bike as they careered into a ravine.

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AB is believed to have died on impact, while DP is in hospital with serious injuries. The Nusa Penida Police Chief Commissioner Ida Bagus Putra Sumerta told reporters, “[He] who was riding the motorbike, had a fracture in his right arm and abrasions on his forehead.”

AB was evacuated to a hospital in Nusa Penida, and her body was then transferred to Bali Mandara Hospital in Denpasar by boat. DP was rushed for medical treatment at BIMC Hospital.

Police Chief Commissioner Sumerta told reporters, “There are no barriers on the road; it’s also possible that the victim didn’t know how to ride a motorbike; he was nervous and then fell into free fall at that place.”

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He has also called on vehicle rental providers to take greater steps to ensure renters know how to drive before handing over the keys.

Sumerta said, “If they have shown your driver’s license, especially to a foreigner, they will definitely be able to drive a vehicle. Because many foreigners who cannot drive motorbikes rent motorbikes in Bali, and this results in accidents.”

However, this isn’t always the case. In many cases, tourists hand over their car driving license, which countries automatically entitle them to be able to drive a 125cc moped with learner plates.

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In all too many cases, tourists have no experience in driving a motorcycle before they start the engine and drive off into the sunset, resulting in tragedy after tragedy on the road. 

Yet, the risks are still super high since Bali’s roads are so dangerous whether an experienced driver or not.

Just last month, an Australian soon-to-be father of two was involved in a collision on a motorcycle on the island. 


Last week, the family of Kevin Malligan had to make the heart-wrenching decision to turn off his life support machine after he was declared clinically brain dead.

The Malligan family had fundraised for medical treatment and a medical evacuation flight back to Australia after he was thrown from a moped he was riding on as a passenger.

His wife, Leah, told reporters that her husband hadn’t been behaving dangerously while on the moped. 


The Malliagn family made the decision to donate Kevin’s internal organs, which means that his life has now helped save the lives of others.

In the concluding post on the GoFundMe campaign for Kevin, the family wrote, “Our last hours with our son-in-law Kevin were this morning as we all said our goodbyes…We had to go through a traumatic time that no wife, father, mother, dad, or family should have to go through.

They added, “Leah and his dad made the beautiful, generous choice to donate his internal organs. We hope that all these organs are going to help and save as many people as possible to live a healthier life for themselves.”


If anything can come of these two devastating tragedies, it is that tourists will think twice before hiring a scooter and driving in Bali.

Tourists must have fully compressive travel insurance before getting on a motorcycle and are advised to check the exact details of the policy.

In all too many cases, tourists have assumed they would be covered in the event of an incident, only to discover that a very specific set of criteria must be met first. 

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Friday 26th of January 2024

nobody cares about anything, that is the problem...

Wayan Bo

Friday 26th of January 2024

R. I. P.

If driving cabriolet or bike, gas mask is needed because of air pollution.


Thursday 25th of January 2024

Let's blame the tourists. Not the Balinese who can't drive a car properly, or the huge numbers without a licence. Right down to children less than 10 years old. None of them have any insurance at all. This is an issue caused by the poor policing all over Bali, the terrible state of the roads, and scooter rental shops who couldn't care less if the brakes work properly. Typical shoddy performance of everything on what is definitely not now a paradise island.


Saturday 27th of January 2024

@Alex, Balinese with licences have government medical cover for road accidents. I am an expat with bike and car licences and i am covered.


Friday 26th of January 2024

@Alex, An innova with a Balinese driver at the wheel is possibly one of the fastest vehicles on the planet.

Beach Bum

Thursday 25th of January 2024

Do not always blame the visitors for accidents. You do not need to be a 'tourist' to be involved in a motor vehicle accident! My scooter was run off the road by an ambulance last week and the ambulance did not even stop to check on me~ 4 compound broken ribs, a destroyed scapula, 2 surgeries, 5 days in the hospital and millions of Rupiah. I had been safely driving a scooter on Bali for the past 16 years, covering more than 80,000 kilometers! The roads here are just plain dangerous.... BUT it still remains a great place to live.


Saturday 27th of January 2024

@Beach Bum, nothing has changed. The same thing happened in 1979 to a fellow traveller. After we pooled our money and flew him home, he ended up losing his leg. He was a lecturer at Sydney Uni.


Friday 26th of January 2024

@Beach Bum, If being run off of the by an ambulance and getting almost killed you think Bali is still a great place to live, I think that the doctor missed checking your head!


Thursday 25th of January 2024

@Beach Bum, Ouch. I wish a recovery. Could be time to consider upgrade to a suitable car with airbags.


Thursday 25th of January 2024

get the police to get off their arses and book afew no helmets instead of taking bribs Start in Canggu