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Tourists Recommended To Only Use Specific Bali ATMs

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Tourists in Bali are being reminded to only use specific ATMs after a foreigner was deported for installing a skimming device on cash machines in popular resorts.

While Bali is becoming increasingly digitalized and all major attractions accept cards, cash is still super useful on vacation. 

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The advice comes after a Ukrainian woman with the initials BK, 35, was deported from Bali this week after being found to have installed skimming devices onto ATMs.

BK had been found guilty and sentenced to prison for two years and ten months and a fine of IDR 100,000,000, subsidiary to 5 months’ imprisonment by the Denpasar District Court in 2022 due to a skimming case.

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While she has been locked up for some time, the warnings regarding ATMs in Bali are timeless.

Tourists should always use ATMs at cash machine stations in banks and avoid using ATMs that are not connected to a bank (e.g., private ATMs) or machines inside Minimarts and other shopping centers. 

The Head of the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office, Suhendra, confirmed that BK has now been sent to Poland and will be blacklisted from Indonesia.

He told reporters, “We have deported BK via I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport on the evening of April 2, 2024, using Qatar Airways on the Denpasar-Doha route, which was then continued on the Doha-Warsaw route using the same airline.”

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Speaking separately, Pramella Y. Pasaribu, Head of the Bali Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, emphasized that BK’s deportation is clear evidence that Indonesia does not tolerate foreigners’ violations of the law.

She said, “The BK case is a clear example of the Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights’ commitment to maintaining state sovereignty and protecting the public from law violations.”

She added, “We will continue to improve coordination with related agencies and strengthen supervision of the presence of foreigners in the Bali region.”

It has been evident for months that Bali is not playing when it comes to foreigners committing crimes and visa violations.

Deportations are still frequent for those who overstay. With the Tourist Task Force out on operations and the newly established Tourism Satpol PP police units, tourists are under a watchful eye.

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BK’s case is a timely reminder for tourists to think smart about money matters in Bali.

An increasing number of tourists are using online global banking services like Wise and Revolut, which allow users to spend in any currency with minimal or no fees and use temporary digital cards for contactless and online payments to reduce the risk of card fraud.

However, ATMs cannot give out cash on contactless payments, so tourists must be mindful of the cash machines they use. 


It can be pretty hard to tell if an ATM has been tampered with, and it is becoming increasingly rare, but it does still happen. One thing to check is the plastic casing that sits over the card reader.

Give it a wiggle and check to see if it feels unusually bulky or thick. This is a good indication that a skimming device has been fitted over the card readers. 


Another common trick is that scammers will post an ‘Out of Use’ notice on the ATM with directions to an alternative cash machine. Never follow the alternative route.

This has often proven to be a scam, where thieves redirect tourists from a genuine and bank-owned ATM toward a private ATM that either charges huge amounts to withdraw or has been tampered with. 


If in doubt, ask your accommodation provider which ATM they use and recommend for you to use.

It is always good to have a reasonable amount of cash available in Bali, especially for day trips to more rural areas of the island or for spending at local markets or beachfront vendors, who rarely have card machines. 

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Tuesday 9th of April 2024

Well, I have recently travelled and visit friends in SriLanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and the they say the same about these Easteuropean scumbags .. report and deport !!!


Monday 8th of April 2024

Ukraine, Russia. Any difference?


Tuesday 9th of April 2024

@Ed, Yes, there is Ed. Had you been there, you would have known.

Heather Fruin

Monday 8th of April 2024

My husband and I got caught out last September at ATMs outside a major supermarket in Jalan Tambilang, Sanur where there are 3 ATM's, 2 of which didn't give us our money, the third one did. When I checked by bank statement both of the 1st two ATMs withdrew AUD 204 each but it was too late to try and get the money refunded.


Tuesday 9th of April 2024

@Heather Fruin, You probably mean Jl Danau Tamblingan and Arta Sedana supermarket? There is an ATM center there for 3 smaller banks.

I had my card "eaten" there once and it was a burden to get it retrieved as these smaller banks have limited precence in Bali. I therefore recommend using ATM for the 3 largest banks: BNI, BRI and BCA. BNI has a bank outlet at the North end of Jl Danau Tamblingan. Go there and use ATM during opening hours which will reduce risk to a minimum.

If the ATM record transaction but do not dispense cash: Take photo of the ATM including the ATM id number. Record time for the incident. The banks have CCTV and records for each transaction: Contact bank nearest ATM. Should be possible to get refund.


Monday 8th of April 2024

First up the problem in Bali is probably less than in most popular tourist destinations and other places where they get far more tourists.

Using ATMs outside banks can be too restrictive. There are commonsense rules to help protect your hard earned.

. Obviously shield your PIN . Never use ATM at the airport, particularly Departures. They're a target because of the extended window when you're inflight or getting settled. . Have and check internet banking regularly. Make sure you have and use a VPN. . Be wary of machines at or outside supermarkets or other places like clubs or bars with high tourist traffic. . Consider using just machines use by locals. The withdrawal amount maybe low, but the possible account balance doesn't attract the arseholes. . Put a relevant maximum daily withdrawal on cards. . Have a couple of accounts. Keep the balance low on the main card you are using and transfer money as needed. . I realise local businesses charge a % for card use. But 2 or 3% is a maximum of A$30 on 1000. Cheap insurance? And remember you're saving the ATM usage fee. Consider where possible paying by card. You're need for cash and exposure to ATM usage is reduced. Just remember to be present at the entry and approval.


Wednesday 10th of April 2024


Google ATM skimming statistics by country'. Note that US and Mexico are at the top. In the US it grew 5 fold in 2022.


Tuesday 9th of April 2024

@Shorty, "First up the problem in Bali is probably less than in most popular tourist destinations and other places where they get far more tourists."

Well, false assumption. Just check the facts: popular destinations do way better in protecting tourists against scams like these.


Monday 8th of April 2024

Foreigners who do crimes (such as grand thefts, money laundering, home invasion, fraud, murder, and physical assaults ) in Indonesia need to be deported and blacklisted immediately from the country. If Western countries vetted visitors who are not eligible to come in on a visa waiver then by all means Indonesia should do the very same thing to avoid tourist bringing their criminal activities on Indonesian soil. A VISA is a PRIVILEGE and NOT a RIGHT, FOLKS!! Only a self-entitled individual may NOT think so...sigh.

The US may have encountered a new unique tourism problem with the recent so-called “burglary tourists”. The “burglary tourists” are hailed from Chile. There has been a flood of Chilean tourists entering the US but NOT all commit burglaries. Foreign burglars would steal from wealthy American homes. These burglars are quite knowledgeable. Chile may be the only South American nation on the visa waiver program that can enter the US without a tourist of business visa up to 90 days.


Tuesday 9th of April 2024

@Randy, are you suggesting that they get deported without serving a prison sentence?

Surely then it would make bali an attractive proposition for criminals.

If caught; immediately deported rather than prison than deportation on release, which is the current standard process.