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Tourists Must Visit Secret Sunset Beach In Bali’s Tabanan

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Bali tourists are always on the lookout for the next secret spot to enjoy a sunrise, sunset, or chilled day on the island.

Bali lovers already ahead of the curve will not be surprised to hear that Tabanan’s Cinta Beach is the next big destination. 

The Beachlove Cinta Beach Bali Tabanan.jpg

As an emerging hotspot, Bali lovers still have a little time before the big crowds gather at Tabanan’s Cinta Beach. A

s ‘cinta’ means ‘love’ in Bahasa Indonesia; the beach is also referred to as The Beachlove.

Located in Belalang Village in Kediri District in Tabanan, this sunset spot offers one of the most breathtaking vistas on the island. 

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Speaking to reporters the manager of The Beachlove, Wayan Budiana, said that interest in the sunset spot is soaring right now.

With public holidays for both Nyepi and the start of Ramadan, the public is out and about and enjoying Bali’s natural viewpoints. 

The Beachlove is a gorgeous destination, considerately managed, and really quite romantic. Towards the end of the afternoon, colourful beanbags are laid out on the rolling clifftop in preparation for sunset.

Each pair or grouping of beanbags has its own wooden palette table so visitors can order their favourite sundowner tipple from The Beachlove bar. 

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Budiana told reporters that the beauty of the sunset panorama, surrounded by cliffs on the eastern part of the beach, turned out to be a special attraction for tourists.”

He confirmed that the sunset spot is one of the most affordable hangout destinations in the area, with dining set meals starting from just IDR 25,000 up to IDR 56,000 for Balinese, Indonesian, and Western menu options. 

Budiana shared his hopes that more tourists will start exploring The Beachlove and the surrounding areas.

He said, “As the tourism sector revives, visits will also increase; this really helps improve the economic level of communities, especially in Tabanan Regency.”

For tourists seeking a laid-back, authentic, locally managed sunset hangout, then The Beachlove is the perfect place to go.

It has the feel of a backpacker hideaway, with a little social scene all of its own. Head down a few nights in a row, and you’ll be greeted with familiar faces and, no doubt, some new friends, too. 

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One tourists told reporters he was enjoying “a vacation at an open, natural tourist attraction, the view and the atmosphere of the spot at Cinta Beach is so beautiful, plus seeing the sunset on the cliff makes the beach view even better.”

The easiest way to find The Beachlove is to search for Cinta Beach on Google Maps; the directions are accurate. 

What should tourists do all day before enjoying sundowners at The Beachlove? Well, thankfully, there is a lot to explore in Tabanan Regency.

Avid surfers will already have neighboring Kedungu Beach high on their bucket list. The laid-back, black-sand beach is shaded by trees and is loved by surfers from all around the world. 


Of course, Tanah Lot is the most famous tourist attraction and cultural landmark in Tabanan Regency.

A half-day tour of Tanah Lot Temple gives tourists incredible insights into Balinese culture, spirituality, and way of life.

Tourists should also make time to visit Batu Bolong Temple, which sits on the cliff’s edge a little further down the coast.

The equally famous temple boasts incredible views of the ocean, and tourists regularly describe a visit as ‘unforgettable’ in all the right ways. 


A day visiting the Tabanan coast is a relaxed one. The Beachlove sits just a 15-minute drive from Tanah Lot Temple, and there are plenty of wonderful hotels and guesthouses in the area for those who wish to stay a little longer.

The 5-star Nirjana offers guests a chance to indulge in luxury in an eco-chic aesthetic, and the Natya Hotel Tanah Lot gives guests the chance to stay just steps away from the iconic temple itself. 

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Sunday 17th of March 2024

Really, it's not a secret or new. We went there in mid 2022 so nearly 2 years ago. Nice click bait title though

Ian J

Thursday 14th of March 2024

When is Indonesia reducing the need for Australians to get VOA as announced by tourist minister on 10th December 2023? It was a certainty "apparently" & expected by February 2024.

Ian J

Sunday 24th of March 2024

@Nyoman,was just in another part of Indo for 5 next 5 countries in Asia all visa free...hence where I'm spending all my money & time need to judge..the last 5day visit was my 40th to the archipelago, mostly for family reasons! I was reply to your government stating they were going to stop the VOA for Australians as "they " announced in November 2023! Have a great Sunday chump Nyomen 🙏

Ian J

Sunday 24th of March 2024

@Shorty, 100% agree..this was supposed to have occurred under Morrison's watch but as per usual nothing came off this! It's just smoke and mirrors when it comes to visas with these 2.nations!


Friday 15th of March 2024

@Ian J, stop crying and just pay. If you can't afford VOA then better stay home. We don't need poor tourists like you here in Bali.


Friday 15th of March 2024

@Ian J,

To be fair, when Australia makes it cheaper and easier for Indonesians to visit Australia. A$135 plus an onerous application process v A$65 VOA

James Bond

Friday 15th of March 2024

@Ian J, it will be dropoed as soon as Indonesians get free visa to enter Australia.