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Tourists Must Be Mindful Of Parking In Bali’s Ubud As New Traffic System Introduced 

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Tourists exploring Bali’s arts and culture capital must be mindful of new and existing traffic rules in the town.

Ubud is one of the most popular places for tourists to rent a motorcycle to explore the outlying villages, jungles, and attractions, but parking and navigating the oneway system can be a bit of a nightmare for new road users. 

Traffic Congestion in Central Ubud

Tourists in Ubud must be aware that the Gianyar Transportation Service is carrying out ticketing and vehicle removal operations in the heart of Ubud, focusing on vehicles that are parked illegally.

Ubud was never built to be a booming tourism resort, and as such, the town is comprised of a series of very narrow roads, the majority of which are single-lane, causing all manner of traffic congestion issues in the present day from sunrise to sunset and beyond. 

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In an illegal parking operation held in Ubud this week, Joint Ubud Police personnel collaborated with the Gianyar Transportation Service to take action against vehicles parked haphazardly in Ubud District.

A total of twelve motorbikes and three cars were targeted during parking control. The parking control operation was carried out by the Ubud Police Function Picket involving twelve officers.

In a punishment that some people feel is counterintuitive, police flatten the tires of vehicles that are parked illegally.  The operation was targeted on Ubud’s most busy and congested streets, Jalan Raya Ubud, Jalan Raya Hanoman, Jalan Dewi Sita, and Jalan Kajeng.

These streets are targeted because they receive the most traffic, meaning just one illegally parked vehicle can cause havoc across the town; these are also the streets with the most amount of pedestrian footfall.

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Speaking to reporters, Ubud Police Head Inspector Nyoman Agus Putra Ardiana said, “We ticketed two motorbikes, one motorbike was transported to the Ubud Police Headquarters, we had the tires of nine motorbikes and three cars flattened.”

He added, “We would like to thank the people who have begun to realize the importance of not parking their vehicles for smooth Ubud traffic. In the future, this activity will be carried out sustainably.”

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Ardiana noted that he and his teams were also talking with the public, local residents, and tourists alike about the traffic flow system and parking arrangements at Ubud Center. He noted that he and his teams have called on all folks in Ubud to obey the rules.

Ardiana said, “We have carried out outreach, we have invited them to discuss, and we have reached a joint agreement to curb illegal parking in the Ubud area.”

Most residents shared a positive response to the police operation as it helped make Ubud’s near-gridlocked traffic flow a little easier. 


Tourists wishing to self-drive into central Ubud can park in a number of dedicated areas, including Lapangan Astina Field, Monkey Forest Parking, and Ubud Central Parking on Jalan Suweta. It is also possible to park motorcycles in dedicated parking bays along the one-way system.

However, tourists must ensure that their vehicle is suitably positioned off the road and within the painted lines. 

Tourists must also be aware of a newly introduced traffic flow system in central Ubud that is set to help keep tourist traffic moving more east.

The trial period started on the 1st of June, and the new system is now fully in place. The Gianyar Regency Transportation Service has designated Jalan Tirta Tawar Ubud as a one-way street.

Jalan Tirta Tawar to the Pura Dalem Kutuh intersection has become a one-way route from the south. 


The Head of Gianyar Transportation Department, I Made Arianta, explained that this traffic engineering will be made permanent. The aim is to minimize traffic jams on Jalan Cok Sudarsana Ubud.

He explained, “The intersection of Tirta Tawar and Jero Gadung will carry out traffic engineering by implementing a one-way system in Banjar Kutuh Kelod, Petulu Village.”

From the 8th of July until the 24th of July, further changes will be introduced on Jalan Sri Wedari and Jalan Suweta. Cars will also be prohibited from entering Jalan Suweta to the north.

Arianta said, “For motorists who are going to pass, please always obey the traffic sign rules and be careful when driving. Along the sections of Jalan Sri Wedari and Jalan Suweta, parking is prohibited on the body and shoulder of the road.”


As outlined by the Ginayar Transporation Service, “Entry is prohibited for motorized vehicles except 2-wheeled vehicles on Jalan Suweta heading north to the bridge connecting Jalan Suweta with Jalan Sri Wedari. Entry is prohibited for motorized vehicles except 2-wheeled vehicles from the bridge connecting Jalan Suweta with Jalan Sri Wedari towards the south of Jalan Sri Wedari.”

Arianta concluded, “The goal is for the common good to reduce traffic jams in Ubud. We hope that all road users and the surrounding community can work together to support our program.”

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Steve b

Thursday 11th of July 2024

It's amazing all those bikes holding the roads to ransom .


Wednesday 10th of July 2024

Flattening tyres - ridiculous. I guess they do it as it requires no equipment or any real effort.

I just cannot see why large parts of Ubud aren’t pedestrianised.

The centre of many towns in other countries are pedestrian zones.

Think how much more pleasurable it would be, plus businesses would make more money as tourists would actually be able to stop at the shops.

We’ve taken several groups of family and friends to Ubud over the years: all have been baffled by the traffic and lack of any decent pavements. Puts people off returning.


Monday 8th of July 2024

So Polisi flatten tyres so they can't move them and they remain a hazard. Illegal or hazardous parking is a pre-requisite for the locals school of driving and jungle rules. I saw Polisi doing this last year to motorbikes so it isn't a new initiative. Typical of the media to be well behind reality..

Joe Advice

Monday 8th of July 2024

12 officers and only 15 actions?

Get wheel locks like the rest of the world and hand out parking tickets.

And include Canggu.


Wednesday 10th of July 2024

@Steve b, You are over the target. Along Jl. Bypass in Sanur the officers are out "monitoring the traffic" around 7am. Shortly thereafter they are nowhere to be seen for the rest of the day.

Steve b

Tuesday 9th of July 2024

@Joe Advice, too hot middle of day and must go for babi guling and bu bu sleep time


Monday 8th of July 2024

"Ubud was never built to be a booming tourism resort, and as such, the town is comprised of a series of very narrow roads, the majority of which are single-lane, causing all manner of traffic congestion issues in the present day from sunrise to sunset and beyond".

And yet it has become as such with absolutely no planning whatsoever.