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Tourists Create Petition To Complain About Noisy Roosters In Bali

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Tourists in Bali have submitted a complaint to the local community about the noise disturbances they are experiencing. The noise complaints are about early rising rooster calls that they claim are disturbing the peace day and night. While local officials have confirmed that they will follow up on the complaint, some local reports describe the petition as ‘weird’ and ‘eccentric’ behavior from foreigners.

Tourists Create Petition To Complain About Noisy Roosters In Bali

For many, the idea of being woken up naturally by the sound of a rooster calling in a village in Bali would be a dream come true. Especially for those who have come to Bali to escape the hustle and bustle of life in their home countries, where life is often permeated by the violent sound of an early morning alarm clock. This seems not to be the case for a group of foreigners in the Jimbaran area of South Kuta. 

Cockrel Rooster Next To Moped in Bali Village.jpg

Jimbaran is a popular resort area of Bali, home to a community of retired foreigners who have chosen to relocate to Indonesia to enjoy the pace of island life in their twilight years. The complaint, initially scribbled on a few scraps of paper and now being formalized by officials, was submitted to officers from the South Kuta District Security and Order office. The Head of the Security and Order Section (Kasi Tramtib) South Kuta District, I Kadek Agus Alit Juwita, has confirmed that the complaint about the roosters is being attended to. 

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He told reporters, “It is true that there is a complaint report. We just came from the location to check the truth of the report.” Juwita said that the initial complaint was from guests at the Anumana Bay View Hotel in Jimbraran Village. He continued, “Not only that, tourists who stay there also petition to us. There are about a dozen people.”

Juwita explained that there are indeed seven residents whose homes are close to the hotel who keep roosters. He continued, “It’s not a farm. However, the residents really like to maintain chickens. Yes, coincidentally, the location of the houses is very close to the inn owned by the tourists, only opposite the highway.” 

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He recalled a conversation he had with a local resident about the noise complaint. Juwita said the resident had highlighted simply how a rooster’s vocalization is completely normal, saying, “If the chicken crows, it’s normal. If it barks, it’s just unnatural.”


Nevertheless, the case has now been bought to the attention of the Head of the Subdistrict of Kuta, Ketut Gede Arta, who said that he and his teams would visit the community in Jimbaran to find the best solution to overcome the conflict. He told reporters, “Of course, whatever the public report [to us], we will follow up. We also evaluate every existing report.”  


In unrelated but nevertheless significant avian news this week, I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport has increased biosecurity surveillance operations in light of the global outbreak of avian flu. The General Manager of Bali Airport, Handy Heryudhitiawan, told reporters that his officers are responding to confirmed cases of avian flu in other countries. 

Heryudhitiawan explained, “we always coordinate with the Denpasar Clan I Port Health Office (KKP) and the Denpasar Class I Agricultural Quarantine Center related to a number of bird flu cases abroad.”


The airport General Manager said that resources had been deployed to detect any bird flu cases passing through the airport. He said, “Currently, there are five thermal scanner units that are placed [in the airport]. One unit is in the international passenger arrival access, two units are in the international departure area, and two units are in the domestic departure area.” In recent weeks there have been reports all around the world of avian flu being detected in mammal species, including seals, wild otters, and minks.

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Brenda Carey

Tuesday 4th of July 2023

I would like to join these people who are complaining about the rooster noise. I came to Bali for a 30 day stay and I’m leaving after less than 2 weeks because I’m exhausted from lack of sleep! The roosters are crowing as early as 3am and continuing through the morning! This was both in Canggu and Ubud! I can’t get away from it! I have been told it’s a custom here, but there are so many other, nicer customs to focus on preserving. This one, that apparently involves confining animals in tiny cages for their entire lives (no wonder they are crying out) and cockfighting (which is outlawed in most places in the world because it is so cruel) needs to be retired. It is driving tourists (and our money we would have spent here) away. I’m sad that the image I had of Bali being a peaceful paradise is not true… but I can imagine that it would be if only Bali would get rid of this horribly noisy and cruel custom.

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 7th of March 2023

Roosters are in need for Apple Watches to know exactly Waking time❗️


Tuesday 7th of March 2023

This must be a joke.


Monday 6th of March 2023

One of the Bule complainers made the fatal mistake of showing the locals what bothers them. Should have given them money to buy more chickens. And offered to build a small place for the roosters away from their ears. You will never win in a noise war here.

Frustrated too

Monday 6th of March 2023

I worked in local government in a country area where small blocks were being purchased by city people wanting their weekend getaway. Didn't take long before someone compianed about roosters crowing and the smell of cows, pigs and chickens