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Tourists Can Find World’s Most Liked Airbnbs In Bali 

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Bali tourists love staying in Airbnbs. As a tourist destination, the island caters to every travel style and every travel budget.

For those seeking to live like a local, stay a little off the beaten track, or stay in a super unique accommodation, Airbnb is the place to look.

Tourist Can Find World’s Most Liked Airbnbs in Bali 

The global travel accommodation platform has revealed its top-liked rentals based on feedback from social media users in 2023. Of course, of the hundreds of rentals featured on Airbnb’s social media in the last 12 months, Bali is amongst the top. 

It may come as a son surprise to Bali lovers who had visited the island before that the famous Aura House in Abiansemal, just outside of Ubud, came up trumps.

The caption ‘We can hear your jaws hitting the (bamboo) floor” gathered thousands of likes.

The breathtaking bamboo house covered four stories and was designed by the world-famous architect at Ibuku.

As a super host rental, guests can expect the perineum travel expense, so the property is booked up far in advance. Thankfully, though, guests can stay at other properties at the resort. 

Aura House is just one of fifteen bamboo houses in Wayan’s Green Village, located just 25 minutes from the center of Ubud. Harmony House, Pondok Blonde, Garden House, Leaf House, Ananda House, and more each have their own truly unique agricultural style and interior design.

The rentals are considered placed throughout the bigger property so that everyone can enjoy a complete retreat, free from the gaze of other guests. 

Bamboo eco-stays quickly became the picture postcard stay in Bali during the rapid rise of social media content creators.

It could be said that the striking, dreamy bamboo buildings in Bali have almost become more of a lure for tourists in the last decade than some of the island’s most significant cultural wonders. 

It’s not hard to see why the rise of social media has a huge influence on travel trends, and travel content creators, along with local businesses, have done an amazing job of putting Bali front and center when it comes to both luxury and budget-friendly travel.

Tourists who want to stay at Aura House must pay upwards of USD 500 a night, and this would be considered at the higher end of the budget scale, though not the highest.

There are dozens of smaller eco-stays that have created gorgeous bamboo buildings all over Bali, with stays starting for as little as USD 50 a night. 


In previous years, Bali has denominated the ‘best of’ this for Airbnb and other travel platforms, but this year, it’s, in fact, completely fallen off the list.

Other than the mention of Aura House in the most-liked rentals for 2023, Bali is not mentioned in the travel trends guide for 2024.

Destinations like Osaka in Japan, Warsaw in Poland, Salvador in Brazil, and Lille in France all pipped the Island of the Gods to the post.  


It seems, though, that leaders in Bali are not worried. The destination may have served its time as the go-to destination for travel content creators, and as they move on to new destinations, Bali can reestablish itself in new ways. 

Although leaders are targeting to welcome 7 million tourists in 2024, the island wants to move towards more high spending, culturally respectful, and sustainable tourism as a standard.


Taking it one step further, the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, told reporters last week that increasing prices is part of a ‘natural section’ process towards higher spending tourists.

Long-term Bali lovers have been talking online and Irl about how the cost of travel on the island is rising, with many Australian tourists looking to explore other areas of South East Asia, both for a change of scenery and what they see as more affordable travel experiences. 

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Thursday 1st of February 2024

Completely fallen off of the list? Hmn...1st piece of the domino effect.