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Tourism Official In Bali Wants To Make Island’s Promotions More Fun

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The Regional Tourism Promotion Agency (BPPD) for Badung Regency, the most popular tourist destination in Bali, has announced that it will be trying out new promotional tactics in 2023. Speaking to reporters, the Head of the BPPD Badung, Ida Bagus Namarupa, explained that this year’s approach would be more dynamic, more fun, and focused on a broad range of traveler demographics.

Penjjor Outside Bali Temple

The BPPD Badung has already announced that they will partner will vloggers and content creators to ‘aggressively’ promote the area in 2023. They have also shared that they will invest in promoting tourism villages as well as the area’s big resort destinations like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Canggu.

Namarupa told reporters that during the pandemic domestic tourism was the biggest supporter of the industry. Now as Bali moves further away from the pandemic, Namarupa and his teams are looking to diversify their marketing tactics. He shared that his teams have studied the approaches and strategies of other popular tourism regions and national tourism boards. He confirmed that new strategies will be implemented, with a special focus on tourism villages, artisans, and other creative industries.

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He explained, “Tourism is a dynamic thing, so it cannot stick to old patterns. For Badung itself, we will try to make a more fun promotion model. Maybe with a fun trip to a tourist village by providing experience on the wellness journey or indeed wellness tourism which is currently we made, and that is something new.”

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Women in Bali perform traditional ceremony dance.

Namarupa shared that the BPPD Badung will follow the lead of the Ministry for Tourism and Creative Economies when it comes to promoting the regency internationally. He continued, “promotion abroad is determined by the Ministry. If the signal is from the Regent, it is very supportive. If the Ministry has given permission, of course, we will coordinate with other countries. The point is that our focus is how to build and synchronize the tourism ecosystem. So promotion is one way to build tourism.”

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He is optimistic that 2023 will see double the tourist arrivals in Bali than last year. Namarupa said, “We are optimistic that it will increase if we look at the timeshare, ticket bookings, and all kinds that will start from June.” He concluded with his encouragement to tourism stakeholders to embrace digitization as a way to compete with other tourism destinations internationally.


In December 2022, the Indonesian Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, set ambitious targets for tourism in 2023. He announced that he wants to see Indonesia welcome 7.4 million international arrivals in the year ahead. During the announcement, he said, “this can be achieved if the focus is on two strengths, namely nature and culture. In addition, tourists with a special interest in ecotourism, spiritual tourism, and religious tourism”.


Ecotourism and village tourism are a key points of focus for stakeholders in Bali in 2023. Tourism leaders have spoken publicly in the last few weeks about their intentions to promote village and community-based tourism initiatives across the island. This all comes as part of a bigger move to help spread tourism revenue more equally around the province. Currently, the vast majority of tourism revenue is generated in the southern half of Bali, with much of the tourism development and infrastructure also being concentrated there too.  


While villages like Penglipuran Village, Truyan Village, Celuk Village, and Munggu Tourism Village are amongst the most famous community-based tourism initiatives in Bali, there are, in fact, hundreds more to discover. As of the start of 2023, there were over 200 tourism villages across the province, 70% of which are in the pilot phase of development. Investment in tourism village initiatives appears to be a wise move, with travel trends revealing that more and more travelers to Bali want to do more than just relax on the beach. Adventure tourism is on the rise, and Bali’s tourism leaders are working to rise to the occasion. 

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Pan Demi

Saturday 18th of February 2023

fun for whom, you ?.. but not for the locals.


Friday 17th of February 2023

Quote "Tourism Official In Bali Wants To Make Island’s Promotions More Fun"

Why not make the experience fun as well? As it is now it is an increasing pressure on visitors and temporary residents. Just scan through some of the google reviews, filtering out the volume of local fake ones.

1. Everything is commercialized. Fees to just enjoy a nice view (examples: Karang Boma cliff, Uluwatu, Puncak Wanagiri). 2. Thugs are harassing, making threats and even violence unless unofficial fees are not paid (examples: Mt Bromo, Sekumpul waterfall) 3. Noise pollution is out of control with beach clubs and motorbikes without mufflers (which is a crime in Indonesia). Where is the police? 4. Traffic is at standstill in many areas in the South made worse by local Gov. handing out permits for large businesses along the coast. 5. Trash problem is increasing. It can go weeks between pickup here in South Denpasar, the temporary collection points are overflowing and Suwung landfill is full. 6. The plastic ban is not enforced. 7. The Gov. was talking up "alternative income streams" during covid, but now all is back to get more and more tourists with little effort to develop infrastructure. Not much of tourist income is actually invested back into infrastructure to improve tourist experience and the life of the residents. Where is the money going? 8. ?

Julie Gilbert

Friday 17th of February 2023

Yes great to encourage more tourists and different activities. HOWEVER This is starting to be purely greed. Look at how tourists get from place to place. Bali needs to put money INTO INFRASTRUCTURE with roads, and transport solutions. I have just come back from there and we spent many lost hours sitting in traffic jams. Was not a,pleasant experience at all. We are going back for 2 months June. We have already decided not to visit Canggu and Ubud and other places at 5 pm for example. Our holiday is being dictated by traffic. PLEASE BALI TAKE THIS HUGE PROBLEM THAT WILL JUST RUIN TOURISM FOR YOU. ACT NOW.

Wayan Bo

Friday 17th of February 2023

BORAT would be perfect for such campaign. - Pandemic isn’t over yet❗️