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Top Officials Issue Safety Assurances After Tourist Couple Robbed In Bali

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Top tourism officials in Indonesia have issued public statements assuring international visitors that the island is a safe place for vacation following another robbery in the popular resort of Legian.

Police patrols in the area have already been increased in the last few weeks following a rise in pickpocketing and thefts against foreigners. 

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Police in Legian have launched an investigation to track down two men in connection with a serious robbery on Jalan Padma Utara on 7th November.

Police have confirmed that a British couple on vacation in the area were robbed by two men riding a motorcycle through the streets at around 9 pm. 

The couple is reported to have been robbed of jewellery worth USD 36, 319, the equivalent of IDR 570 million.

In a public statement, Kuta Police Chief Commissioner Yogie Pramagita says that no leads have yet been established. 

Chief Commissioner Pramagita told reporters, “We are carrying out an investigation. We have carried out the crime scene investigation. However, there are still minimal witnesses. Because at that time, at the scene, there were no witnesses who saw it. There were no witnesses who saw it [who have come forward] yet.”

He added, “We have checked all the CCTV, but nothing has led to this incident. So, we will continue to investigate.”

The attack took place on Jalan Padma Utara within steps of the Ibis Styles Hotel as 41-year-old Robert Kirwin and his partner, Rebecca Hollis, were on their way home from dinner. 

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Chief Commissioner Pramagita outlined the details of the attack to the media in the hopes that someone may come forward with supportive information.

It is known that the couple were walking down Jalan Padma Utara, towards their vacation rental villa. Two men driving a motorcycle pulled in beside them and tried to snatch Hollis’ handbag from her. 

Hollis tried to secure her bag from the thief, but despite her defenses, one of the criminals started aggressively waving an object, believed to be a knife.

It’s been reported by the authorities that the thieves demanded she hand over her jewelry, and due to the level of threat against them, the couple obeyed their demands. 

Following the incident, the Indonesian Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies issued a statement, assuring tourists that Bali is safe.

During the Weekly Briefing with Sandiaga Uno, the Minster said, “Bali remains safe, there can be no doubt.”

Speaking on behalf of the Bali Tourism Office, Ketut Yadnya Winarta emphasized that not only is Bali safe for tourists, but increasing efforts are underway to keep it that way. 


Winarta told reporters, “This incident does not mean that Bali is no longer safe. We can say that in general Bali is still safe.”

He continued, “To anticipate this, many things have been done in the past to maintain Bali’s security, such as involving the community (pecalang) to participate in maintaining security.”

“The security forces have also carried out security activities in tourist areas and tourist attractions so that we can see that there are very few criminal cases occurring in Bali.”


He concluded, “Regarding the news of robberies against tourists, currently, the police in Bali are conducting an investigation. If this really happened, hopefully, they will be arrested soon.” 

Legian is one of Bali’s leading tourism resorts, and local tourism businesses want to keep it that way.

However, a recent rise in criminal activity against tourists in the area has led the authorities to launch 24-hour patrols to help keep tourists safe. 


The patrol team, known as the Kancil Team, comprises eight security officers who are working in three shifts across each 24-hour cycle.

The team has been patrolling the tourist resort on motorbikes and has been focusing on Jalan Legian, Jalan Padma, and Jalan Popies. 

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Wednesday 15th of November 2023

$36000 USd in jewelry. What a dumb a$$. I hate to sound like a prick but WTF. Sounds like theyare trying to screw their insurance company. I meen what kind of dumbship wears $36000 in jewely on holiday

Sherlock Holmes

Sunday 19th of November 2023

@James Bond,

You nailed it.

James Bond

Friday 17th of November 2023

@Firechef, you need to be a genius to see this is insurance fraud. 9pm is not that late and many people still out on the streets. No cctv, no witnesses and nobody hear any screaming? Hahaha what a joke. They should be charged with giving false statement.


Thursday 16th of November 2023

@JR, Was thinking the same, insurance scam.

Wayan Bo

Thursday 16th of November 2023

@JR, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arples, Rolex, … aren’t cheap. Back in 1980‘s in Bali was tourist’s wearing such items and driving motorcycles without any problems. Just look todays price of golden Rolex President for example. - In todays times is even Apples watch becoming for many a inaccessible luxury item.

Trevor Syuart-Dent

Wednesday 15th of November 2023

I bet they wouldn't walk the streets of any British city with that much jewellery on them at night! It sounds a bit fishy!

J West

Wednesday 15th of November 2023

Answer to the crime wave....every tourist should carry a heavy "walking stick" . Mine is fire hardened bamboo with a heavy brass head and sharpish foot. Very effective and effective as a "snake stick".

Alternatively there are police quality "extendable riot sticks" , bought online...that breaks bones with little effort even by slight women protecting their purse... and military chemical mace spray in convenient carry designs as a fashion statement.

Watching your attacker writhing and vomiting on the ground is well worth the price. Bali authorities need to waive all restrictions and use. That will really make tourists safer.


Thursday 16th of November 2023

@J West, My walking stick has a 24 inch sword inside, all I have to do is pull it out halfway and that takes care of the situation except against a gun of course.

Wayan Bo

Thursday 16th of November 2023

@J West, why making hands dirty when Glock, S.&W., C.45 or Beretta with silencer are better choices 🤣

John pitter

Wednesday 15th of November 2023

I feel sad for the couple but unfortunately this is the sad reality in Bali. Even if the police catch the perpetrators, they will never see again their money because for sure it is well well well known that Indonesian / Balinese never have money . Just for reminder search on google this story: Saudi princess reports losing US$37 million in Bali property scam. Bad karma does NOT exist in Bali . Tourists who believe that if Balinese do something wrong, it will be bad karma for them, are leaving in a pink castle!


Wednesday 15th of November 2023

US$36000+ jewellery in your handbag??? 9pm on Jalan Padma Utara and no witnesses or CCTV???