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Thief Arrested For Raiding Rifle Shop In Bali But Accomplice Found Dead

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A robbery that occurred over a year ago has finally been reported to Bali police and bought about an arrest. In the very early hours of New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2021, Lubdaka Shop 117, an air rifle store, was robbed of almost all its stock. It has taken over a year to track down the perpetrator but on 25th May 2022 Bali Police were finally able to make their arrest. 

The shop, on Jalan Jelantik Gingsir in Sukasadsa, sells air rifles and air rifle accessories. Indonesia has strict gun laws, but since an air rifle is not considered a firearm they are readily available for civilians to buy.

Air rifles are common in rural farming communities in Bali. Farmers use them to scare wildlife away from their crops when homemade scarecrows fail.

The robbery was carried out by Umaro Marok and Agus Manaf, who both come from Pegayaman Village. It is thought that the robbery was the idea of Marok who was assisted by Manaf. The owner of the shop did not report the robbery to the police at the time. He called the police when someone came into his store on May 1st, 2022 asking for their air rifle to be serviced. The shop owner recognized the air rifle as one of the stolen guns. 

Upon reporting the incident an investigation was immediately launched Police Commissioner for Sukasada Police, Made Agus Dwi, reported in a press conference on the 25th of May that his team was able to trace the gun purchase back to Marok and Manaf. 

In a sad twist in the tale, police connected the dots and realized that Agus Manaf committed suicide at his home on the 24th of May this year due to seemingly unrelated reasons. Local reports suggest that Manaf hung himself after a disagreement with his parents about the purchase of a new motorbike.

In light of the new investigation around the robbery, his death may now be treated as suspicious. His parents refused the police’s offer of an autopsy since there were no signs that Manaf had been assaulted before he took his life. 

While reviewing CCTV from the night of the robbery and collecting eyewitness statements from the surrounding area, police concluded that Manaf was the getaway motorbike driver and that Umaro Marok was the one who raided the air rifle store. He was able to get away with 23 air rifles amounting to approximately IDR 105 million (USD 7180) in value. 

6 million idr

It is believed that both Marok and Manaf went on to sell the air rifles on the black market. During questioning following his arrest, Marok admitted that he stole the air rifles to show that he had sufficient capital to get married.

He said that he sold the weapons for IDR 1 million each (USD 68), much cheaper than their recommended retail price. He has been charged with theft and awaits trial, he faces up to 7-years in prison.

Police have confirmed that they have taken custody of the air rifle that triggered the investigation. They are continuing to search for the remaining 22 weapons. Indonesia has strict gun laws, if a citizen wants to acquire a firearm legally they must present their identification documents, proof of no criminal record, history of mental health issues, or ties to radical organizations, they must also undergo mandatory firearms safety training. 

There are several air rifle shops in Bali. Short barrel airguns are illegal, but long barrel air rifles are legal for purchase over the counter. There are several sports and hobby shooting ranges that are used by both locals and international visitors in Bali. These venues are increasingly in popularity as is the rise in interest in extreme sports like motocross. The Indonesian Olympic shooting team is one of the country’s most successful sports teams, and the sport is growing across the islands. 

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Saturday 28th of May 2022

The real question is did he get married?


Friday 27th of May 2022

How does one get 23 air rifles onto a motorbike?

Wayan Brapa

Saturday 28th of May 2022

@Buaya, in Cambodia I saw a buffalo on a scooter so 23 rifles would be easy.

Wayan Bo

Thursday 26th of May 2022

For such prices in U.S.A. and elsewhere can get real guns.

Neil gill

Thursday 26th of May 2022

I give the police credit for this in this ussudebt but please attack the drug vohhles around the Kaliasem areas an atimutjis it is rampant.....