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The Head of the Bali Statistic Center, Hanif Yahya, has confirmed that unemployment rates in Bali have started to decrease. In another positive step in the reopening of the economy following the Covid-19 pandemic, Balinese workers are being summoned back to their places of work. According to the Central Statistics Agency of Bali Province, there …

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The adverse effects of COVID-19 on Bali’s tourism-based economy left many locals without a job. Among the victims of lay-offs, a 22-year-old man from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Santa, finds himself working as a scavenger to support his family.

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The massive decline in Bali’s tourism-based economy has left 144,500 people unemployed since the start of the pandemic.  According to data from Bali Statistic Center (BPS), the unemployment rate in Bali recently hit record highs, increasing to 5.63 percent. In an interview with the Head of Bali Labor and Mineral Resources Agency on Friday (29/1), …

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