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Sanur’s Favorite Cafe Group To Open New Eatery In Bali’s Uluwatu

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Sanur’s most loved restaurant and cafe group have announced that they will be venturing out into new pastures.

The Soul Cafe Team has confirmed that they will be opening a new eatery in Bali’s booming Uluwatu, and soul-food fans are excited. 

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The Soul Cafe Group are the most well-known cafe group in Sanur, known for their ever-popular eateries and hangout spots Soul In A Bowl, Soul On The Beach, and Shotgun Social.

The venues became so loved by tourists, expats in Sanur, and locals too for their airy and earthy interiors, welcoming service and of course, soulful food. 

As Soul Cafe Group venture into the Bukit Peninsula, they are bringing something new to their table.

Soul Waves will bring together the distinctly Soul Cafe feels with the upmarket energy of Uluwatu and calling in the aesthetics of the surf scene Uluwatu is so famous for. 

The Operations Manager for Soul Cafe Group, Wayan Teurus, told reporters, “We want Soul Waves to be able to explore market trends in the Uluwatu area and its surroundings to become a selling point in the form of presenting the restaurant concept later.”

He added, “We always build a family or community, like, with customers at Soul In A Bowl, and many community activities are also held at this place. The capacity can be 70 to 80 people, such as birthday events or gatherings.”

In just a few short years, Soul Cafe Group has changed the casual dining scene in Sanur for the better, and they are primed for success in Uluwatu.

Soul Cafe Group opened its first eatery in Sanur in 2015. Soul In A Bowl quickly became one of the leading diners for tourists in the area, with its beachfront access, tasty international cuisine, and laid-back atmosphere.

While many tours intentionally sought out Soul In A Bowl since the cafe sits right on the Sanur Beach walk, many passersby quickly became returning customers with the Soul In A Bowl all-day menus offering a meal for every occasion.

Following the success of Soul In A Bowl in 2017, the team opened the now much-loved Soul On The Beach restaurant.

Teurus told reporters “Visitors can experience open spaces with beach air, sunrise and sunset, warm sands, and close proximity to local community activities. This is the experience that visitors can get when they come to Soul On The Beach.”

In 2020, just before the pandemic hit, the Soul Cafe Group opened Shotgun Social on Sanur’s Sindhu Beach.

Shotgun Social brought new elements to the Soul Cafe Group offering with a strong focus on family-friendly dining.

Teurus explained “This place has a family style concept. The selling point is the playground. The playground provides ample space for children to enjoy their days there, meanwhile we still provide food and drinks with six variations of beer.”

Shotgun Social can seat 250-300 people and has become the venue of choice for company gatherings, music festivals, kids’ activities, birthday parties, bridal showers, anniversary celebrations, and even romantic garden weddings.


According to Soul Cafe, the new Soul Waves in Uluwatu will be a destination “where flavor meets serenity.” 

They explain that the new eatery will be “A culinary oasis nestled in the captivating Uluwatu. Here, you’ll be greeted by the harmony of energetic surfing vibes blended with contemporary and traditional Balinese touches.” 


They add, “This place is designed as a cozy embrace to relax, unwind, and cherish moments together. From dishes to drinks, Soul Waves offers a variety of options with captivating flavors, indulging every sense with perfection.” 

The opening date for Soul Waves has yet to be revealed, so Soul Lovers on the Bukit must keep their eyes peeled for the announcements. 

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Monday 22nd of April 2024

I prefer the restaurants west side of Jl Bypass and more towards central Denpasar set up for the locals: Quality food and service as they rely on local repeat customers and less focus on "venue". Prices are a bit lower as they do not need to deal with the landowners beachside.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 21st of April 2024

Globetrotter: Where is Bali, is Bali in South America perhaps in Brazil?! Asia is famous for tea but not for coffee. - For good steaks travel to Argentina and not to India 🤣


Monday 22nd of April 2024


See my Wayan Bo comment re coffee and Argentinian steak. Yes I agree...T-Bone and rice doesn't work for me. But I've never had a problem asking for, and getting chips and salad.


Monday 22nd of April 2024

@Wayan Bo,

Yes Asia is famous for tea, not coffee.


Indonesia tea production is around 148,000 tons a year. Rating it #8. Coffee production is 765,000+ making it #3.

Vietnam is #2 and the combined RI/Vietnam production is just short of Brazil.

Argentinian steak all romantic Gaucho image and flamboyant cooking. Not worth a mention compared to Japanese beef like Waygu or Kobe, European breeds like Angus, European Shorthorn, Galloway.....


Sunday 21st of April 2024

@Wayan Bo, exactly, T-bone steak with rice has always been my favorite.. NOT !!