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Russian Couple Take To Social Media To Document Aftermath Of Robbery In Bali

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A Russian couple who claim to be the victims of a violent robbery in Bali have taken to social media to raise awareness of their case. While the incident is being handled by police in Bali, Yuri Boitsov and his girlfriend have shared their story online.

CCTV Camera in tropical garden.jpg

They have CCTV footage that shows four men, three now known to be Russian and one Indonesian man wearing a police uniform, arriving at their villa in North Kuta on the 25th of February.

Boistov has told police that he was held under force by the men and was forced to transfer USD 284,000 in cryptocurrency. It is believed that essential documents and other valuable items were stolen too. Boistov us, a prominent social media figure in Russia, has shared the events as they unfolded on his Instagram account @boitsov_life.

The details of his versions of the events of the robbery have been shared in Russian, Indonesian, and English. The case has also been featured on a Russian TV news network. He has tagged the Indonesian President Joko WIdodo in all the posts, as well as accounts like Bali Livin’ and Bali Expats.

In a saved Instagram story, accompanied by footage of the four suspects arriving at the Bali villa, Boitsov wrote, “My life and the life of my girlfriend are in danger in Bali. We still don’t have any documents. I will continue to speak publicly about the situation. I ask you to keep in touch with me and follow what is happening publicly – this is my protection.”

The next slide reads, “On February 25 in Bali, my girlfriend and I were completely attacked and robbed of more than $284,000 with the participation of 4 men (three Russian speakers, one Indonesian in police uniform).”

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The information shared in the Instagram story slides is shared in simple sentences, seemingly for ease of translation across languages and social media platforms. Boitsov continues, this time in a video at the police station, “on February 25, after the crime, I immediately went to the nearest police station and reported the incident. At the police station, they told me to go to the villa, and then the police came to my villa.”

The following video shows the inside of the North Kuta villa, where police can be seen reviewing the scene. The caption reads ‘I showed the police all the evidence of the crime.” The subsequent slide is a photo of official police documents in a police office, captioned “then I went back to the police to do the paperwork.”

According to Boitsov, shortly after police launched the investigation, the men recorded on the CCTV were identified and tracked down. In an update, Boitsov wrote, “on the morning of February 26, I took a video from the camera. Thanks to this, a few hours later, a criminal was detained at the airport. He flew on a Bali-Dubai flight…I came to the airport to identify the criminal.”


In the next video, one of the men from the CCTV footage can be seen in the police office, sitting on a sofa. He appears to lose his temper, kick the table in front of him, and the camera goes blurry as if the person taking the footage was scrambling away.

The caption from Boitsov stated, “This video was recorded by me inside the police station. I received death threats from the perpetrator. The perpetrator was not arrested. After long negotiations, they were all released.”


In the final slides of the Instagram story saved to his highlights reel, Boitsov wrote, “Then the policeman appeared at the police station, [the one] who came to my villa in the event of a robbery. He was not being…detained.”

His concluding pleas on social media read increasingly desperate. He wrote in Russian and in Indonesia, “An appeal to the respected Indonesian people. My life and my woman’s life are now under maximum threat in Bali. My friends and acquaintances are now flying away from Bali because they see my situation and understand that it is very dangerous here. I ask for help and support [from] you. Help stop this mess.”


He ended the story with a final plea. Boistov said, “finally, if we do not stop this, the crime will continue. All tourists in Bali, be careful and careful. Very dangerous here now. You can be attacked and robbed like me”.


The Head of Public Relations of Bali Regional Police, Kombes Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto, has issued a short statement regarding the robbery and Boitsov’s documentation of the events that followed on social media.

Setianto has said, “We are still learning, and this is still being investigated by the North Kuta Police. Yes, if he feels it needs to be conveyed to his media, we cannot prohibit it, but yes, we feel aggrieved because this is still investigative. Because it’s also one-sided but in general I observe that Bali is still safe, I’ll learn the case first because this is in Russian, we’ll inform you later.”

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Monday 6th of March 2023

Russians stealing from Russians,maybe don’t flaunt your wealth.Influencer hey look at me ,see how rich I am


Tuesday 7th of March 2023

@Vicki, Good one!


Sunday 5th of March 2023

Meanwhile in Ukraine....

Jack Oliver

Saturday 4th of March 2023

Russia lost 27 million people to the NAZIS in WW2 and are again under attack from the same TRIBE !

You really should go home and help defend your country if you had any decency !


Tuesday 7th of March 2023

@Jack Oliver, You are a well studied man.

Jack Oliver

Monday 6th of March 2023

@M - Actually you are the one with NO idea !

The Nazi's government in Ukraine has slaughtered at least 15000 ethnic Russians in the Donbas over the past 8 years !!

They have banned the Russian language and loaded up with NATO weapons and NAZI Ideology for the past 8 years !

Russa has discovered over 40 Pentagon owned Bio Weapon labs in Ukraine - there are at least 330 Pentagon owned Bio Weapons Labs around the world !

Russia has already wiped out 400 thousand US/NATO ' proxy 'ISIS terrorists after they entered Syria in 2015 !

The Rothschilds have financed EVERY major war and terrorist group since at least the Crimean war ( 1853 - 1856 )

You have no idea what you are talking about !

The Rothschilds ( Atheist Khazarian Gentiles POSING as Jews) had EXACTLY the same thing planned for Ukraine as they did to the Palestinians cica 1948 !

Murder the Inhabitants and steal their land !

Indonesia does not recognise the Rothschilds ' created ' Stolen/Zionist/Apartheid State of Israel !!


Sunday 5th of March 2023

@Jack Oliver, maybe you should learn what's happening first then comment. If you had any decency, "Jack", you wouldn't write these bs comments. There were HUNDREDS of the demonstrations and protests that people were severely beaten and put to jail. Stop ignoring an elephant of autocracy in the room. For years, EU and other countries sold Russia ammo and devices for wiring and harassing any opposition.

In modern Russia, there're 56 people for 1 police/military officer. for the reference, in the UK or US it's around 300 people which means that if you start a protest, you'll easily be outnumbered. How many are in your rich post-colonial country you did nothing in particular for improving as it's quite good and peaceful by itself?

Just yesterday, a girl was captured for donations to the Ukrainian army. She's accused of treason which means 12-20 life sentence. Yet people still try to resist and try to save themselves — mostly, by leaving.

I don't mean this guy in particular, he shouldn't have flashed his wealth in the first place, but in regards to your comment — do you really have an audacity and experience to advise people in a less privileged position?

Wayan Bo

Saturday 4th of March 2023

Russians in Bali should better build a Orthodox Church instead to rob each other!?


Monday 6th of March 2023

@Wayan Bo, Coming soon to Ubud.


Friday 3rd of March 2023

Wouldn't it be better to return to Russia where it’s safe? Bali is very peaceful if you don't attract crazy people. Maybe join up with your military 'Fight for the Fatherland ' impose imperialist ways on Ukraine rather than doing it in Bali?


Tuesday 7th of March 2023

@S., A lot of very educated people are drunks. And most overweight older white men (plumbers, truck drivers etc) who come here and seek a mate usually prefer a woman younger than them. Rather than an angry old white woman who can't get....


Sunday 5th of March 2023

@Raymond, wow, just wow. One of the reasons so many people have to leave Russia now is they don't want a blood in their hands. They don't wish to kill Ukrainians as it's not their war. I don't wish you to be in the same situation, but if you were, you (maybe) were able to understand that. Actually, Bali isn't a location for undereducated Australian drunks or crazy European pensioners who go out with the young Balinese girls (yuk!). It's for everyone, just yet.