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Reporting Service Expanded Enabling Bali Tourists To Submit Feedback Direct To Government

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The Indonesian Ombudsman has opened up the National Public Service Complaint Management System, also known as the People’s Online Aspirations and Complaints Service (LAPOR), to tourists and foreigners. The system has been in place for Indonesian citizens for a long time, but now the service is more easily accessible for tourists to formally submit their feedback and complaints directly to government departments.

ORI Ombudsman Offices of Indonesia Building.

The Head of the Ombudsman Representative for the Republic of Indonesia (ORI) for the Province of Bali, Ni Nyoman Sri Widhiyanti, told reporters that the forum enables tourists to be heard and ensures that the relevant authorities act in the best interests of citizens and visors. Widhiyanti said, “because Bali is a bit different, and there may be a lot of complaints from foreigners who feel there is a need for service for them. This is what we are trying to capture in 2023.”

In 2023 Indonesia will begin preparations for the 2024 general election. Widhiyanti said that teams would work to ensure that political activities and a new or renewed government would not interfere with the smooth running of the service.

He said, “We hope that public services will not be disrupted by the process of this political year. Moreover, public service providers are state civil servants (ASN), so we expect all to be neutral and focused as bureaucrats serving the community”.

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The LAPOR service is available for use as a website and as an app. The service can be used in all languages as translated by Google Translate. The service allows for foreigners to lodge formal complaints, feedback, and aspirations (improvements) for government-funded services. This included feedback for provincial and regency governments, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economies, and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Bali Province received 850 reports in 2022. Most of the reports were directed toward the regional government offices and complaints regarding transportation, infrastructure, education, and the environment. The LAPOR Service was formally launched as an online service in 2019 and has undergone several improvements over the last three years. LAPOR operators are now actively promoting the service to the public.


LAPOR was set up to create a one-stop shop to centralize all complaints and feedback for government offices and services. The idea behind the service is to “realize the ‘no wrong door policy’ which guarantees the public’s right that complaints from anywhere and of any type will be channeled to public service providers who are authorized to handle them,” according to the LAPOR website.


The process of submitting a report to the LAPOR Service is simple. Those wishing to file a report must open the form on the desktop site or within the mobile app. The form requires citizens to select the report classification, either complaint, aspiration, or information request. The report must be given a title written up before selecting the date of the incident and relevant locations. Before submitting, the report must be assigned to the relevant department and category.

There is the option to upload accompanying files, and the report can be submitted anonymously and kept confidential. If the report is not submitted as confidential, the authorities reserve the right to publish the report and the feedback in the name of public interest.


Once the report is written up and submitted, the file will be verified by the LAPOR service and forwarded to the selected authorities. Within 5-days, a representative from the relevant agency will be in touch to follow up with the report. LAPOR is setting out to respond to all submissions within 10 days.
Over 757,000 reports have been submitted to the service from all over Indonesia. Now readily available for non-Indonesian citizens, the service offers tourists and international residents a clear starting point for processing complaints, feedback, and information requests directly from the government.

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Thursday 16th of March 2023

I want come back to Bali anymore. The smoke in the air makes me very sick. Plastic is burnt everywhere. It is not a holiday it is a health risk.


Thursday 19th of January 2023

The ombudsman concept works very well in my home country and has been streamlined and improved over many decades. My family have used it on a few occasions and got positive results. Here in Bali i think its a good idea, but is likely to take a lot of time to become effective. It needs to have power backed by legislation for goverment officials to take note. I wouldn't expect too much from it initially but hopefully improves with time.


Friday 13th of January 2023

Idea is good, very good but performance and easy use is horrible!!


Friday 13th of January 2023

I filed several noise complaint with the LAPOR site for 1.5 year ago, so it has been available for foreigners for a long time! I complained about noise from Black Mamba nightclub in Sanur operating inside residential area until 5am every day!

My complaints always ended up for local Satpol, Desa, Lurah people to sort out. A lot of back and forth with mediation between gov. officials and club owner. But at the end of the day business' as usual as club owner apparently must have been "untouchable" and well connected.

So, complaints by foreigners via these gov. sites will not be effective as Bali society is not really based on enforcing formal laws. Social status decides outcome. That is my experience. The only hope is via social media outcry as locals hate "bad press" and negative attention from Jakarta gov.


Saturday 14th of January 2023

@Exp, true. Only way it would work is if Jakarta comes goes to police Bali, since the Balinese themselves have no respect for the law and its enforcement. ONLY thing they don't like is negative exposure about all their problems. Thus, foreigners should submit these complaints, but more importantly expose things online for the world to see.

Wayan Bo

Friday 13th of January 2023

Since next generations of iPhones will be produced in India, it is possibility of Bali edition. Presentation of iPhone 15 dynamic island can be expected in September of 2023.