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Officials In Bali Propose Public Awareness Billboards Targeted At Foreigners

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Officials in Bali have announced that they have plans to create billboards in foreign languages to help build awareness amongst visitors to the island on how to behave. The announcement comes just days after the provincial government confirmed that they had launched a dedicated task force to crack down on foreigners working illegally on the island.

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The concept is in its socialization phase, in that officials are tabling the idea and gauging public support. The Chairman of the Bali Tourism Board (BTB), Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana, told reporters that the government had assigned the task to his team. He said, “we are assigned by the government, in this case, the Bali Tourism Office, to prepare socialization in the form of writing and visuals. However, we have to start with some kind of appeal at several points.”

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Adnyana said that billboards and public awareness campaign materials would be installed at strategic locations in Denpasar Regency, Denpasar Regency, and Gianyar Regency. This would cover all of the island’s most popular resort destinations, including Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Canggu, Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Uluwatu.

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He continued ‘the point is for tourists to respect the cultural customs of the Balinese by dressing well and eating and being orderly in carrying out traffic activities. By not doing things that are outside the provisions such as doing business and working in Bali.” He confirmed that at least ten large billboards will be installed and will have the content written in foreign languages. He confirmed that English will be the first, but that in the future, the boards may be replicated in other foreign languages. 

Adnyana said, “indeed, we are ‘welcoming’ and accept everything. Guests are king but don’t abuse.” He also confirmed that the Tourism Board would collaborate with social media influencers, tourism stakeholders, e-commerce businesses, and international content creators to future publicize the campaign. He added, “later the one who advises from his own people so that we are not blacklisted and troubled in other peoples countries. It is much better if those who advise from their own people.”


He concluded by saying that the billboards would be built and presented in alignment with regulations in Bali. Adyana ended his statement by saying, “for the billboard-making fund [it will be paid for with a] fund that has been prepared. We will coordinate the imposition of the billboard installation tax only so that it is not charged. The size is large, for example, 4×5 meters according to the important thing that needs to be read, easy, and there are aesthetic [considerations]”. 


The news of public awareness comes as the provincial government, now supported by the central government, will crack down on illegal workers on the island. The announcement was made by the Deputy Governor of Bali, Cok Ace, and the Head of the Provincial Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, on Monday, 28th February. 

In the days that followed, a circular letter from the Presidential Palace in Jakarta was released publically. The letter invited addresses to attend a meeting “related to the situation of the security and public order in the Province of Bali, especially in the context of the activities of Foreign Citizens (WNA).”


Addressees include the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, as well as the Head of Bali Police, Inspector General Pol Putu Jayan Danu Putura, and the Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim. Representatives for the Department of Tourism and Creative Economies were also included in the letter, as well as civil representatives. These included social justice activities and Balinese entrepreneur Ni Luh Djelantik and lecturer of social and political sciences at Udayana University, Wayhu Bdui Nugroho. 

This week a Russian national was deported after being found guilty of working illegally in Bali. The man, known by his initials SZ was deported for working as a photographer despite being on a temporary residence visa designed to facilitate pre-investment and investment activities, not income-generating work.

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Thursday 4th of May 2023

It’s about time we see more police on the roads to stop all the the people not wearing helmets inappropriately dressed riding bikes with out licenses ect put the fines up and if they abuse the police lock them up like they do in other countries and deport them it just a few disrespectful people not doing the right things that make it look bad for the majority off visitors that do the right thing and the businesses owners need to stop letting people on there property that are not dressed appropriately like in Australian. Don’t waste money on billboards and advertise how people should show respect in a this country you are a guest in Bali which is very traditional so respect this great holiday destination.


Thursday 16th of March 2023

I am an aussie and I say, BOOT THEM OUT FOR GOOD!


Monday 13th of March 2023

A friend in the know in Indonesia has brought up a recent news that the Bali Governor has hinted to other departments in the branch of government that revoking the visa on arrival for Russians and Ukrainians is needed. Some are coming here under the pretext of tourism, and everyone knows that isn't the case. They are here as tourist refugees and establishing some sort of employment without the proper documentation.

The process of revoking the VoA facility needs approval from several branch of government as well as the Ministry of foreign affairs.


Monday 6th of March 2023

Better to put Russian first.. The worst offenders.


Saturday 11th of March 2023

@Raymond, Don't forget it's also Aushole.


Wednesday 8th of March 2023


In Russia before anyone takes a photo they say 'OK, Don't Smile'


Wednesday 8th of March 2023


How do you spell...

'Try not to be an Asshole'

in Russian?

Thats what needs to be printed on all the billboards.

And just for fun, make them smile for their visa photos.

Do they even know how?


Monday 6th of March 2023

There are so many things that the Balinese officials should focus on and this is not one of them. This is all about the money. How about focus on the corruption of the government and law enforcement? How about focus on the bag snatchers? How about focus on the traffic issues? How about focus on the pollution? How about focus on safety for locals and tourists? How about focus on people not wearing helmets, both local and tourists? This actual issue (and by no means do I doubt this is an issue) should be way down on the priority list and it reeks of the first point! Who’s influencer child is having a whinge to their government official daddy to instigate this? Obviously someone doesn’t like the competition! Also I’m not an influencer and literally don’t give a toss about influencers but it does seem some people do. These people that you now consider a priority of removing do actually contribute to your economy and whilst I don’t have an issue with removing people who overstay, I do have an issue with the fake outrage when you can bet your bottom dollar it is driven by some corrupt politician for their own gain.


Monday 13th of March 2023

@Worktolive, Are you trying to divert the problems of tourist behaving badly away by pointing the fingers at corrupt officials. What the hell are you trying to insinuate around here?? And furthermore these people the government may be considering removing do not always contribute to the economy. Shoddy deals, money laundering, exchanging crypto currency here so they can pay everything in cash. Their credit cards do not work in Indonesia. And if you think that Gentrification is a great factor of contributing to the economy, my arse!! And If you are actually referring to the Russians?? Then spot on.

Many expats and locals are actually freaking fed up here. Disrespecting the local customs and laws as if they are all entitled. There is a war going on and hardly to be called as tourists if they are coming to Bali or Thailand for that matter.

This country has already many tourists or expats who may behave badly or taking advantage of a weak law. No need for tourist refugees or possible immigrants staying in Indonesia. If foreign folks want to cut corners, break the law then do it in your own damn country. Don't think that countries in the West would also tolerate bad behaviors of foreigners coming to visit, breaking the law or working illegally. The knife cuts both ways.


Tuesday 7th of March 2023

Spot on! Classic diversion from all the pressing issues!