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New Holiday Apartment Complex In Uluwatu Is Giving Bali Lovers Mixed Feelings

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Boasting pristine sandy beaches and truly breathtaking clifftop vistas, Uluwatu is fast becoming one of the most highly sought-after destinations on the island.

As popularity soars, so does the development of tourism infrastructure. A new apartment complex that is under construction in the area is triggering mixed feelings amongst Bali lovers. 

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The Cube Apartment complex is one of the biggest tourism and property development projects happening in Bali right now. Located 200m from Uluwatu Beach, the complex will feature 120 serviced apartments, the vast majority of which will offer views of the ocean. 

According to the Cube Apartments website, the holiday and residential complex will feature a wide range of facilities for all to enjoy. This includes three swimming pools, sports equipment rental services, a spa, a co-working space, a cinema, a bar, and an on-site restaurant.

Cube Apartments say that the development offers a unique investment opportunity, as well as greater provisions for leisure travel, serviced apartment living, and business diversification. 

On the Cube Apartment website, the organization shares its reasons for choosing the Bukit Peninsula for its investment and property development. They say, “affluent tourists and surfers choose [the] Bukit for the following reasons: no traffic jams, best surf spots, white sand beaches, clean sea, beautiful nature, and privacy.”

They continue, “That is why this location has been chosen by leading hotel brands – Ritz Carlton, Grand Hyatt, Four Seasons, Kempinski.”

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At first glance, all seems rosy. Cube Apartments is just one of the dozens of huge tourism and property development initiatives under construction in Bali’s emerging tourism hubs.

It is evident by their website and social media presence that they are targeting the luxury-seeking, high-spending investors and tourists that local leaders have been trying to attract more of as part of the ‘high quality’ tourism model they are committed to.  

Yet, there are two sides to every story. Not all Bali lovers are happy about the Cube Apartment construction of 120 properties in the area.

Some campaigners have taken to social media to call out the ‘absurd’ nature of such a complex being built in Uluwatu. 

The online campaign group, Stop Uluwatu Destruction has been gaining more and more support over the past few days, including from well-known Balinese businesswoman and social justice advocate Ni Luh Djelantik. The campaign group is using its social media presence to raise concerns about the potential impacts of overdevelopment in Uluwatu. 

Stop Uluwatu Destruction say they are “on a mission to stop the Cangguization and destruction of Uluwatu.” 


Canggu is easily the most popular tourist destination in Bali right now and has undergone a complete transformation over the last seven years.

Some people feel that this development has resulted in Canggu losing some of its traditional charm and fear that the same could be about to happen in Uluwatu. 

This is all in addition to the impact of rising property prices, cost of living, and changing access to public resources impacting local people.


The Stop Uluwatu Destruction group has created an online petition they hope will help get the project’s licenses revoked.

Construction of the six-floor, 120-apartment complex is already underway, but campaigners hope that by raising ‘our voices together, we can try and stop this.”

They note that Uluwatu risks looking ‘like Las Vegas’ in a few years if such property developments are allowed to continue.  

In just a few days, the online petition has already garnered half of the signatures campaigners are targeting. The power of the impact of social media in Bali is not to be underestimated, as the rise in recent viral videos of foreigners behaving badly can demonstrate. 


Whether the campaign group is successful in its mission remains to be seen. What is undeniable is how development in Uluwatu is already booming.

Demand for tourism infrastructure has well and truly arrived, and this brings about both positives and negatives for everyone. 

Uluwatu remains a beach lovers’ paradise; whether it be the gently lapping waves of Padang Padang Beach or the ultra-challenging surfing breaks off Nyang Nyang, there is so much to love about Uluwatu, the jewel of Bali. 

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Vaughan Thomas

Thursday 1st of June 2023

Canggu has lost some of its charm? It's lost ALL of its charm. It's a nightmare.


Monday 5th of June 2023

@BaliDuck, unfortunately Ubud is going the same way


Friday 2nd of June 2023

@Vaughan Thomas, Hell on earth. Paradise for narcissists.


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

Pretty soon, Bali will resemble Disney World on a massive scale except owned by Russians.


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

The Uluwatu area still has some open spaces mixed with the current tourist accommodation & infrastructure giving the place a great tropical island feel. ( very similar to Kuta / Legian in 1985 ) If it starts being over developed like Kuta, tourist will abandon the Bukit and go elsewhere. Canggu is facing the same problem as well.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 31st of May 2023

Stony area, fly to Malta Island.


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

I am not supporting rampant development. These protests are meaningless until there are relevant zoning laws with an equitable and legal process for objection. As a side note, the commercial viability should not be a parameter.