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New Domestic Flight Connects Bali Tourists To Diving Heaven 

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Bali is the gateway to the Indonesian archipelago.

With over 17,000 islands to explore, tourists could return to Indonesia, and specifically Bali, time and time again and only scratch the surface.

New domestic flight routes are making it even easier to see the best of Bali and beyond. 

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The Indonesian airline TransNusa has just introduced new domestic flight routes from Bali that will help open up a whole new world of travel opportunities for tourists.

Leaders in Indonesia want to see more tourists visiting ‘add on Bali’ destinations to their vacations.

Access to affordable domestic flight tickets has been cited as one of the main reasons why Bali lovers have yet to jump at the chance to travel to Indonesia more broadly. 

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TransNusa has already put tickets on sale for their new flight services. They are introducing not one by five new domestic flight services that will connect Bali to some of Indonesia’s and the world’s best diving sites. 

The new service will connect Bali with Manado. While Manado may not be immediately recognizable as a travel destination to Bali lovers, divers will certainly know where this spot is on the map.

Manado is the second largest city on the island of Sulawesi is part of North Sulawesi Province, and is the gateway to the Bunaken Marine Park. 

The Bunaken Marine Park is one of the most abundant coral reef ecosystems in the world and is home to a plethora of rare marine species that divers and ocean lovers will have high on their bucket lists.

Other must-do activities in Manado include hiking to the peak of Mount Tumpa to admire the ocean and island views and heading inland to the majestic Tangkoko National Park to spot wildlife like hornbills, black crested macaques, and tarsiers.

Paal Beach, which is a 2-hour drive from the city center, is a dreamy, untouched white sand beach with warm tropical waters and super relaxed vibes. 

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The four other routes now on offer by TransNusa operate between Manado and Raja Ampat in Sorong.

As well as Manado to Ambon, famous for its spices, and then Sorong to Ambon and finally Sorong to Timika, the little-known and utterly mesmerizing highest peak in Indonesia, Jaya Wijaya.

For tourists and travelers planning on visiting Indonesia for the first time who want to tick Bali off the bucket list and see a diverse cross-section of the archipelago state, these new domestic flight routes are total game changers. 

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The Chief Executive Officer of TransNusa group, Datuk Bernard Francis, told reporters that the launch of these new domestic flight routes from Bali and emerging tourism destinations in Indonesia supports the Indonesian government’s strategic eight-step plan to boost tourism nationally. 

Francis said, “We would like to play our part in boosting and increasing air connectivity within tourism destinations in the country to assist the government in realizing its tourism development plans.”

“Our focus is on increasing direct flights to destinations that have high potential and are world-renowned for their unique and stunning landscapes and natural offerings.”


The new TransNusa flight service between Bali and Manado will operate three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The outbound flight from Bali will depart from I Gusti Ngurah Rai at 1.40 am and arrive at Manado’s Sam Ratulangi International Airport at 04.05 am.

The return journey will fly out of Manado at 05.45 am and touch down in Denpasar at 08.25 am.

TransNusa also operated a flight to Jakarta, which operated thirty-five times a week. 


The Indonesian government has listed five super-priority tourism destinations that have received a huge boost in tourism development support.

These include Likupang (which is just 90 minutes from Manado), Mandalika in Lombok, Labuan Bajo, which is the gateway to Komodo National Park, Borobudur in Java, and Lake Toba in North Sumatra.

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Wayan Bo

Wednesday 3rd of April 2024

Can be also understand as announcement of slowly but surely move to the another islands. - After tourism was destroying this island why not to move to another’s 🤣